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6 Jan. 1964
The Mice
An advanced civilization contacts the U.S. to test both worlds' experimental teleportation systems, by exchanging citizens. Fearing the matter transport will fail, U.S. military select a prisoner serving a life sentence, not caring that a murderer's being set loose on Chromos, because it's 10 light years away. But will the ex-boxer escape before the exchange is completed, in the narrow window when the planets are aligned?
13 Jan. 1964
Controlled Experiment
Two Martians, equipped with a device for controlling time, try to understand the human phenomenon of murder. They choose a crime of passion in the lobby of a shabby hotel. However, what seems like a simple assignment rapidly runs out of control.
20 Jan. 1964
Don't Open Till Doomsday
A tiny space creature, bent on destruction, is captured by the scientist Mordecai Spazman. His rival, professor Harvey Kry, convinces the media that Spazman's claims are bogus. The vengeful Spazman boxes up the invader's miniature spacecraft as a wedding gift, presenting it to Kry's son. The alien imprisons Harvey Jr. inside the ship, to force Dr. Kry to help him complete his mission.
27 Jan. 1964
An entomologist is developing a machine to communicate with bees. Unknown to him, a queen bee has taken on human form in order to mate with him to advance her species.
3 Feb. 1964
The Invisibles
Aliens plan to take over the U.S. by recruiting disaffected loners who are themselves "invisible" to normal society. The alien crab-like creatures attach themselves to human hosts and control them. The recruits are assigned low-level jobs of highly appointed government officials so they can get the alien in close proximity to them. A U.S intelligence agent infiltrates the alien organization, but it may be too late.
10 Feb. 1964
The Bellero Shield
Richard Bellero, a dedicated scientist, is working on experiments involving sending laser beams into outer space. His father, Richard Bellero Sr., believes the scientist isn't strong enough to take over the Bellero business empire. In the meantime, Richard's wife Judith has more than enough ambition for the two of them. Richard, through a freak accident, reels in a being from another dimension with his laser experiment. The being has a small device that can project a shield that no force can penetrate. The alien at first wants to learn all about earth that he can and ...
17 Feb. 1964
The Children of Spider County
A government agent seizes young supermen, who are all originally from the same small county in Maryland. All are captured, except one; Ethan, who's facing trumped-up murder charges. Ethan's the only one who wasn't hounded out of Spider County by suspicious locals. The spooks believe the boys had the same father, though each was born to a different mother. Ethan's plotting to escape from the clutches of beady-eyed Sheriff, to avoid an old-fashioned execution.
24 Feb. 1964
Specimen: Unknown
Astronauts on an orbiting space station discover a strange and deadly type of plant life. Higher ups are left to consider: should the craft be destroyed with the 4 men aboard, or allowed to land, knowing the plants could destroy all of mankind?
2 Mar. 1964
Second Chance
Carnival space ride becomes frighteningly real when an alien bird-man secretly rigs it with actual rockets. The ominous bird-man carefully picks his unknowing crew including the carny ride captain who's a closet intellectual, an angry middle-aged man, and a star high school quarterback accompanied by his adoring buddy and his steady girl.
9 Mar. 1964
A lunar exploration team from Earth encounters alien life, and must make a difficult decision.
16 Mar. 1964
The Mutant
A scientist visits an isolated expedition on a planet plagued by radioactive dust storms. He discovers that one of the team has been mutated by the dust and gained telepathic powers, which he is using to terrorise the rest of the colony.
23 Mar. 1964
The Guests
A drifter enters a lonely house, unaware that it is actually an alien creature in disguise. Soon he realizes that he is a prisoner, along with several other half-mad inhabitants, but he is determined to escape.
30 Mar. 1964
Fun and Games
A distant planet teleports a young man and woman from an apartment building to compete in a gladiatorial contest. For the aliens it's just an amusing game but if the humans fail, Earth will be destroyed. The woman is desperate to save Earth, but the man is a vicious, petty crook on the run, who has little to lose, but doesn't care about humanity's fate.
6 Apr. 1964
The Special One
The parents of a child science prodigy are approached by a mysterious official called Mr. Xeno, who offers to give him special private tutoring. Unknown to them, Mr. Xeno is an alien who wants to use their son's talents for evil.
13 Apr. 1964
A Feasibility Study
The inhabitants of a typical suburban street find that they've been abducted by a diseased alien race, which wants to discover if humans will make suitable slaves for them.
