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Bette Davis: Baby Jane Hudson



  • Blanche : You wouldn't be able to do these awful things to me if I weren't still in this chair.

    Jane : But you *are*, Blanche! You *are* in that chair!

  • Jane : It's just that nosy Mrs. Bates going on about your picture last night.

    Blanche : Oh, really, did she like it?

    Jane : [imitating Blanche's voice]  Oh, really, did she like it?... She liked it!

  • Jane : I'll bring in some tea. You like tea?

    Edwin Flagg : Oh, yes. I'm quite fond of tea. You must have guessed that I'm English.

    Jane : Oh, really? How nice for you.

  • Jane : I've written a letter to Daddy / His address is Heaven above / I've written "Dear Daddy, we miss you / And wish you were with us to love" / Instead of a stamp I put kisses / The postman says that's best to do / I've written a letter to Daddy / Saying "I love you" / Now when I'm very good, and do as I am told / I'm Mama's little angel and Papa says I'm good as gold / Now when I'm very bad and answer back and sass / Then I'm Mama's little devil, and Papa says I've got the brass / Now I wish that you would tell me / Cos I'm much too young to know...

  • Jane : I didn't bring your breakfast, because you didn't eat your din-din!

  • Blanche : Who was that at the door earlier?

    Jane : Elvira.

    Blanche : Where is she now? In the kitchen?

    Jane : No, I gave her the day off. She has a pretty hard time considering. I told her to come back next week.

    Jane : [pauses]  Oh, Blanche? You know we've got rats in the cellar?

  • Jane : I don't want to talk about it! Everytime I think about something nice, you remind me of bad things. I only want to talk about the nice things.

  • Blanche : Did you have a nice drive?

    Jane : What are you talking about?

    Blanche : Nothing dear, I... it's been so long since you were out of the house I thought perhaps you had gone for a drive or something. You know I was thinking, it's ever so long since we had a talk, you know, a real talk about the future and everything. Jane, I didn't want you to be worried about the house, even if I do have to sell it, we'll still be together.

    Jane : Blanche you're not gonna sell this house. Daddy bought this house, and he bought it for me! You don't think I remember that, do you?

    Blanche : You're wrong, Jane. You've just forgotten. I bought this house for the two of us, when I signed my first contract.

    Jane : You don't think I remember anything, do you? There are a whole lot of things I remember. And you never paid for this house. Baby Jane Hudson made the money that paid for this house, that's who!

    Blanche : You don't know what you're saying.

    Jane : Blanche, you aren't ever gonna sell this house... and you aren't ever gonna leave it... either.

  • Blanche : [Upon hanging up the phone after discovering Jane is right behind her]  That... that was...

    Jane : I know who it was!

    Blanche : No, Jane, it really was!

    Jane : And I know what you're trying to do!

    Blanche : I... I'm not trying to do anything, honestly Jane!

  • Blanche : Oh really, did she like it?

    Jane : [imitating Blanche's voice]  Oh Really did she like it?

  • [Jane has just finished singing as an adult] 

    Jane : [happily]  You certainly can play, can't you?

    Edwin Flagg : [proudly]  And you *certainly can* sing!

  • Blanche : Oh, please, Jane. I'm so hungry.

    Jane : I have to go now.

    Blanche : Just a little - please!

    Jane : No! You didn't eat your din-din, so you'll have to wait till lunchtime.

  • Jane : Then, you mean, all this time we could've been friends?

  • Jane : [running after Flagg as he flees the house]  Edwin, you forgot your money!

  • Jane : [Blanche is buzzing]  Alright, Blanche Hudson! Miss big, fat movie star! Miss rotten, stinking actress! Press a button, ring a bell and you think the whole *damn* world comes running, don't you? Lunch, Miss Hudson? Why, certainly, Miss Husdon! I'm sure we can find something appropriate for you, Miss Hudson!

  • Jane : My name is - Jane Hudson. Maybe you remember me? I'm Baby Jane Hudson.

  • Jane : You know, we're right back where we started. When I was on the stage you had to depend on me for everything. Even the food you ate came from me. Now you have to depend on me for your food again. So, you see, we're right back where we started.

    Blanche : Why are you doing this to me? Why?

    Jane : Doing what?

    Blanche : Making me afraid to eat. Trying to make me starve myself.

    Jane : Don't be silly. If you starve you die.

  • Blanche : Jane, did you ever stop to think that - if anything happened to me, I mean anything bad, there wouldn't be any money for you? I wouldn't be here to sign the checks. You wouldn't even have pocket money. Did you ever think of that?

    Jane : Yeah, I've thought about that.

  • Jane : Nothing wrong with it. You're just a neurotic, Blanche. You know that, you're just a neurotic.

  • Edwin Flagg : Oh, do you mean you're really - the - Baby Jane Hudson?

    Jane : Yes, I am! And I'm going to revive my act exactly as I used to do it. Of course, some of the arrangements will have to be brought up-to-date. Music changes so much, doesn't it? And you know they're desperate for new acts: television, Las Vegas, and all the clubs. Well, there are a lot of people who remember me. Lots of them!

    Edwin Flagg : I don't see how you could fail.

  • Jane : Oh, I wish Daddy could be here right now! You can never lose your talent, he used to tell me. You can lose everything else, but, you can't lose your talent.

  • Blanche : I was just hoping, maybe, maybe I could meet him and we could have a nice talk - just the three of us.

    Jane : Yeah, you'd like that, wouldn't you! Then you could tell him a whole lot of lies about me! Scare him off! Or, maybe have him for yourself!

    [Jane slaps Blanche] 

  • Jane : I don't understand?

    Edwin Flagg : They are trying to say I'm drunk.

    Police Officer : Oh, we just say that you're a little happy. Okay?

    Edwin Flagg : Whose happy? I'm not happy.

  • Jane : Dehlia? Who's Dehlia?

    Edwin Flagg : You might not think it to look at her, but, she's my mother.

    Jane : [laughs]  Oh, for a minute I thought you had a wife or a lady friend tucked away somewhere.

    Edwin Flagg : Oh, no! No. Oh, no. Nothing like that.

  • Jane : I wonder if you can guess who I am?

    Edwin Flagg : Can you give me a hint?

    Jane : Well, its not really fair to make you guess. I'm - I'm Baby Jane Hudson.

  • Jane : Don't you think I know everything that goes on in this house?

  • Jane : This isn't Blanche's house. It is my house and I can do what I like!

  • Blanche : Jane... what are you doing? I was watching.

    Jane : Then you're an idiot.

  • Mrs. Bates : You must be very proud of her new success.

    Jane : Yeah.

  • Jane : Oh, you're a liar! You're just a liar. Ya always were!

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