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The greatest TV show ever! OK then, the funniest comedy of all time? Would you believe the most enduring 30 minutes of stupidity in history?
uds328 March 2002
To review GET SMART is like giving a speech on "What I think of my Mother-In-Law! There will NEVER be another Max - even "Max" himself couldn't do it in 1995. GET SMART is a 60's time-capsule, a reminder of a life style that has so long disappeared it hurts to remember!

No matter how many times you see it - its still will ALWAYS be funny - it even transcends humor. It is something so comfortable and embraceable you can temporarily forget every day to day hassle that may be niggling at you. For those with even longer memories, Maxwell Smart had his embryonic exposure as the store detective "Glick" in the Bill Dana show...almost exactly the same character. No matter, the combination of Don Adams, Barbara Feldon and the long suffering (and late) Ed Platt were arguably the most charismatic acting trilogy ever screened. Dear old Bernie Kopell as Siegfried, Max's nemesis in CHAOS and David Ketchum as the insanely hidden Agent 13 combined to raise GET SMART to heights will never again be assailed. Probably the only show ever came close to being as fondly remembered is the Adam West/Burt Ward BATMAN series of the same period.

Think about it! How many people in the Western World of most any age have never heard of Max's shoe-phone, the cone of silence? or the phrase "Would you believe?" THAT is a measure of the penetration of GET SMART in current society. Along with THE FLINSTONES, our lives have all been enriched by this most enduring of legends!
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The funniest TV show EVER!!
Infofreak9 November 2001
'Get Smart' holds a special place in the hearts of Australian kids growing up in the 1970s. Throughout that decade it was on almost continuous repeat, and at least two generations of couch potatoes almost had the whole series memorized by the time they graduated high school. But you know what? Watch it today and it's STILL the funniest TV show EVER!

Nobody but Don Adams could have played Maxwell Smart. He IS Maxwell Smart! Adams comic timing and expressions are superb. It's a pity he hasn't gotten the recognition he deserves. Surrounded by the first rate Barbara Feldon ('99') and Edward Platt ('The Chief'), supported by a fabulous group of comic actors (particularly Bernie Kopell as Siegfried), and some talented guest stars (most unforgettable - Larry Storch as 'The Groovy Guru'!), and with consistently funny scripts, this show set a standard in comedy that is as good as, if not better than, much more "respected" shows like 'M.A.S.H.', 'Taxi' and 'Cheers'.

Forget the reunions, movies and attempts to revive 'Get Smart'. Just stick with the original and best "grooovy baby" Super Spy! There's nothing as hilarious as this show at its best! One of the greatest TV shows of all time.
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Sheer comedy brilliance
paulgonsalves16 April 2001
Get Smart stands as the single most brilliant television comedy EVER. Before Hot Shots!, before Frank Drebin, before Airplane!, before Kentucky Fried Movie, before Young Frankenstein, and before Blazing Saddles, there was Get Smart, the creation of Mel Brooks and Buck Henry. This show, which would go on to inspire Police Squad!, arguably the second most brilliant television comedy ever, presented in Maxwell Smart the most completely asanine leading man thus far in television history, and as a result provided for more stupid jokes than ever before. Perhaps the first moment in television where comedy did not require a laugh track (though it did USE one, it would have flown fine without one), this show would inspire nearly every film by Mel Brooks and Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker. Can we really imagine Hedley Lamaar from Blazing Saddles without Maxwell Smart having preceded him? Can we really imagine Frank Drebin without Maxwell Smart having preceded him? The answer to these questions MUST be "no." Get Smart was a rare moment in television comedy history, and it has given us a truly rich comedic tradition ever since. Thank you, Buck, Don, and Barbara!
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"That's the second biggest silencer I've ever seen"
bjanzen23 August 2004
I haven't seen an episode of this show in more than 10 years and yet all the scenes described above remain fresh...This show has to stand as one of the greatest of all time. It's hard to compare it to All In The Family, Cheers, or Seinfeld, but it's never been duplicated. Every time I hear "Not Craw, Craw" I have to smile. No one's mentioned the "Coughing Code" - when the cone of silence breaks down - always ending with Max's line - "you should do something about that cold Chief" The casting of the show was perfect. What made the show so great was that the creative plots were intertwined with crazy little sidebars - it's been years but I still remember one episode where 99 was doing a commercial in a tub, and was called away - and the producer/director of the commercial tries to coax his elderly mother in the tub - hilarious...

