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Remade as 

Beloved Sister (2002) (TV Movie)

Edited into 

The Time That Remains (2012) (Video)


Kiss Me Deadly (1955)
The final scene at the beach was filmed in Malibu, California at the same spot where director Robert Aldrich filmed the final scene of Kiss Me Deadly. When Blanche confesses the truth to "Baby Jane", you can see in the background that same house that was "blown up" by a mysterious box containing radioactive material in the earlier film.
Gypsy (1962)
This film can be seen as a tragic continuation of the story of Gypsy. The sibling rivalry of the blond child star Baby Jane/June and the brunette sister, who has a Hollywood career as an adult.

Referenced in 

What's My Line?: Bette Davis (3) (1962) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by name in connection with Mystery Guest Bette Davis.
The Lucy Show: No More Double Dates (1963) (TV Episode)
Characters suggest this as a movie they could see
The Bullwinkle Show: Moosylvania Saved: Parts 1-2 (1963) (TV Episode)
One newspaper headline about Rocky's and Bullwinkle's plight reads, "Nation Springs Into Emergency Action", followed with, "We Shall Not Fail ...Says Baby Jane".
Burke's Law: Who Killed Holly Howard? (1963) (TV Episode)
After interviewing an eccentric old lady, Burke jokes to Tim, "Now we know what really happened to Baby Jane."
Tiempo de amor (1964)
An advertising of the film can be seen on a billboard in the street
The Human Jungle: Struggle for a Mind (1964) (TV Episode)
Poster displayed at Charing Cross Underground Station
I Dream of Jeannie: Whatever Became of Baby Custer? (1965) (TV Episode)
title reference
My Three Sons: Whatever Happened to Baby Chip? (1966) (TV Episode)
Movie title used in title
Promise Her Anything (1966)
Referenced in dialogue.
Petticoat Junction: What Ever Happened to Betty Jo? (1966) (TV Episode)
Movie title used in title
Chappaqua (1966)
Spider Baby or, the Maddest Story Ever Told (1967)
referenced in tagline
What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice? (1969)
Title reference. Film was one of many in the "psycho-biddy" genre that was launched following the unexpected success of "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?".
Monty Python's Flying Circus: Owl-Stretching Time (1969) (TV Episode)
Referenced in the bookseller sketch
Whoever Slew Auntie Roo? (1971)
Title reference. Film was one of many in the "psycho-biddy" genre that was launched following the unexpected success of "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?".
This Is Your Life: Bette Davis (1971) (TV Episode)
mentions by name
What's the Matter with Helen? (1971)
Title reference. Film was one of many in the "psycho-biddy" genre that was launched following the unexpected success of "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?". Both films were also written by Henry Farrell.
Josie's Castle (1971)
In a running reference to the film, Leonard has a pot plant named Baby Jane.
Nanny and the Professor: Whatever Happened to Felicity? (1971) (TV Episode)
Title reference.
Sisters (1972)
Look What's Happened to Rosemary's Baby (1976) (TV Movie)
The title of this movie is a reference.
Outrageous! (1977)
Robin does a homage to the movie in his drag show.
Dallas: Whatever Happened to Baby John?: Part 1 (1979) (TV Episode)
title reference
Dallas: Whatever Happened to Baby John?: Part 2 (1979) (TV Episode)
title reference
The Rose (1979)
Scene in drag bar, Emcee performs "I've Written A Letter To Daddy" as Baby Jane from this film.
A Fine Romance: Different Answers (1981) (TV Episode)
Laura thinks she may end up like Baby Jane
Laverne & Shirley: Whatever Happened to the Class of '56? (1982) (TV Episode)
title reference
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson: Bette Davis/Richard Pryor (1983) (TV Episode)
Johnny mentions Bette Davis' earlier movie
The Sins of Dorian Gray (1983) (TV Movie)
