The Organizer (1963) Poster


Mario Pisu: Manager



  • Manager : Come in! Come in! Don't be shy. Sorry for the short delay. I was a little busy. So, these are the agitators. You don't have bombs in your pockets, do you?


    Baudet : Let's introduce this distinguished delegation. This is Marinetti and the others are Porro, Camerone, and...

    Manager : No, no, no, No need to introduce her! This is the lovely Cesarina! Remember when you first came to the factory in '71? I'd have liked to give you a good pinch.


    Cenerone : We saw to that ourselves, sir.

    Manager : And you. Aren't you the one who likes the bottle? Eh? Now I see why they call you "The Reds." I like that kind of red too.


    Martinetti : We're not Reds, sir.

  • Cesarina : Sir, let's talk man to man. We can't go back to our colleagues with a consolation prize.

    Manager : Look here. Look here. If you call my offer a consolation prize, this becomes a whole other matter. I know what's happened. You've let that vagrant get you stirred up. He's a rabble-rouser and a fugitive from justice!

    Pautasso : That's not true, sir.

    Manager : Look, you whiners, you know how many unemployed there are around here? Skilled workers like you, willing to work under worse conditions.

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