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Song You Need to Know: Clean Bandit feat. Marina and Luis Fonsi, ‘Baby’

Song You Need to Know: Clean Bandit feat. Marina and Luis Fonsi, ‘Baby’
Since her 2010 debut, The Family Jewels, powerhouse Welsh singer Marina Diamandis, who records under the stage name Marina and the Diamonds, has been making smart eclectic pop music often coupled with a Hollywood-glam image that’s been compared to her friend Lana Del Rey. Marina and the Diamonds’ second album Electra Heart, was assisted by A-list pop producers like Benny Blanco and Diplo. But with her third album, Froot, she took full control, writing every lyric herself; the result was her first U.S. top ten album. Now, her music
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Podtalk: Director Robert Schwentke of German War Film ‘The Captain’

Chicago – Films about the Nazis and the German military during World War II are numerous… except for the ones with a pure German perspective. “The Captain,” directed by Robert Schwentke (“R.I.P.D.”), is based on a true story about a German army deserter who finds a Captain’s uniform, and decides to ride out the waning days of the war with the power of an officer.

Max Hubacher is Willi Herold, the deserter, and his icy cold performance is one of the highlights of “The Captain.” Herold will stop at nothing to survive against the constant chase on the run from the German army, and once he gets a taste of officer power he is not about to let go. His journey takes him to a prison holding other deserters, and his decisions there are based on getting the assignment done quickly and to his larcenous advantage. When complications arise there,
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Giveaway: Win a 10-Film Jerry Lewis Collection

After Jerry Lewis passed away last summer, I was eager to dive into more of his work, having only been familiar with The King of Comedy. Thankfully, I recently received a new 10-film DVD collection, which includes his brilliant The Bellboy, The Nutty Professor, The Ladies Man, and more. We’ve teamed with Paramount Home Media Distribution to give away two copies. See how to enter below and all entries must be received by 11:59 Pm Est on Tuesday, June 19th.

To enter, do the first three steps and then each additional one counts as another entry into the contest.

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4. Comment in the box on Facebook with your favorite line or scene in a Jerry Lewis film.

5. Retweet the following tweet:

We're giving away a new Jerry Lewis 10-film collection.
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‘Jerry Lewis Collection’ Giveaway Featuring 10 Films on DVD (3 Winners)

Paramount Home Entertainment has just released a new 10-film Jerry Lewis Collection DVD box set sure to bust the guts of fans of the famous comedian.

The 10 films included are: The Stooge, The Delicate Delinquent, The Bellboy, Cinderfella, The Errand Boy, The Ladies Man, The Nutty Professor, The Disorderly Orderly, The Patsy, and The Family Jewels. Also included are over 90 minutes of hilarious bloopers, deleted scenes and other bonus features.

We have three copies of the Jerry Lewis Collection DVD box set up for grabs in this contest courtesy of Paramount. For a chance to win one of them simply fill out and submit the short entry form below.

The odds of winning can be increased each and every day you stop back to enter again for as many days as the contest is open.

You must be a resident of the U.S. or Canada to enter.
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An Afternoon with Jerry Lewis

  • MUBI
Part of the Jerry Lewis tribute A Mubi Jerrython.Jerry Lewis was interviewed by members of the Documentary Film Group of the University of Chicago on January 26, 1971, while Mr. Lewis was performing at the Empire Room in Chicago, his first night club engagement in many years. The following, excerpted from several hours of tape, was edited by Myron Meisel. Photos by Bruce Rabe.Jerry Lewis: Ok—What do you want?Focus: In many of your films your characters assume several identities—in The Family Jewels you have different uncles; in Three on a Couch you assume several different disguises; and in The Nutty Professor you also had a dual identity. Why do you do this?Lewis: Well, I think it’s the most natural, simplest approach to creative writing, if you’re writing about people; and I think that most writers sorely need to understand there’s a schizo in
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Comfort Food: Jerry Lewis Eats!

