Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine (1965) Poster


See Cuddly BIKINI GIRLS Made To Order!
It has a Kiss-Button and a Kill-Button. You have to know which button to push!
Craig... Agent 001/4: he's just a fraction stupid! Todd... world's wealthiest playboy: all his assets are tied up in girls! Dr. Goldfoot... the mad inventor of instant girls... he's MAD?
Get in on this fantastic plot to control the World's wealth... put your financial future in the evil grasping hands of "DR. GOLDFOOT and the BIKINI MACHINE". It turns out bouncing broads, beautiful babes and bundles and bundles of BOODLE!
THIS IS A BIKINI MACHINE Pat. No. 36-24-25 - Just push the button and it does the rest!
Super sexbots... built to kill!
Cuddly...Curvesome...and Deadly
THIS IS A BIKINI MACHINE - order your '66 model now! ...Manufactured by the evil Dr. Goldfoot with a KISS-BUTTON... KILL-BUTTON and of course the MYSTERY-BUTTON... All new parts [some parts!] tested, approved, and ready to GO-GO-GO!

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