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4 Jan. 1967
Vengeance Trail
Stacey is forced to kill a man who tries to rob him. He returns the body to the man's sister who asks Stacey to leave rather than see the Sheriff. She is afraid their younger brother who joins the Shiloh cattle drive will try for revenge.
11 Jan. 1967
Sue Ann
Sue Ann leads a dull life as the daughter of a homesteader taking care of her father, two young brothers, and their hired hand Joe who would like to marry her. However, she leaves home to see San Francisco but where will she get the money?
18 Jan. 1967
Yesterday's Timepiece
Stacey buys a gold watch that may have belonged to his dead dad. It sets him off on a journey to find the truth about his parent's deaths. He meets an orphaned girl who owned the watch and is curious about her parents who she never knew.
25 Jan. 1967
Requiem for a Country Doctor
The Virginian looks for Stacey in a town where they are to finish up a cattle deal. His search results in finding Stacey in jail found guilty of murder. He is to hang the next morning forcing The Virginian to find the real killer fast.
8 Feb. 1967
The Gauntlet
The Virginian is shot crossing a large Texas ranch. The owner taking him in tries to hire him to be his own foreman. The owner likes to make his own rules putting him at odds with his wife over their son and the running of a gauntlet.
15 Feb. 1967
Without Mercy
Stacey has developed an interest in a girl but her father doesn't approve of him. After dragging Stacey, the father is found shot in the back. When the $300 he was carrying is found in Stacey's saddle bags, Stacey is charged with murder.
22 Feb. 1967
An old and successful friend and his daughter from Chicago visit the Graingers. John is surprised when he learns they want to stay in the area. The high society daughter falls in love with Trampas who doesn't know about her secret illness.
1 Mar. 1967
Doctor Pat
Dr. Spaulding decides to hire another doctor to help share the load but he is unsure whether the attractive female doctor he is sent will work out. The Virginian takes a strong interest in her and her problems as she tries to adapt.
8 Mar. 1967
Nightmare at Fort Killman
Stacey is shanghaied in Medicine Bow to take the place of a cavalry recruit. An inept officer allows two sergeants to keep up the facade that Stacey is a recruit while putting him through inhumane conditions to keep him quiet.
15 Mar. 1967
Bitter Harvest
The Virginian travels to Winton to buys oats for Shiloh. He finds himself in the middle of a fight between the farmers and ranchers with the owner of the oats at the core of the fight with a rancher who is a close friend of John Grainger.
22 Mar. 1967
A Welcoming Town
Trampas goes to visit Ida Martin and son Joe who he lived with as a child. Having not seen them in a few years he finds their place deserted. When he learns Joe was killed by a posse, he can't believe the reason given for his death.
29 Mar. 1967
The Girl on the Pinto
Trampas tries to make friends with a beautiful girl he spots riding a pinto but she avoids him. Once he learns who she is, he asks her to a dance but her and her family are hesitant. Eventually she agrees to go but old issues haunt her.
5 Apr. 1967
Lady of the House
John Grainger asks an old friend from Maryland to come to Shiloh to take the rough edges off his grandkids. She does as he asks quite well but is less than popular with the kids and The Virginian. Unknown to them, she has a secret plan.
12 Apr. 1967
The Strange Quest of Claire Bingham
A nurse comes to Medicine Bow so see if an outlaw Ryker captured might be her brother as they were both orphaned at an early age. When he escapes and is shot, he uses her feelings to get help as Ryker who is attracted to her pursues him.
13 Sep. 1967
The Reckoning
The Virginian, John and Elizabeth goes to Texas where The Virginian is seen by members of a gang whose leader thinks The Virginian is responsible for the death of his brother seven years earlier. Elizabeth is kidnapped to trap him.
20 Sep. 1967
The Deadly Past
After receiving the third letter with his name on a list of people being killed, Trampas decides to learn who is after him. He meets a gunfighter who is on the list. Together they are trying to solve the mystery which involves his ex=wife.
27 Sep. 1967
The Lady from Wichita
The owner of a ranch next to Shiloh dies leaving his entire estate to a woman who runs a saloon in Wichita. Her and her partner go to Medicine Bow expecting to sell the ranch but she decides to stay on the ranch despite their background.
4 Oct. 1967
Star Crossed
An old friend of Ryker's settles on a ranch with a new wife and stepson under a new name due to being wanted. Ryker helps him but loses his job when the man confesses to killing a Shiloh hand who was blackmailing him due to his past.
11 Oct. 1967
Johnny Moon
The Virginian rescues a man who has been shot. As he recovers at Shiloh he and the Grainger kids realize the man is a bit different as well as being from England. A private detective looking for him provides a clue to his background.
18 Oct. 1967
The Masquerade
Bank teller George Foster has told his ex-lawman dad he is a sheriff to make him proud. When his father is to stop by for a two hour visit, Ryker and The Virginian decide to make him Sheriff but they didn't expect the visit to be extended.
25 Oct. 1967
Ah Sing vs. Wyoming
The Grainger Chinese cook Ah Sing wants to open a restaurant in Medicine Bow in preparation for the arrival of a new wife. However, the Justice of Peace refuses to issue him a license because he is Chinese leading a high level fight.
1 Nov. 1967
Bitter Autumn
Clay and Holly Grainger take over for John as a herd from Texas is brought in by Kyle Jackson and his brothers. However, things turn tragic when Trampas discovers the herd is sick and a brother accidentally kills the wife of an ex-lawman.
8 Nov. 1967
A Bad Place to Die
Trampas is sentenced to hang for a murder he didn't commit. The Virginian and Stacey try to find new evidence while Clay Grainger and the attorney try for a new trial. Meanwhile, a desperate Trampas escapes prison with his cell mate.
22 Nov. 1967
Paid in Full
Frank returns from prison to find his father crippled after saving Trampas and working at a low level job for Clay Grainger. Frank accepts a job but his attitude toward Trampas and Grainger push him toward getting revenge via rustling.
29 Nov. 1967
To Bear Witness
Drunk, disliked Walter Verig is found murdered by Trampas who sees Doc Baldwin ride away from the body in his buggy. Trampas is first suspected due to a bloody hand but suspicion soon falls on Baldwin. Trampas tries to prove his innocence.
6 Dec. 1967
The Barren Ground
The Virginian returns a man he killed to his crippled father. After helping bury the body, the man has a heart attack. He asks The Virginian to try to bring his daughter back from the Shoshone to inherit his farm - with The Virginian.
13 Dec. 1967
Execution at Triste
Trampas and two hands deliver cattle to a remote Army outpost. Trampas runs into an old friend who is a gunfighter in a nearby town where Trampas must pick up the payment. However, his friend has his eye on killing Trampas for no reason.
20 Dec. 1967
A Small Taste of Justice
Returning to Shiloh, The Virginian has his horse and gun stolen by a man and his hands who have the local town cowered. He meets an old friend in the town who helps convince him to help arrest them after her daughter is injured by them.
27 Dec. 1967
The Fortress
The Virginian takes a herd to a town on the border with Canada but the bank is robbed making his bank draft worthless. He tracks the robbers into Canada to recover the $100,000 but they work for the buyer of the beef at his empire.
17 Jan. 1967
With Help from Ulysses
Trampas is sent on a trip followed by a couple days to visit a female friend. On the way he is asked by a dying prospector to find his niece who can only be found by birthmark on her leg. The result is trouble with his female friend.

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