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France's Lumière awards unveil mixed bag of nominations

France's Lumière awards unveil mixed bag of nominations
Lumières are the Golden Globes of France.

A mixed bag of nominations for the 24th edition of France’s Lumière awards was unveiled in Paris on Monday (Dec 17).

Jacques Audiard’s Us-set, English-language The Sisters Brothers, period comedy-drama Mademoiselle de Jonquières, adoption drama Pupille and Venice-winning relationship drama Custody came out as the front-runners with four nominations each.

Following with three nominations each were Alex Lutz’s comedy-drama Guy, about a man who discovers he is the illegitimate son of a fading variety star and decides to follow him on tour; comedy The Trouble With You, sexual abuse drama Little Tickles,
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The 25 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, Ranked

  • Indiewire
The 25 Best Comedies of the 21st Century, Ranked
Now more than ever, the world could use a laugh. This bizarre, in-progress century has already produced any number of great comedies, which is to say that many of your (and our) favorites were left out: sorry, “Toy Story 3”; sorry, “Knocked Up.” As we tend to lean toward the indie side — and away from certain men-behaving-badly movies — there are also some titles on here that you might not have seen.

There are even some you may not consider to be straightforward comedies. You may not think of “Lost in Translation” or “Mistress America” as laugh riots, but we felt it best to be broad in our approach — any movie that balances its darker shades with cathartic humor was eligible. You’ll notice that we like women and Working Title (the British production company responsible for several titles on this list), which is to say: This is less a definitive
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Justin Bieber Eats Lunch Alone at Beverly Hills Restaurant (Photo)

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There's an old saying, "No man is an island," but Justin Bieber may have disproved that Thursday during a solo lunch in bustling Bev Hills. The Biebs was dining alone at Georgie, a restaurant attached to the Montage hotel. He was chillin' with the help of his laptop, oblivious to the ladies who were lunching around him and no doubt noticing someone famous was in their midst. [[tmz:video id="0_myj8q9yb"]] Earlier this week, the Biebs enjoyed the company
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Ken Loach: "The barbarians are at the door"

  • ScreenDaily
Ken Loach:
Speaking at the European Film Awards, UK director calls for “collective voice” among European industry.

Veteran UK filmmaker Ken Loach delivered an impassioned keynote on the subject of European solidarity and Brexit after the European Film Academy’s general assembly on Saturday morning (10 Dec) in Wroclaw.

Voicing similar sentiments to those expressed during a speech given before the European Parliament’s Committee on Culture and Education in October, Loach asked: ¨Is it true that the European Union doesn’t stand for the interests of the people, but for the interests of big corporations, that it has been a central contributing factor to the British leaving and to the problems we see around us…or is [the EU] a benign organisation which will work for the benefit of the people - or is it working against the interests of the people?¨

The two-time Palme d’Or winner argued that it was “not enough” for European filmmakers to make ¨humane, thoughtful
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Outcast episode 8 review: What Lurks Within

Dave Vitagliano Aug 3, 2016

Though Sidney provides some clarification, the questions continue to mount in the latest episode of Outcast...

The poet John Donne may have written that “No man is an island,” but Reverend John Anderson clearly did not get the memo. The parallels between Donne’s poem about the search for meaning in life strike at the heart of What Lurks Within, and while we receive some answers in this week’s episode of Outcast, many previously accepted assumptions may not be as solid as once thought.

The judicious use of flashbacks continues to be a strength of the show, and we’re momentarily thrown off kilter when we see a younger Sidney first working as a kindly carnival worker and then as a child molester/serial killer who keeps a young boy restrained in his basement’s padded room. Throughout much of the series we’ve been confused
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What's Brexit, Anyway? All About the U.K.'s Vote to Leave the European Union - And Why It Matters to Americans

What's Brexit, Anyway? All About the U.K.'s Vote to Leave the European Union - And Why It Matters to Americans
Today, Britons head to the polls for a referendum on whether they'll remain in the European Union. It's a history-making vote that the British have nicknamed "Brexit." But what is a "Brexit?" And why should those of us across the pond care? First off, let's cover the basics. What is a Brexit?A Brexit is shorthand for "British exit" from the European Union. If Britons choose to leave - to Brexit - it will be monumental. No country has ever left the EU before. Trade deals will take years to renegotiate. The U.K.'s currency, the pound sterling, would
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French dressing: First Dates’ Fred on looks for love

What should a man wear on that crucial first date? Fred Sirieix, maître d’ of TV’s First Dates restaurant, models three options – and offers his dating tips

The most charming Frenchman in London is sipping peppermint tea and dishing out heavily accented lessons in the art of love. “If you don’t have self-love, how are you going to love someone else? It’s about confidence and being happy. Then someone will want to be happy with you,” Fred Sirieix declares, sitting on a low armchair in the 1930s-style bar at Galvin at Windows on Park Lane in London, where he has been maître d’ for 10 years.

