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Season 1

28 Sep. 1963
Man It's Like Progress
When the management at Osborne Industries introduce a new computer system in Harry Grafton's department, Harry has to find a way to outfox the system.
5 Oct. 1963
The Great Forklift Contest
Harry is keen to let everyone at the factory know that it's his birthday. He even plans his own 'surprise' birthday party with some unexpected results.
19 Oct. 1963
The Tortoise and the Harry
Whilst organizing turtle races at the factory, Harry meets his 'Mrs Right' in the form of the gorgeous Della. But will love reign supreme for Harry?
26 Oct. 1963
Harry Today, Gone Tomorrow
Tired of Harry's constant money-making schemes, Mr Brink tries to have him transfered to another factory.
2 Nov. 1963
The Little Old Gluemaker, Me!
The plant janitor invents a new type of wonder-glue and Harry is convinced he can make millions by selling the secret formula.
9 Nov. 1963
Triple Indemnity
Harry sets up his own insurance scheme that protects the factory employees against lost paychecks.
16 Nov. 1963
A Funny Thing Happened to Me on the Way to the Coffee Break
When Mr Osborne asks for suggestions on how the factory can save money, Brinks suggests they start by closing down Harry Grafton's department.
30 Nov. 1963
Harry Who
When Harry goes on vacation his replacement does such a good job that Harry begins to wonder if he'll be able to get his job back.
7 Dec. 1963
Las Vegas Was My Mother's Maiden Name
When Harry visits a Las Vegas hotel he gets the full celebrity treatment when he is mistaken for Phil Silvers.
14 Dec. 1963
Son of Pygmalion
The lovely-but-dull Miss Fritterman wants Harry to turn her into his 'Fair Lady'.
21 Dec. 1963
Have I Got a Boy for You
Waluska falls for a girl at the factory but she's not interested. Harry decides to give Cupid a helping hand.
28 Dec. 1963
Who Do Voodoo? Harry Do!
Harry falls for a society girl in Trinidad but she's not interested. That is until Harry uses some of his special 'old black magic'.
4 Jan. 1964
Stop the Factory, I Want to Get Off
Harry has to use every trick in the book to stop a wedding from being called off.
11 Jan. 1964
Beauty and the Least
Harry hatches a plan to transform a plain girl into a beauty queen.
18 Jan. 1964
75 1/2 Trombones
Harry runs a raffle. When one of his men wins he's overjoyed until he learns that his prize is an army tank....and it's in Okinawa.
25 Jan. 1964
My Son, the Governor
Harry manufactures a batch of TV tables to raise money. But when some of the tables end up in a shipment of parts destined for the army, Harry's in big trouble.
1 Feb. 1964
Leave It to Harry
Harry's sister Audrey goes on vacation & she asks Harry to look after her kids. But Harry's parenting skills are soon called into question.
8 Feb. 1964
Smile, Harry, You're on 'Candid Camera'
While he's out shopping Harry spots TV star Allen Funt. Harry is determined not to get caught out acting silly on camera.
15 Feb. 1964
Pay the Two Dollars
When Harry is slapped with a parking ticket he tries every trick in the book to avoid paying the fine.
22 Feb. 1964
Harry, the Good Neighbor
When Harry overhears his newly-wed neighbors arguing he decides to step in and save the day. But things don't quite go to plan.
29 Feb. 1964
Cyrano DeGrafton
Harry's friend Lester needs help in wooing the girl of his dreams, but Harry doesn't help things when he becomes infatuated with the same girl.
7 Mar. 1964
Take Her, She's Tall
Harry nephew is very shy, particularly around girls. Harry tries to set his nephew up on a date with a girl.
14 Mar. 1964
Will the Real Harry Grafton Please Stand Up?
When a national magazine run a "Foreman Of The Year" contest, Harry is desperate to win it.
21 Mar. 1964
Auntie Up
Harry hires what he thinks is a sweet old lady as a housekeeper. But she soon turns the family home into a gambling den.
28 Mar. 1964
Grafton's the Name, Football's My Game
Harry believes he's a footballing genius and he decides that maybe he can teach the coach of the local football team a thing or two.
4 Apr. 1964
Keep Cool
Harry and his workmates end up locked in a walk-in freezer.
11 Apr. 1964
Vanity, Thy Name Is Harry
Harry decides to beat the aging process by thinking 'young' and wearing a toupee.
18 Apr. 1964
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
Charley, the factory janitor, has lead his Mum to believe that he is in fact President of Osborne Industries. Chaos ensues when his mum decides to pay a visit.
25 Apr. 1964
Moonlight and Dozes
When the factory night watchman looks like he is going to lose his job Harry springs into action with a cunning plan, to help the night watchman keep his job and make Harry some much-needed cash.

 Season 1 

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