  • MUBI
Part of the Jerry Lewis tribute A Mubi Jerrython.Throughout his filmmaking career, Jerry Lewis would re-use food gags. A spoon too full forcefully inserted into an unprepared mouth, the exponential exhaustion faced at a meal never had, the exaggerated despair at food which is unsatisfactory: in these forms of jokes, the crux of Lewis’ relation to food is revealed. Using food consistently as a signifier of domestic comfort, Lewis would throughout his career take up food for emotional as well as comedic emphasis.As Herbert H. Heebert in The Ladies Man (1961), Lewis plays a youth terrified of women after finding his girlfriend has cheated on him. Ending up employed and living in an all-female boarding house, Helen Wellenmellen (Helen Traubel), the house’s owner, explains to her boarders how and why they must keep Herbert employed (a notoriously difficult hotel, they hope to keep him longer than other staff
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Jerry Lewis Returns to the Cosmos

On August 20, 2017, Jerry Lewis took a pratfall off this mortal coil, presumably knocking an unwitting dowager on her keister and sending a surprised cop into an open manhole on his way out. The durable enfant terrible was all of 91 years when he finally left the building though he had been making spirited public appearances as recently as January of this year.

For the inquisitive Jerry fan, Shawn Levy’s 1997 King of Comedy: The Life and Art of Jerry Lewis, remains the first and last stop for the straight scoop on America’s premiere nudnik. Levy, who endured the full fury of the comedian’s legendary wrath to get his story, is as admiring of his subject’s accomplishments as he was repelled by his whiplash mood swings. The hard knock apprenticeship in the Catskills, the Freudian-fueled soap opera of his partnership with Dean Martin, the boastful sex-capades, they’re all there and then some.
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Alex Ross Perry On Jerry Lewis: ‘He Inspired Me as a Philosopher’

Alex Ross Perry On Jerry Lewis: ‘He Inspired Me as a Philosopher’
Jerry Lewis inspired generations of comedians and comedic filmmakers, as many of immediate tributes in the wake of his death at 91 prove. One of the more recent directors to emerge in American cinema to cite his work is Alex Ross Perry, whose 2011 sleeper hit “The Color Wheel” was a wily black comedy that owed much to Lewis’ madcap performances. Perry’s followup, “Listen Up Phillip,” showed similar influences.

Reached for comment following the news of Lewis’ death, Perry shared the following statement on his relationship to Lewis’ work.

Whenever I would cite Jerry Lewis as an influence, I would qualify the statement by saying he inspired me more as a philosopher than a comedian. The remark would get a laugh but I would elaborate, with total sincerity. The intellectual drive of this man, from the very beginning of his career through his instantly-legendary Hollywood Reporter interview last year (his final masterpiece,
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Movie Poster of the Week: The Posters of Jerry Lewis

  • MUBI
Above: Danish poster for Geisha Boy (Frank Tashlin, USA, 1958).On March 16 Jerry Lewis turns 90 years old, making him one of the oldest living great filmmakers along with Jonas Mekas (93), Seijun Suzuki (92), Stanley Donen (91), D.A. Pennebaker (90), Claude Lanzmann (90) and Andrzej Wajda (90). And if you have any doubt about his status as one of the great auteurs go and see any of the films he directed at Museum of Modern Art's’s current retrospective: Happy Birthday, Mr. Lewis: The Kid Turns 90.To flip through the films of Jerry Lewis in poster form is to encounter an awful lot of crossed eyes, toothy grins and outsized heads on small bodies (a familiar trope for comedians in movie posters whether it's Fernandel or Cantinflas or Buster Keaton.) That said, Lewis also seems to have inspired illustrators around the world. The French love Jerry Lewis, as the cliché goes, but so, it seemed, did the Germans,
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Jerry Lewis And Martin Scorsese At Museum Of The Moving Image, October 6

  • CinemaRetro
Jerry Lewis and Martin Scorsese collaborated on the classic film "The King of Comedy". Now Scorsese will moderate an evening with Lewis at the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, Queens on Tuesday, October 6. Here is the official description:

