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Season 3

16 Sep. 1967
The Spy Who Met Himself
KAOS impersonators are running around causing chaos in CONTROL.
23 Sep. 1967
Viva Smart
Max and 99 go to a South American country dressed as flamenco dancers to save the President of the country.
7 Oct. 1967
Witness for the Persecution
KAOS is going to stop Smart from testifying against one of their agents.
14 Oct. 1967
The Spirit Is Willing
Max must hold a séance to get information from a dead informer.
21 Oct. 1967
Maxwell Smart, Private Eye
Max is moonlighting as a private investigator when cutbacks hit CONTROL.
28 Oct. 1967
Supersonic Boom
KAOS can send out sonic booms at will and threatens New York City with one.
4 Nov. 1967
One of Our Olives Is Missing
A country singer accidentally swallows an olive with a transmitter in it and Max must protect her from KAOS.
18 Nov. 1967
When Good Fellows Get Together
KAOS has developed another robot that goes up against Hymie.
25 Nov. 1967
Dr. Yes
Max and 99 are looking for the man that is sabotaging missile launches.
2 Dec. 1967
That Old Gang of Mine
Max is going to London to do some undercover work.
9 Dec. 1967
The Mild Ones
Max and 99 join a motorcycle gang to save a kidnapped Prime Minister.
23 Dec. 1967
Classification: Dead
Max must find an antidote after he is poisoned by a KAOS agent.
30 Dec. 1967
The Mysterious Dr. T
After the death of the head CONTROL scientist, Max finds that he wasn't the brains behind his discoveries.
6 Jan. 1968
The King Lives?
Max temporarily takes over for a king that looks exactly like him in a parody of The Prisoner of Zenda. "Ah yes, I remember the well."
13 Jan. 1968
The Groovy Guru
When teenagers are turning into zombies, Max and 99 go after their idol the Groovy Guru.
27 Jan. 1968
The Little Black Book: Part 1
Thinking that a list of KAOS agents is Max's little black book, Max and his old Army buddy get dates with a couple of KAOS agents.
3 Feb. 1968
The Little Black Book: Part 2
Now knowing that Max is a spy, Max and his Army buddy go up against the KAOS agent know as the Maestro.
10 Feb. 1968
Don't Look Back
Max ends up as a "Fugitive" after he is convicted of robbing a bank and killing a man. On his way to the death house he sees the one-hand man and escapes to find him.
17 Feb. 1968
99 Loses Control
Agent 99 accepts a marriage proposal from a handsome and wealthy suitor, but Max finds out that he is actually a KAOS agent.
24 Feb. 1968
The Wax Max
Even during a day off at an amusement park, 86 and 99 find a KAOS operation.
2 Mar. 1968
Operation Ridiculous
While Max and 99 host a writer who is doing a story on CONTROL for a national news magazine, his assistant is a KAOS agent intent on making them look like fools.
9 Mar. 1968
Spy, Spy, Birdie
A man who only wants quiet in the world invents a silent explosive.
16 Mar. 1968
Run, Robot, Run
When US athletes are injured Hymie turns into a one man track team to help the US win.
23 Mar. 1968
The Hot Line
A KAOS operative, imitating the President, calls the Chief. He orders the Chief to step down and gives the Chief's job to Max. KAOS also infiltrates CONTROL by planting their man, Brady, to CONTROL.
30 Mar. 1968
Die, Spy
Max gets a hip black partner as he and 99 tour the world as a ping-pong pro in this spoof of 'I Spy.'
6 Apr. 1968
The Reluctant Redhead
CONTROL tries to get some KAOS files with the help of a non-professional spy.

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