I wish these episodes were available on DVD...
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Get Smart was the BEST!
Julie-3024 May 2005
Its writers/creators included Mel Brooks and Buck Henry.

'Nuff said.

But, since IMDb won't let me get away with saying just that, I'll just have to write more.

How can you go wrong with something by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry? It's obvious that the actors are thoroughly enjoying themselves in this show, and this enthusiasm was infectious. I was a very little girl in 1965, and I used to sit up with my father to watch TV after dinner and the nightly installment of whatever book he was reading to us. We sat together and watched Get Smart, Hogan's Heroes, McHale's Navy, among others, all of which are now considered classics. Why? Because, while the shows themselves were very topical (Get Smart was about the Cold War - as is Bullwinkle -- and Hogan and McHale fought in WWII which had ended barely 20 years earlier), the humor itself did not rely on specific current events. They were just out-and-out funny.

They still are.
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Who says that espionage is slimy?
lee_eisenberg23 May 2005
"Get Smart" is one those 1960's sitcoms that was all about really crazy predicaments and blowing peoples' minds (think "Bewitched", "Gilligan's Island" and "I Dream of Jeannie"). It follows Maxwell Smart (Don Adams), an inept spy with the organization CONTROL who always has to foil the plans of the dastardly rival organization KAOS. With him are Agent 99 (Barbara Feldon) and The Chief (Edward Platt). Even if you know nothing about espionage or such things, the whole show is still a laugh riot. Whether it's the Cone of Silence (which always proves to be a Cone of Destruction) or Max's shoe-telephone, things always go completely wacky, forcing Max to say "Sorry about that, Chief." It's too bad that currently, no channel is rerunning "Get Smart", but hopefully, it will soon come out on DVD. You'll love it!

I can safely say that in my eyes, there are only four true supers pies: James Bond, Derek Flynt, Harry Palmer and Maxwell Smart. This show is absolutely magnificent...and hilarious.
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Pure Parody
Sargebri1 April 2003
I have always been a fan of Get Smart not only because it was a parody of the secret agent genre of film and television series, but because it was a perfect time capsule for the era of the 1960's. Just check out the episodes featuring characters such as The Groovy Guru or Jarvis "The Mad Pharmacist" Pym. The sixties were a wild era and no show captured that spirit as much as this film.

Also, let's not forget the ensemble cast that displayed such a great chemistry with each other. Don Adams, Barbara Feldon, Edward Platt, Dick Gautier, King Moody, Robert Karvelas and, of course, Bernie Kopell all made this show a great viewing experience.
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Absolutely charming!
PessimisticGrace28 May 2004
You naysayers are nuts.

Get Smart is a very original, amusing, witty comedy that EASILY outdoes the

mediocre Naked Gun movies.

Someone said "Do yourself a favor and change the channel." To that I have to

say: Do yourself a favor and disregard that silly review.

No TV show is for anyone, but Get Smart is definately worth a look if you're

interested in a fun comedy.

I wish they made more shows like this nowadays. :(

Truly a show to be treasured and remembered.
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Gotta love it!
wishkah719 July 2001
Forget "The Producers", which was lame anyway. If you want to see Mel Brooks's earliest work, then watch an episode of Get Smart on TV Land! Don Adams plays an inept and bumbling spy named Maxwell Smart who has his share of brilliance once in a while. He works for an origanization called Control. He teams up with the competent Agent 99 who he falls in love with and eventually get married to in later episodes. Together they take orders from the chief to take down an evil syndicate called "Kaos". I also liked the hi-tec equipment they used, very innovative for it's time. I enjoy all those 'tricks' the Max and 99 pull to outwit the Kaos agents!