With Martin Scorsese and Jerry Lewis in person

Co-presented with the Comedy Hall of Fame

A true Renaissance man, well recognized as one of the greatest comedians in the history of the field, Jerry Lewis helped define so much of comedy’s vast language as a stand-up performer, actor, producer and writer. Perhaps his greatest innovation was as a filmmaker. Taken together, movies such as The Bellboy, The Ladies Man, The Errand Boy, The Nutty Professor, The Patsy, and The Family Jewels form a breathtaking virtual dictionary of every aspect of what is important and essential to the language of comedic film. His films would help forge the cradle of
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2014 TCM Classic Film Festival To Honor Jerry Lewis

The 2014 TCM Classic Film Festival will honor legendary actor, filmmaker and humanitarian Jerry Lewiswith a multi-tiered celebration of his remarkable career. Highlighting the tribute, Lewis will have his hand and footprints enshrined in concrete in front of the world-famous Tcl Chinese Theatre IMAX. In addition, Lewis will be on-hand for a screening of one of his most memorable films: The Nutty Professor (1963). Marking its fifth year, the TCM Classic Film Festival will take place April 10-13, 2014, in Hollywood. The gathering will coincide with TCM’s 20th anniversary as a leading authority in classic film.

Jerry Lewis is a very important name whenever movie comedy is discussed and enjoyed,” said TCM host Robert Osborne, who also serves as the official host of the TCM Classic Film Festival. “Jerry has provided the world with great merriment and laughter, while also showing, in such films as Martin Scorsese’s The King of Comedy,
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Viennale 2013. Infinity Complex

  • MUBI
Infinite Anticipation

Here at the Vienna International Film Festival there are no multiplexes devoted to the festival. Every cinema is a single screen—all quite beautiful and some, like the Urania, Metro, Künstlerhaus, and Austrian Film Museum, very special indeed—and, scattered at a bit of a distance from one another, they trace a lopsided kind of ellipsis, a loop of cinema if you plan your itinerary right.

Above: Out 1, noli me tangere.

I came anticipating this particular suggestion of cinematic infinity, not just because of my memories of the last two years of repeatedly treading this touring path around the constrained city center of Vienna, but because of the promise of a much desired (by Jonathan Rosenbaum since 1996, and thereafter by an untold multitude of tantalized cinephiles) festival pairing of Jacques Rivette and Suzanne Schiffman's improvised serial intended for television, Out 1, noli me tangere (1971), and Louis Feuillade's
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Marina And The Diamonds On Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Not Offending Middle America And More

Marina And The Diamonds On Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Not Offending Middle America And More
Marina Lambrini Diamandis -- aka Marina and the Diamonds ("the Diamonds" refers to her fans, not her bandmates) -- surged onto the music scene two years ago when she released her debut album, "The Family Jewels," and snagged the runner up position on the BBC's influential Sound of 2010 poll.

Listeners were charmed by her slightly off-kilter, left-of-center pop songs like "I Am Not A Robot," which were sonic relief from the endless buffet of dance pop and hip hop that ruled and continues to dominate radio airplay.

For her second album, "Electra Heart," Marina threw fans a curveball and presented them with a collection of songs draped in the very dance pop that she had eschewed on her first outing. However, rather than writing "drunk in the club" lyrics, as she puts it, the personal and slyly tongue-in-cheek album obsessively explores themes of sex, love, fame, betrayal and the complexities
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Marina and the Diamonds – Power & Control: Music Video Review

Welcome to Marina’s minimalist dungeon filled with, well, very little more than brooding intent. Oh and some very fetching blinds.

What’s the opposite of ‘every cloud has a silver lining’? If anyone was going to know it’d be Marina Diamandis considering her numerous attempts to break into the mainstream. First there was The Family Jewels and a runner up spot in the BBC Sound of 2010 list, so far so good. 3 top 40 singles and a top 5 album isn’t so bad but not what Marina wanted or probably expected after the whole hype brigade there was. So back to the drawing board a.k.a. blonde wigs, Calvin Harris-esque dance sound (courtesy of Stargate) and the most mainstream, on-trend single by her to date. It got radio backing, video channel plays and… well not much. It’s sad to see an artist with so much potential underperform
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Marina and the Diamonds releases 'Power & Control' music video - watch