St. Elsewhere: My Aim Is True (1984) (TV Episode)
Mrs. Hufnagel refers to the film.
The Facts of Life: The Last Drive-In (1985) (TV Episode)
The film is mentioned by name, and clips of it are shown as well.
Destroyer (1988)
Robert mentions the film
Memories of Me (1988)
Mentioned when the characters are playing the guessing game.
Torch Song Trilogy (1988)
talk about Bette Davis and Baby Jane
Designing Women: The Proxy Pig and Great Pretenders (1989) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by name.
ALF: It's My Party (1989) (TV Episode)
Rex Savage refers to the film.
Evening Shade: Whatever Happened to Clutch Newton? (1990) (TV Episode)
Title reference
Designing Women: The Strange Case of Clarence and Anita (1991) (TV Episode)
The episode revolves around a stage version of this film.
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Master Ninja II (1992) (TV Episode)
Lee Van Cleef: "Whatever happened to ..." Joel: "Baby Jane."
Passion Fish (1992)
Seinfeld: The Airport (1992) (TV Episode)
When George picks up the last magazine which the prisoner wants, the prisoner tells him he'd hurt him if he wasn't in the shackles. George responds with the line from Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? though adapts it for his situation, saying in mock tone "But cha AAH, Blance, ya AAH in those shackles."
Matinee (1993)
There is a poster for the film in the West Strand Theater.
Josh and S.A.M. (1993)
At the end of the film, S.A.M. says to Josh that they could have been friends all along. This is a reference to the 1962 film "what ever happened to baby Jane?" in which the same line is spoken at the end of the film
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Atomic Brain (1993) (TV Episode)
Tom: "Blanche, no!"
Serial Mom (1994)
Video case is shown in a video store.
Animaniacs: The Warners' 65th Anniversary Special (1994) (TV Episode)
"Baby Jane" is interviewed for the special.
All About Bette (1994) (TV Movie)
Crumb (1994)
The state of Crumb's mother's house is compared to Baby Jane.
Batman: The Animated Series: Baby-Doll (1994) (TV Episode)
Both focus on washed up child stars who turn to sinister methods to reclaim fame
Affair play (1995)
High Society: Whose Son Is It Anyway? (1995) (TV Episode)
After reading a recipe that says to 'blanche the asparagus,' Ellie shouts at it: "But you are, Blanche! But you are!"
Walking and Talking (1996)
Referenced in dialogue.
Beautiful Thing (1996)
Mentioned in dialogue as "Baby Jane"
Living Single: Whatever Happened to Baby Sister (1996) (TV Episode)
title reference
Wings: Heartache Tonight (1997) (TV Episode)
Brian calls Casey "Baby Jane" after he watches her put on her makeup.
The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror VIII (1997) (TV Episode)
Closing credits: "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane O'Brien?"
Goosebumps: The Haunted House Game (1997) (TV Episode)
One of the old women is dressed like Baby Jane.
The Tony Danza Show: The Milk Run (1997) (TV Episode)
mentioned by Tony and the Woman
Finding North (1998)
When they are in the hotel, Travis tells Rhonda "But you aren't Blance, you aren't" a famous quote from the 1962 classic.
Hush (1998)
The Nanny: The Yummy Mummy (1999) (TV Episode)
Lynn Redgrave compares herself to Bette Davis the Baby Jane role.
Whose Line Is It Anyway?: Show No. 214 (2000) (TV Episode)
An audience member can be heard shouting this movie name when Drew asks for suggestions of a horror movie.
Living Hell (2000)
Curb Your Enthusiasm: Porno Gil (2000) (TV Episode)
When Larry says, "I enjoyed Baby Jane very much, didn't you?" after encountering the lady on the road.
Will & Grace: Lows in the Mid-Eighties (2000) (TV Episode)
Grace says that at her family home, Will learned the answer to the question from the title.
The Simpsons: Worst Episode Ever (2001) (TV Episode)
Comic Book Guy says to Agnes: "Now I know what ever happened to baby Jane!"
Gilmore Girls: Teach Me Tonight (2002) (TV Episode)