20 Apr. 1964
Production and Decay of Strange Particles
An accident at a nuclear research facility creates a dimensional doorway in which aliens need to widen to invade our world. A scientist races to discover a way to reverse the damage and close the doorway.
27 Apr. 1964
The Chameleon
To save Earth from invasion, scientists alter a human into a replica of one of the aliens. The human subject Mace is a remorseless killer, who easily adapts to any personality required. Giving up his body and life means little to him, he relishes this ultimate test of his chameleon powers. But how much loyalty will the vicious Mace have for his fellow humans?
4 May 1964
The Forms of Things Unknown
Two female friends poison a sadistic blackmailer, then while fleeing happen upon an isolated house containing a time machine. Kasha, his lover, and Leonora, the daughter of the blackmail target, fight to bury him before the idealistic inventor Tone Hobart is able to re-animate the murdered man, by tilting him back into the past.
19 Sep. 1964
A soldier from the far future is accidentally teleported back to 1964. The psychiatrist assigned to examine the soldier realizes that he has been bred purely as a killing machine, but he believe he can reawaken the warrior's humanity. Meanwhile, a second soldier arrives, dedicated to hunting and killing his enemy.
26 Sep. 1964
Cold Hands, Warm Heart
Following a mission to Venus, an astronaut finds himself constantly cold and has strange dreams about encountering an alien outside his spacecraft.
3 Oct. 1964
Behold Eck!
A two-dimensional alien inadvertently causes havoc in Los Angeles. The alien is stranded in our three-dimensional world and only a mild-mannered optician and his secretary have to power to help.
10 Oct. 1964
Expanding Human
Trying to speed up man's evolution, a scientist recklessly experiments on himself. He does indeed gain super intelligence and new abilities, but at the cost of his morality and humanity.
17 Oct. 1964
Demon with a Glass Hand
Days ago, Trent awoke with no memory of his past. Since then, sinister men have pursued him constantly. He manages to stay one step ahead of them by following the advice of his hand. Made of glass and apparently capable of speech, Trent's hand can answer many of his questions. But it cannot tell him who he is or why his enemies seek him until he finds all of its fingers. The only trouble is that they're in the hands of his enemies.
24 Oct. 1964
Cry of Silence
A couple find themselves lost and in the middle of a deserted valley. Then, they come under attack by a series of rocks, tumbleweeds and animals. What could be causing this assault?
31 Oct. 1964
The Invisible Enemy
The first manned expedition to Mars finds itself being killed one by one by an alien predator.
7 Nov. 1964
Wolf 359
When a scientist recreates the environment of a distant planet, its accelerated rate of evolution suggests a shocking future for mankind.
14 Nov. 1964
I, Robot
A cynical lawyer is hired by a young woman to prove that her uncle was not killed by his invention - a sophisticated robot.
21 Nov. 1964
The Inheritors: Part I
Four soldiers have been shot in the head by bullets made from the fragment of a meteorite. As a result, they have developed genius level IQs. Three of them have disappeared, one remains in hospital. Adam Ballard, Assistant Secretary of Science, believes the men have been taken over by an alien intelligence, and that they are working to bring some evil plan to fruition.
28 Nov. 1964
The Inheritors: Part II
Four soldiers have been shot in the head by bullets made from the fragment of a meteorite. As a result, they have developed genius level IQs. Three of them have disappeared, one remains in hospital. Adam Ballard, Assistant Secretary of Science, believes the men have been taken over by an alien intelligence, and that they are working to bring some evil plan to fruition.
5 Dec. 1964
Keeper of the Purple Twilight
A driven scientist is approached by an unearthly being who offers to exchange his alien intelligence in return for the experience of human emotions. Their experiment however has unforeseen consequences for both of them and soon a team of alien enforcers has arrived to destroy both of them and the scientist's girlfriend.
19 Dec. 1964
The Duplicate Man
When a dangerous alien creature called a Megasoid escapes, the scientist who smuggled him to Earth creates an illegal clone of himself to hunt it down. But his plan is complicated when his neglected wife begins to fall in love with his duplicate.
26 Dec. 1964
Six men and two women volunteer to be locked into a mock spacecraft and undergo a simulated space mission to a distant planet. However a series of strange events lead to paranoia and suspicion growing between them.

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