Get Smart is a comedic send off of those James Bond and other super-spy movies that were popular in the 1960's. Another reason why I enjoy Get Smart is how they sometimes use references from The Three Stooges, Charlie Chaplin, and Laurel and Hardy. From what I've heard, Mel Brooks was a fan of those old comedians from the past! I thought the best episodes were that two-parter involving the wax museum! It was called "House of Max". So, don't delay! Watch Get Smart on TV Land and you won't by disapointed! It will keep you laughing from beginning to end! Long live Maxwell Smart and Agent 99!
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I miss Hymie the robot.
Deusvolt28 April 2006
The funniest but rarest episodes were those that involved Hymie the robot who delivered wacky lines deadpan robot. He fell in love with another robot - a soda vending machine and his wooing line was: "I like you so much are so simple." How about The Claw, the FuManChu-like or Dr. No doppleganger, who was about as inept as Maxwell himself. He tells his factotum to show the captive Smart the bamboo under the fingernails torture and starts screaming "Aaaaa! Not on me, you fool!."

At one time, Smart was assigned to solve a case of a spate of kidnappings of blond young women. It turns out that The Claw was just after one blond woman. He explains to Smart: "Unfortunately to us orientals, all blond women look alike."

Unfortunately, the movies were not as funny as the original season episodes.
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Wonderfully and Illogically Funny
Thor200010 April 2001
Long before Airplane or the Naked Gun we had "Get Smart." The role of idiot savant Agent 86 Maxwell Smart almost could have gone to Johnny Carson or any one of a thousand other actors of the time, but Don Adams made it his own by creating many of the world's most recognized catch phrases. It's hard to figure out how one man can be the best American secret agent in the world when he'll ask for the annoying cone of silence one minute, then save the day the next. He is either a brillant idiot or a lucky nut. What saves him the most and constantly stands by him is alluringly mysterious and captivating Agent 99 Susan Hilton (according to series creator Buck Henry) played by the talented Barbera Feldon. Edward Platt was their harried and frustrated Chief Harold Clark. Supported by a fine cast of character actors including Bernie Kopell, King Moody, Dick Gautier, David Ketcham and Robert Karvelas, this incredible series spawned two movies and several accomadations for series creators Mel Brooks and Buck Henry. May their stars never fade.
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An agent with nerves of steel, and a brain the size of a walnut
coverme61 April 2001
Don Adams made himself a mark in TV history as Maxwell Smart, the toughest, and unbelievably the dumbest secret agent in the small screen. Along with his partner and girlfriend Agent 99 (Barbara Feldon), Max takes on evil KAOS agents and preserves national security, and still not have a damn clue on what's going on! GET SMART lives on thanks to Adams and his fiddle-brained alter ego.
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What did he say Max? He said I've got my knee on his chest!
Ian Mc-32 September 1999
Mel BROOKS hasn't produced anything in the last 30 years to come near the brilliance of this 60's spy show. This show is KING of the Quotes. While brain-dead fans of violence think they're smart sprouting Dity Harry-isms, I grew up annoying my family with never ending MAX-isms:

"Would you believe......?"

"Missed it by THAT much!"

"Don't tell me they're going to detonate the bomb" they're going to detonate the bomb "I asked you not to tell me that!"

"Right chief!"

"Sorry about that!"

"Good thinking, 99!"

and of course the quote that titles this review.

After 30 years of Star Trek the only quotes trekkers can recite is: "Fascinating!" and "Beam me up, Scotty!" which wasn't an actual quote.

Nobody could deliver a memorable quote like Max.

Whatever happened to his co-stars I wonder? Fang, the Admiral, Larroby and Hymie all made me laugh aswell.