Marina and the Diamonds releases 'Power & Control' music video - watch
Marina and the Diamonds has debuted the music video for 'Power & Control'. It is the second single off her chart-topping album Electra Heart, the follow-up to her debut The Family Jewels. "Power and control/ I'm gonna make you fall/ Power and control/ I'm gonna make you fall," sings Marina Diamandis in the electro single produced by Greg Kurstin. Diamandis co-wrote the (more)
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Leonardo DiCaprio Mistaken For Jewelry Thief

  • Access Hollywood
Leonardo DiCaprio Mistaken For Jewelry Thief
A hooded, sunglasses-wearing Leonardo DiCaprio sparked a brief panic at a Sydney, Australia jewelry story on Thursday.

The mistaken identify snafu went down at Sydney's The Family Jewels store where the actor turned up to check out some bling.

"All of a sudden these two big burly guys came into the shop," shop owner Kane Kelfkens told Splash News.

"We saw a hooded figure come in with dark glasses and [my sales assistant ...

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Leonardo DiCaprio briefly mistaken for robber in Sydney

  • Pop2it
Apparently, the clerk at The Family Jewels in Sydney, Australia is the only woman in the world who hasn't seen "Titanic."

According to TMZ, the clerk (who goes only by Linda) panicked when two imposing bodyguard types walked into her store followed by a shady, hoodie clad gentleman; Linda sent a customer to fetch the owner for some extra protection. But Linda quickly learned that bodyguard types were, in fact, bodyguards and the shady, hoodie clad gentleman was a shady, hoodie clad Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo then dropped $1600 dollars on an antique coral Nepalese necklace -- quite the opposite of a robbery. Though we must point out that "The Family Jewels" is a classless name for a jewelry store. Come on, Linda...
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Leo DiCaprio -- Jewelry Clerk Panics: Please Don't Rob Me!

  • TMZ
An Australian jeweler feared she was about to be robbed by a shady American ... who goes by the name Leo DiCaprio . A clerk named Linda -- who works at The Family Jewels shop in Sydney -- panicked when she saw two burly men walk into her store and then stood guard at the door.  Suddenly, a man whose face was concealed by a hoodie, cap and dark sunglasses entered the store.  Linda sensed she was about to get robbed,
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Congratulations Gene Simmons & Shannon Tweed! After 28 Years Of Courtship — You’re Finally Engaged!

Gene and Shannon are planning to tie the knot on Oct. 1, 2011, at the fancy Beverly Hills Hotel.

Gene Simmons finally popped the question to Shannon Tweed — and we now know the answer thanks to TMZ – yes! The Family Jewels stars have a big family and will finally unite the two becoming the Tweed-Simmons.

And after almost three decades together, these lovebirds still manage to keep their sense of humor.

The children of the soon-to-be newlyweds sent out a rather sarcastic and witty invitation on the behalf of Gene, 61, and Shannon, 54, stating “After 28 years of loose strings, our parents have finally decided to tie the knot… Our mother will share our horrendous hyphenate of a last name and our father’s life … well, it doesn’t change that much.”

Comical and cute!

The invitation requests fancy attire, but acknowledges rocker-wear will be present.

Are You excited for the soon-to-be newlyweds? Drop us a comment below!
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Five horror movies by comedy directors

  • IFC
Five horror movies by comedy directors
Before this weekend, Kevin Smith was always known as a comedy guy. "Clerks," "Chasing Amy," "Zack and Miri Make a Porno," plus his Smodcast podcast and Q&A-slash-stand-up films like "An Evening With Kevin Smith." He stretched himself a little into drama, animation, and acting, but until his new film "Red State" -- available now on VOD -- the scariest thing Kevin Smith had ever directed was "Jersey Girl" (I kid).

The transition from comedy to horror is rarely an easy one for directors. Few guys as entrenched in the comedy genre as Smith have ever tried to break out of it, and even fewer have made their break successfully. Here are five interesting -- and very different -- examples of horror movies made by guys we'd typically classify as comedy directors. We'll get to see soon enough how Smith's big move compares with theirs.

"Misery" (1990)

Directed by Rob Reiner
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