When talking about her own isolation, Lorelai says that she's not yet as bad as Baby Jane.
Girls Will Be Girls (2003)
A mentally unstable washed up actress plans a comeback while mentally tormenting her hapless roommate.
Die, Mommie, Die! (2003)
The story about two (twin) sisters who were famous child stars, but only one of them achieves solo success, so the other one kills her. There are even some very clear visual references: i.e. when Angela (Barbara) Arden stands in front of the piano and looks into the mirror.
What Ever Happened to Alice (2003)
Title reference.
Will & Grace: Heart Like a Wheelchair (2003) (TV Episode)
Karen: "Careful Baby Jane."
Queer as Folk: Stand Up for Ourselves (2004) (TV Episode)
Darren talks about the film.
The Lady in Question Is Charles Busch (2005)
Busch mentions a scene in which the late Meghan Robinson climbs the stairs in "The Lady in Question" a la Joan Crawford in the aforementioned movie
House of Wax (2005)
Have I Got News for You: Episode #29.5 (2005) (TV Episode)
Referenced by name
Queer as Folk: Move and Leave (2005) (TV Episode)
Deb talks to Emmett about their playing the roles of Baby Jane and Blanche when watching the film.
Destroy All Humans! (2005) (Video Game)
The level titles are takes on movies. One level was called Whatever Happened to Crypto-136.
Third Man Out (2005) (TV Movie)
dialogue from the movie quoted
Queer as Folk: Fuckin' Revenge (2005) (TV Episode)
The guy in the bath house calls Ted "Blanche" when they speak about his sending Michael for a drink at the bar before the explosion.
Queer as Folk: We Will Survive! (2005) (TV Episode)
Emmett says Ted should be grateful he got out of his relationship with Tad before he locked him in his room and fed him his dead parakeet.
Will & Grace: Whatever Happened to Baby Gin? (2006) (TV Episode)
The scene confessing what really happened to cause Gin's accident is based on this movie
Cowboy Junction (2006)
the husband says to his wife as she threatens him with a knife: "Your 'Baby Jane' antics don't work on me."
Bernard and Doris (2006)
"Blanche" and "Baby Jane" mentioned
Gray Matters (2006)
Evil Women in Film discussion
The O.C.: The Metamorphosis (2006) (TV Episode)
Julie mentions the film and its storyline in conversation with Kirsten.
Get a Life (2006) (Video)
character named "Baby Jane Hudson"
Spine Tingler! The William Castle Story (2007)
Inspired William Castle to make "Strait-Jacket."
What Ever Happened to Fannie Mae? (2008)
Title reference.
The Big Gay Musical (2009)
it references this movie in one scene.
Jennifer's Body (2009)
Poster in Background after the funeral scene advertises "What Eever Happened to Baby Jane? The Musical"
Gossip Girl: Enough About Eve (2009) (TV Episode)
After dreaming that she was Bette Davis in "All About Eve", Blair says that she doesn't want to be "some plain Baby Jane", a role which Davis played in the movie.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Shadow (2010) (TV Episode)
There is a photograph of Bette Davis as Baby Jane Hudson sitting in a frame on the table behind Ash Ramsey's desk
Whatever Happened to Brenda Hean? (2010)
Title reference.
Pretty Little Liars: Salt Meets Wound (2011) (TV Episode)
Mona calls wheelchair-bound Hanna "Baby Jane".
Holly's World: Whatever Happened to Baby Jayde (2011) (TV Episode)
episode title alludes to the film title
DVD-R Hell: How Can I Tell If I'm Really in Love? (2011) (TV Episode)
"Okay, Baby Jane. You go push Joan Crawford down the stairs now."
Showgirls 2: Penny's from Heaven (2011)
the character of Katrina resembles Baby Jane.
Stars of the Silver Screen: Bette Davis (2011) (TV Episode)
The film is discussed.
Blancanieves (2012)
Encarna cooks Carmencita's pet rooster and has him served it to her at dinner under a silver dome, just as Baby Jane cooks and serves Blanche's parrot.
666 Park Avenue: What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (2012) (TV Episode)
title reference