Do I have anything negative to say about get smart? I'll let Siegfried sum it up for me!

"Ve don"t do dat here!"
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Best sitcom ever
pablocarlos23 September 2007
I can't say enough about this show. Don Adams was brilliant as Maxwell Smart, charming in his ineptitude, flawless in his comic timing. The gags were consistently hilarious. The bits of business like the shoe phone or the cone of silence were outrageous. And Barbara Feldon as agent 99 was deliciously sexy. The plots weren't the point really, the gags were, and the excellent comic characterizations. Check out Bernie Kopell pre Love Boat as KAOS agent Siegfried or Dick Gautier as Hymie. With Mel Brooks and Buck Henry at the helm, how could you go wrong. Maxwell Smart lives on in the pantheon of fictional cold war spies alongside James Bond, Harry Palmer and Derek Flint. Austin Powers has nothing on these cats.
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this is the most funny TV series i ever seen
huowei92825 May 2007
I come from China,I'm 23 years now,I saw it when I was still young.I really like it,smart and 99 gave me a deep impression. I can't image that, this TV series was showed in 1965,i couldn't believe Don Adams had been over 40 years old.

I saw it about in 1995s and a lot of Chinese saw it and like it. i know it had issued DVD version,i want to know how to buy it in China.

Your comment does not contain enough lines - the minimum length for comments is 10 lines of text. who made this rule?I am a Chinese I don't have a ability to write a comment for 10 lines. come on let me submit please.and forgive my poor English.
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What about "The Claw"?
rbheaton26 November 2003
It's a great show, but a new viewer should be cautioned to treat the program like rich food: not too much at one time.

With all the recurrent themes that have been mentioned, I can't believe nobody remembered the greatest sound gag ever to appear on TV: "Not The Craw, The CRaw!".
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Get Smart DVD
n-ellen29 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I understand that HBO is releasing "Get Smart" on DVD within a short while (today is 10/29/05) .. so, you wish will be coming true .. anyone sending/selling copies at this time .. legally CAN be in big trouble with various agencies of the government as well as owners of "Get Smart" ..

So, please wait until "Get Smart" is released for sale and then they will be in great shape and not down seventeen generations with shadows and mumbled words .. they will be 'The Best' ..

I am glad that I was able to work on "Get Smart" the last two years in casting AND then for Don Adams on/off for 5 years or so .. I shall always miss him a LOT . but have VERY fond memories and keep remembering funny things he said or did throughout our years together as boss/assistant (he gave me the title of executive assistant) and then some kind of producer title on "Don Adams Screen Test" .. wish THAT would come out on DVD too .. but doubt that shall happen .. both shows were just SUPER to work on ..

Perhaps someday I shall write a book .. Don did, I hope that it shall be published .. I learned a LOT about his early years that I did NOT know ..

Nancy E. Barr
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lanceysm26 September 2005
Get Smart has one of the best opening sequences in TV. How can you not giggle at the security measures to get to a phone booth. Unfortunately, in today's climate, this just might be the case.

I also love the ineptitude of CONTROL's best agent. almost reminds me of our current administration. We were this close to WMD's. Would you believe a couple of grenades. Would you believe a couple of wet firecrackers. The cone of silence is a great metaphor for our presidents conversations with reality.