What makes this fine-dining expert such an authority on love? For three years, he has been the host of First Dates, Channel 4’s dating show, filmed in a restaurant in which every diner is on a blind date. It has become
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Island Life: Hgtv Orders 28 More Episodes

No man is an island, but one cable channel is island crazy. Hgtv has ordered 28 more episodes of its fantasy lifestyle series, the Island Life TV series. Fans of Island life don't have to worry about it being cancelled anytime soon. By our season and episode count, the cable outlet has just renewed Island Life for a fifth and sixth season.

Island Life is produced by Left/Right for Home and Garden Television. Anneka Jones, Banks Tarver, and Ken Druckerman are executive producers. The show features families in search of their own slice of paradise, making their island living fantasies reality. New episodes are set to feature house hunts in locations including Bakers Island, Massachusetts; Alameda Island, California; and Isle of Palms, South Carolina.

Read More…
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‘Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection’ is the perfect way to catch up with Sony’s flagship series

Nathan Drake wakes up bleeding. It’s biting cold and there’s flakes of snow in the air. He paws at his side, quickly deducing that the blood is coming from a gunshot wound. It’s not life threatening on its own, but he needs to find help before he bleeds out in the freezing air. He tries moving but it’s hard. And then he takes a minute to observe his surroundings and everthing looks oddly at an angle. It’s at this point he realises that he’s on a train carriage which is hanging over a cliff edge, just in time to dodge the debris falling from higher up the locomotive that nearly crushes him. The chair he’s resting on gives way, and he falls through the train, bouncing off benches and walls, before crashing through the back door of the last carriage and finally grabbing
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Oscar-Nominated Film Series: Bad Boy Grant and Stalking Boy Hoult Born to Be Islands

'About a Boy,' with Hugh Grant and Baby 'About a Boy' movie review: Some men should remain islands On the surface, Chris and Paul Weitz's 2002 movie About a Boy has a profound, affecting premise. No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as any manner of thy friends or of thine own were; any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind. And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee. With the above statement, seventeenth-century English poet John Donne reached beyond the apparent isolation of each individual by affirming the invisible oneness that encompasses all of humankind – and, why not, all living creatures.
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'The Leftovers' Recap: Home for the Holidays

'The Leftovers' Recap: Home for the Holidays
Ditching last week's single-character focus and plot-twist hocus-pocus — and much the better for it — tonight's The Leftovers episode ("B.J. and the A.C.") works best when you ignore its two title characters. Those would be Baby Jesus and the Anti-Christ, it's safe to presume – the former having disappeared from the local Nativity scene, and the latter potentially poised to spring forth from the loins of Holy Wayne's baby mama Christine. This being a Christmas episode, saying "bah, humbug" to both of those storylines seems appropriate.

Summer Cable Smackdown: Our
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Stand By Your Man: unashamed, rolling-round-the-gutter filth

Looking for a dating show that replaces romance with straight-up smut? Then this might be the programme for you!

No man is an island. Dont we all seek the same thing? That which builds a heaven in hells despair, that rivers cannot quench, the pearl to be found in the dark folds of life? What kind of girl are you looking for? asks Brian McFadden. Tits. Fanny. Definitely, comes the reply. Love: ecstasy complete.

The prose spills from the lips of 23-year-old Jamie, one of the contestants on the new dating show Stand By Your Man (Friday, 10pm, Channel 5). The premise is this: over 10 weeks, 40 gorgeous girls compete for a date with one of four flirty fellas. Each week, the girls view dating profiles via huge LCD screens flashing up the mens vital statistics. Each profile is completed by a close-up selfie or picture as theyre sometimes known of their best asset.
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Jonah Hill Called Best Buy to Practice 'Wolf of Wall Street' Part

Jonah Hill Called Best Buy to Practice 'Wolf of Wall Street' Part
Does Jonah Hill take himself too seriously? That seems to be the theme of most conversations when you bring up the actor who first made us crack up as sex-crazed clown Seth in Superbad. During James Franco’s record-setting roast on Comedy Central it was the go-to stab. In his interview for Rolling Stone's cover story earlier this year, it seemed to be the prevailing take away for many readers. Perhaps it’s true. Or perhaps there's just that inevitable skepticism that greets comedic actors who attempt to portray a character of any depth.
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Open Casting Call For Sexy Anger Management Co-Star

Charlie Sheen’s FX sitcom, Anger Management needs to replace the departing actress, Selma Blair. Blair was more than just Sheen’s co-star on the series, which he took up after parting ways with Two and a Half Men. She was a principal actress. No man is an island, not even one as embattled as Sheen. He very much needs a female lead. To solve the problem of the missing lady, there’s a casting call for Blair’s replacement.