Tales from the Warner Bros. Lot (2013)
mentioned during tour of backlot
Oldboy (2013)
Joe's mouse friend is cooked and served to him on a silver platter, à la the scene with the canary
The Cinema Snob: Mommie Dearest (2014) (TV Episode)
one of Joan Crawford's films
Stalker: Whatever Happened to Baby James? (2014) (TV Episode)
Title reference.
Supernatural: Ask Jeeves (2014) (TV Episode)
Woman called Baby Jane
Hollywood Mouth 2 (2014)
mentioned by Berlyn.
RuPaul's Drag Race: Born Naked (2015) (TV Episode)
Michelle Visage says, "we finally know what happened to baby Jane," about Trixie Mattel's spring runway look.
Mike & Molly: What Ever Happened to Baby Peggy (2015) (TV Episode)
title reference
The Good Wife: Undisclosed Recipients (2015) (TV Episode)
Quoted in dialogue
RuPaul's Drag Race: Divine Inspiration (2015) (TV Episode)
John Waters calls Trixie Mattel's runway look: "baby Jane as a young girl."
Late Night with Seth Meyers: Molly Shannon/T.I./Matt Lucas/Jon Theodore (2015) (TV Episode)
Molly Shannon mentions the film
Late Night with Seth Meyers: Winona Ryder/Colin Quinn/Beirut (2015) (TV Episode)
Winona Ryder says, on turning 43, "I'm Baby Jane now."
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Tom Hanks/Jessica Chastain/Pentatonix (2015) (TV Episode)
Jessica Chastain says that it was one of three DVDs she kept in her trailer as she was preparing for "Crimson Peak."
Hell House LLC (2015)
Paul briefly sings "I've Written a Letter to Daddy".
Terrorphobia (2015) (Video)
Alberts sisters says "But you ARE in that chair, and your always gonna be"
Feud: Bette and Joan (2017) (TV Series)
The series is about the filming of the movie.
Feud: Bette and Joan: Pilot (2017) (TV Episode)
The series is about the filming of the movie.
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Susan Sarandon/Elijah Wood/Little Big Town (2017) (TV Episode)
Mentioned as Susan Sarandon discusses her series "Feud."
Feud: Bette and Joan: The Other Woman (2017) (TV Episode)
The series is about the filming of the movie.
Feud: Bette and Joan: Mommie Dearest (2017) (TV Episode)
The series is about the filming of the movie.
Feud: Bette and Joan: More, or Less (2017) (TV Episode)
The series is about the filming of the movie.
Feud: Bette and Joan: And the Winner Is... (The Oscars of 1963) (2017) (TV Episode)
The series is about the filming of the movie.
Feud: Bette and Joan: Hagsploitation (2017) (TV Episode)
The series is about the filming of the movie.
Feud: Bette and Joan: Abandoned! (2017) (TV Episode)
The series is about the filming of the movie.
Feud: Bette and Joan: You Mean All This Time We Could Have Been Friends? (2017) (TV Episode)
The series is about the filming of the movie.
Late Night with Seth Meyers: Tracy Morgan/Michael McKean/Ben Sasse/Mark Guiliana (2017) (TV Episode)
Tracy Morgan says he wanted a Bette Davis & Joan Crawford relationship between his co-stars in "The Little Foxes"
The Middle: Please Don't Feed the Hecks (2017) (TV Episode)
mentioned by Brad
Riverdale: Chapter Fourteen: A Kiss Before Dying (2017) (TV Episode)
Baby Jane mentioned
Jane Fonda in Five Acts (2018)
A headline reads "What ever happened to 'Baby Jane'?"
RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars: Drag Divas Live (2018) (TV Episode)
Vanessa Williams compares Trixie's runway outfit to Baby Jane's clothes in the film.
Blumhouse's Truth or Dare (2018)
Markie cites her and Olivia's friction following Mexico as being Bette and Joan.
Hollywood Darlings: Ovulation Staycation (2018) (TV Episode)
mentioned by Jodie
Hollywood Mouth 3 (2018)
Mentioned by Berlyn.
Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators: Beware the Ides of March (2019) (TV Episode)
Fortby sisters relationship compared to Baby Jane
Baby Jane (2019)
Title reference.
DuckTales: Whatever Happened to Della Duck?! (2019) (TV Episode)
Title reference
DuckTales: What Ever Happened to Donald Duck?! (2019) (TV Episode)
Title reference


