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The English mono track on the Blu-ray fades the end credits version of the Goldfinger theme about 5 seconds early, around the same time as the picture goes to black. All other audio tracks keep the long version. As well, the Blu-ray includes a few restoration credits right after the fade to black, but these do not replace anything or alter the timing.
The original UK release from 1964 had a few differences from the later version released internationally: The bomb in Fort Knox stops at "003" instead of "007." This was changed to be a funny sight gag in later versions, but the dialogue was never re-dubbed or re-shot so when the bomb stops at 7 seconds, Bond still says "3 more ticks..." Another change is originally, the radar Felix and the CIA are watching while the plane is about to crash into the ocean shows only one dot falling. The second dot (Bond and Pussy escaping) was added in this later version. The final change is the end credits read "James Bond will be back 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service'," when the next movie was actually going to Thunderball, the credits were changed to reflect this. Some old Network TV prints actually used these credits, and they can be seen in the "Inside You Only Live Twice" featurette on the DVD and Blu Ray releases of that movie.
For many years, network TV prints of Goldfinger omitted the gunbarrel opening and prologue, jumping straight into the opening credits.
When Goldfinger was shown on the "ABC Bond Picture Show" the scene when Jill Masterson was in Bond's hotel room was altered with computers so that it appeared that Jill had a bra on as opposed to a bare back
West German theatrical version was edited for violence (i.e., Goldfinger kills Mr. Ling, Oddjob gets electrocuted) to secure a "Not under 12" rating.
On the original UK release, the end credits indicated that Bond would return On Her Majesty's Secret Service.
As per a lot of the earlier Bond films, Goldfinger was cut in the UK before international release to secure an 'A' rating (children must be accompanied by an adult) to remove a shot of Bonita getting out of the bath and to shorten the bath electrocution and a bed scene between Bond & Jill Masterson. It was common in the 1960s for censor cuts to be made to the original negative of a film, so the BBFC-approved version is the same print used worldwide. An uncut version does not exist.

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