How did it all fall apart? We can only speculate. Reports suggest that Sheen was at one time delighted with his co-star. Numerous staffers of the sitcom say that he was intensely attracted to Blair in real life, which only made working with her more pleasurable. What went wrong? Some say Sheen heard it through the grapevine that Blair was bad mouthing him behind his back. Others say Blair was
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Watch: Why Phil Jackson Asked Michael Jordan To 'Cut Back' On His Scoring

Watch: Why Phil Jackson Asked Michael Jordan To 'Cut Back' On His Scoring
When Phil Jackson took over as head coach of the Chicago Bulls in 1989, he inherited a struggling team with one of the best players in the world: Michael Jordan. But rather than focus solely on the basketball star, Jackson chose to nurture the team as a whole -- a coaching philosophy that helped the Bulls win six NBA titles.

In this video from Jackson's appearance on "Super Soul Sunday," the Basketball Hall of Famer and Eleven Rings author explains why he didn't put Jordan on a pedestal above his teammates. Jackson says it all began with a statement inspired by a book from an American Buddhist nun: "No man is an island. No man goes his way alone. What I put into the lives of others will come back into its own."

Jackson repeated this statement frequently to his players. "Those words, sometimes, are difficult for the boys to hear,
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Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild – TV review

Imagine you're all alone on a desert island… and then Ben Fogle turns up

• New Lives in the Wild on Demand 5

It is the presumed dream of every working stiff: quit your dead-end job, turn your back on civilisation and disappear into the wilderness. It's quite an appealing idea, as long as you don't think about how difficult, boring and lonely it would be.

What better way to nurse this fantasy than by watching other people do it on TV? In Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild (Channel 5), the former Castaway star drops in on people who have left the rat race to go it alone. His first host is Dave, who lives on his own tropical island.

Allow me to declare an interest. No man is an island, entire of itself, and I am no exception. I have neighbours, and one of them is Ben Fogle. For
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‘Arrow’ Season 1, Episode 18 Review – No Man is an Island

On some level, the rise of the copycats in Starling City point to the effectiveness of Oliver Queen’s Hood persona. On some level, it’s significant that others can see what it is he’s trying to accomplish and feel emboldened to make a similar gesture, even if their motivations and methods are somewhat misguided.

In a way, Arrow suggests that Oliver’s vigilante endeavors could be considered somewhat responsible for Helena Bertinelli’s transformation into the indiscriminate killing-machine known as the Huntress. In ‘Salvation,’ however, the Hood is unquestionably the inspiration for another seeker-of-social-justice who has given himself the rather lofty moniker of the Savior.

What they all have in common (and what is something of a recurring theme of the season that’s made far more blatant in this episode) is that they’ve all killed in ...

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'Arrow' spoilers: A deleted Roy Harper scene, the Huntress spills Oliver's secret, plus a sexy new sizzle reel

The most recent episode of "Arrow," "Dead to Rights," was arguably the show's best episode yet -- but when new episodes return on March 20, things are only going to get more intense. In fact, Stephen Amell tells us that Episode 18 is his favorite episode yet. (Of course, he says that about most episodes... but to be fair, he's never wrong.)

At the show's PaleyFest panel in Beverly Hills on Saturday night, the cast and creators of the show dished on what's to come -- and took a fond look back at the wild ride we've already taken. With all that's happened, it's hard to believe it's been less than a season since Ollie was rescued from the island.

First up, let's talk about this super-intense sizzle reel that was played before the panel began. The trailer teased that Shado will become a significant player in the island adventures, which was hinted at earlier,
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The Carrie Diaries, S.1.4: “Fright Night”

The Carrie Diaries, Season 1, Episode 4: “Fright Night

Written by Henry Alonso Myers

Directed by Jennifer Getzinger

Airs Monday at 8pm (Et) on the CW

The episode promised frights and rest assured the night delivered. It’s not often a show about a nice group of kids from Connecticut can cover LSD, ecstasy, marijuana, hate crimes, date rape, pedophilia and black mail on a lone Wednesday night and make it home by curfew. But some how they did just that.

Fright Night” was bookended with the freshly minted awkwardness between Carrie and Sebastian and the eventual détente between them where Sebastian once again refers to her “Bradshaw” (girl, you don’t stand a chance against that grin). The real story however unfurls around two Halloween parties happening between this. And like most Halloween episodes it wasn’t without its share of stops on the cliché train.

First stop Larissa’s party.
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Is the Accused Norway Killer One of Us?

Agence France-Presse/Getty Images Bomb and terror suspect Anders Behring Breivik (red top) leaves the courthouse in a police car in Oslo on July 25, 2011, after the hearing to decide his further detention.

In the eternity of days that have elapsed since the disaster on July 22, Norway has shown its best side. The top political leadership has been visible, powerful and diligent. What should be said, has been said. Norwegians have reassured themselves over and over again: hate and terror will
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