Parachute Jumper (1933)
Footage is used to represent Jane's early films.
Ex-Lady (1933)
Footage is used to represent jane's early films.
Sadie McKee (1934)

Featured in 

V.I.P.-Schaukel: Episode #6.1 (1976) (TV Episode)
Scenes from the movie are shown here.
Precious Images (1986) (Short)
The 59th Annual Academy Awards (1987) (TV Special)
At the Movies: The Fabulous Baker Boys/Breaking In/Crimes and Misdemeanors/Look Who's Talking (1989) (TV Episode)
Clips are shown of various Bette Davis movies, including this one.
Unzipped (1995)
100 Years of Horror: Girl Ghouls (1996) (TV Episode)
Ally McBeal: The Dirty Joke (1997) (TV Episode)
Ally and Renee watch the rat-on-the-platter scene
Bellyfruit (1999)
film clip
AFI's 100 Years... 100 Thrills: America's Most Heart-Pounding Movies (2001) (TV Special)
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? is #63.
AFI's 100 Years... 100 Heroes & Villains (2003) (TV Special)
Baby Jane Hudson is the #44 villain.
House of Wax (2005)
shows movie in theater
Stardust: The Bette Davis Story (2006) (TV Movie)
film clip shown
Interactive Film Quiz (2006) (Video Game)
Clip from trailer used
TCM Guest Programmer: TCM Employee Picks (2011) (TV Episode)
One of the films selected by the co-host
Breakfast: Episode dated 12 May 2011 (2011) (TV Episode)
Clip shown to introduce today's guests Greta Scacchi and Anita Dobson.
Hollywood's Top Ten: Scream Queens (2011) (TV Episode)
Bette Davis and Joan Crawford takes #6
Stars of the Silver Screen: Bette Davis (2011) (TV Episode)
Footage shown.
WatchMojo: Top 10 Movie Catfights (2013) (TV Episode)
Bette Davis vs. Joan Crawford is #10.
WatchMojo: Top 10 Sibling Rivalries in Movies (2014) (TV Episode)
The sibling rivalry between Baby Jane & Blanche Hudson is #8.
WatchMojo: Top 10 Horror Movies: 1960s (2015) (TV Episode)
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? gets an honorable mention.
Good Morning Britain: Episode dated 15 December 2017 (2017) (TV Episode)
A clip is shown.
Bette Davis: Größer als das Leben (2017) (TV Movie)
Trailer clips shown

Spoofed in 

Batman: The Spell of Tut (1966) (TV Episode)
Tut tells his crocodiles to "eat your din-din" in a voice reminiscent of Baby Jane Hudson.
French and Saunders: Whatever Happened to Baby Dawn? (1990) (TV Episode)
A sketch spoofing the film.
Sisters: Twilight Time (1994) (TV Episode)
Alex is tending to a sick Teddy, and reaches her boiling point with Teddy's demands. She fantasies that they are just like the film 'What Ever Happened to Baby Jane' with Alex playing Baby Jane and Teddy playing Blanche.
The Sopranos: Do Not Resuscitate (2000) (TV Episode)
Tony to his sister Janice: "It'll be just like 'Whatever Happened to Baby Janice?' over there.
Popular: We Are Family (2000) (TV Episode)
The first scene includes a spoof of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
The Simpsons: Smart & Smarter (2004) (TV Episode)
sequence spoofing What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962)
Shakespear's Sister: Best Of (2004) (Video)
The opening dialogue scene in the 'Goodbye Cruel World' features Siobhan in the role of Blanche & Marcella representing Baby-Jane.
Foon (2005)
a flashback of an accident which causes the other sister to be in wheelchair
Irma Vap: O Retorno (2006)
The entire film is basically a satire of "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?"
Queer Duck: The Movie (2006) (Video)
the scene where Openly Gator serves Queer Duck a dead rat on a silver tray
Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild! (2008)
Characters are dressed as Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, and recite line, "But you are. You are in that chair, Blanche."
Baby Jane? The Trailer (2008) (Short)
This is a parody of the famous thriller.
French & Saunders Still Alive (2008) (Video)
Spoofed in sketch.
Baby Jane? (2010)
This is a parody of the 1962 film.
Elvira's Movie Macabre: Lady Frankenstein (2011) (TV Episode)
Elvira and Elrich do a "but you are" Crawford/Davis routine.
Ryan & Ruby: Nightmare on 118th Street (2014) (TV Episode)
the movie makes a joke reference to a previous title
Ryan's 13 Top Horror Moments (2015) (TV Mini-Series)
The opening scene is an Homage to a scene in this earlier movie.
Housewife Alien vs. Gay Zombie (2017)
Dramatic dying scene between two sisters
And the Winner Isn't (2017)
A scene was recreated from the film.

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