Don Adams, not only was a great TV actor, I happened to see his show. He was funny, and I would compare him to Buddy Hackett, as someone who can be quite blue with material. He will be missed.
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How great is this show? Would believe this much?
Op_Prime5 January 2000
Get Smart was a great series. It was obviously a parody of spy movies and Get Smart pulled it all off brilliantly. Don Adams played Maxwell Smart, with brilliance and genuine comedy. The best baddie on this show was Siegfried. They were both so very funny. The gags, like the cone of silence, were equally funny. Why doesn't TV Land pick this show up?
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The greatest show ever.
moviemandavid2 April 2001
I love this show I always have and always will ever since it first came back on nic-at-nite a few years ago and i decided to watch it I thought it was the funniest thing I ever saw and I was dissappointed when they stopped showing it until I found out they were showing a 48 hr. marathon last weekend I watched at least 30 hours of it
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The Old "Let's Get 'Smart' Back on the U.S. Airwaves by Leaving a Message on IMDb" Trick
Max's9910 January 1999
Get Smart (1965-1970) is one of the most creative and funny shows ever to be aired on television. The story was set in the time which the show aired but it is still adored by many people today for it's witty lines, slap-stick humor, and the collection of humorous expressions that lead actor Don Adams could adorn. This well-written, well-directed, well-acted t.v. show deserves another run. I was born 10 years after the sitcom ended, yet I think it is the most imaginative show ever created. I want others born ten years from now to have the same experiences that I did: to fall hopelessly in love with Max, to cheer when 99 finally nabbed You-Know-Who, to wait somewhat impatiently for the outcome in part II of "And Baby makes Four," and to laugh unCONTROLlably when you first hear "Sorry about that, Chief," and all the times afterward. This show has a unique humor that can never be duplicated. It's been off my t.v. screen for years now, but I'm still loving it.
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The BEST Television Show . . . Ever!
JoJo3113 October 1998
Get Smart is the most overlooked television shows in history. The show won seven Emmy Awards, three for Don Adams, yet was ignored at the Emmy's 50th telecast. The show is as fresh and funny as it was when it first aired in 1965. Here you have Maxwell Smart, a spy for Control and his partner (and later wife), Agent 99, fighting the evil forces of Kaos. Sent on their missions by the Chief, Max usually managed to make a mess of things, not because he was dumb, but because he was always trying too hard to do it right. 99 would feed Max ideas and make them seem like they were his (and.. .loving it. And him). The show was full of sight gags and poked fun at almost everyone, including President Johnson, who was called on a "steerhorn" phone. Terrific acting and a great chemistry between the stars made this sitcom believeable and proved it was . . . would you believe. . . the best television show ever.
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Would You Believe It was the Best Show On Television
Montaya_11113 September 2007
I would like to say that, the only ever 10 I have given was to LA Confidential. This show was easily the best show on Television. Don Adams was brilliant. Get Smart was incredibly intelligent, it didn't have the CGI of today, so it had to have good scripts. I always found the the shows were entertaining and hilarious. Don Adams was perfect for the role of Maxwell Smart, Barbra Feldon was Sexy, Smart, and Hilarious. You feel bad for Ed Platt as the Chief because nothing good ever seems to happen to him. I would easily recommend this series to anyone to watch, buy, or give as a gift. I guarantee watching it you will be hard pressed not to laugh. I wish a Farewell to Don Adams, you will be missed, may you Rest in Peace.
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Best comedy from 1965
dobbin-44 July 2007
This comedy is definitely my favourite show and is one of my favourite Mel Brooks shows as well(which really says something as I am a huge Mel Brooks fan). This show has nothing wrong with it with humour and lines that have become famous around the whole world now knows and respects for example "I am the Craw" "well then Craw..." "not Craw craw" thats Mel Brooks humour at its funniest(which also says something). Another good aspect of shows is that Agent 86 is the only incompetent main character so it makes him stand out even more as everyone else while being aware of his clumsiness and stupidity but never mentions anything. One thing that is really good about Get Smart is that it has stood the test of time which so little shows would be able to manage to do nowadays. Overall I rate this show a solid 86% for being the best 60s show out there and I hope that the 2008 remake will be at least half as good as this wonderfully funny Mel Brooks show.
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_neXXes_10 August 2000
Thought I don't really like spy movies, and spy shows (if there are any), this show was awesome. I don't know why Nick at Nite took it off, I hate to see good shows like this taken off, and I don't want to see good shows replaced by bad shows ie: All in The Family, Andy Griffith (doesn't that already come on other networks?). I think there are enough shows promoting "family values" on Nick at Nite, there need to be more like this show!
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