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5 Jan. 1966
Nobody Said Hello
A notorious Civil War criminal defended by Garth arrives in Medicine Bow to join his family. He expects payment from Garth who he believes profited from his case but Garth wants nothing to do with the man but Jennifer befriends the family.
12 Jan. 1966
Men with Guns
Trampas and Randy are sent to pickup horses from a rich man illegally evicting people from their property who don't believe in fighting back. Trampas stays as he takes an interest in the leader's daughter who doesn't agree with her father.
19 Jan. 1966
Long Ride to Wind River
The Virginian's friend Benjy is convicted of a murder he swears he didn't commit. A mountain man may be able to clear him but a search doesn't find him. The Virginian decides to follow some clues putting himself and the witness in danger.
26 Jan. 1966
Chaff in the Wind
A man and his two adult kids broke and hungry end up at Shiloh when their wagon breaks down. They are grifters but the old man decides to stay at Shiloh. The kids soon like it but don't feel they fit in not knowing their dad is scheming.
2 Feb. 1966
The Inchworm's Got No Wings at All
Jennifer learns by accident a hand has a learning challenged sister who is near adulthood but hidden from society. She convinces the parents to let her help the girl but the girl's involvement with a bank robber complicates the problem.
9 Feb. 1966
Morgan Starr
Morgan Starr takes over for Judge Garth running Shiloh. His hardnosed demeanor doesn't sit well with anyone on or off the ranch. His introduction is made harder by a locust plague when Starr decides to stay and fight them rather than move the cattle.
16 Feb. 1966
Harvest of Strangers
As Ryker leaves town for a few days, a group of men known as Metis arrive in Medicine Bow. They are a rough group but want no trouble. However, the people are afraid of trouble which comes as Starr tries to stop it - from themselves.
23 Feb. 1966
Ride a Cock-Horse to Laramie Cross
Trampas becomes knight errant when he takes on two children trying to reach their mother in Laramie. They are being chased by a group of outlaws who want to return them to Mexico. A woman he adds on the way makes it feel like a family.
2 Mar. 1966
One Spring Like Long Ago
Morgan Starr and Randy Benton travel to sell a herd of cattle to an Indian agent to feed the Dakota, but find themselves on a journey of loss and finding, resulting in a change for many lives but especially for Randy.
9 Mar. 1966
The Return of Golden Tom
After 35 years in prison Tom Brant returns to Medicine Bow. A newspaper reporter's story about him stirs the interest of people who had various connections to him. People swarm to him for different reasons including the money he hid.
23 Mar. 1966
The Wolves Up Front, the Jackals Behind
Randy goes to Montana to pick up a mare and see his childhood friend Georgie Sam with whom he plans to start a horse ranch. Randy is introduced to a rancher's daughter who he falls in love with but her family is suddenly in a crisis.
30 Mar. 1966
That Saunders Woman
The Virginian attempt to recover money Shiloh spent on diseased cattle becomes embroiled in a blackmail attempt and finally murder. A pretty woman is involved who was just released from prison for murder and is the talk of Medicine Bow.
6 Apr. 1966
No Drums, No Trumpets
Starr with Trampas agrees to go to Mexico to check the security of a town where A US Senator and a Mexican Governor plan to sign a treat. All looks okay so Trampas leaves but Starr soon finds he is in the middle of an assassination plot.
13 Apr. 1966
A Bald-Faced Boy
Randy's family visits from the hills of Bald Knob to protect him from a Claiborne who has been released from prison. Randy's testimony helped send him to prison. His daughter a childhood friend of Randy complicates his desire for revenge.
20 Apr. 1966
The Mark of a Man
The Virginian takes responsibility for a young man he injured when the man vandalized Medicine Bow. The man is intelligent but from a poor background. His girlfriend's wealthy father wants him gone to protect his daughter who is in love.
14 Sep. 1966
Legacy of Hate
The new owner of Shiloh quickly finds his hotheaded grandson accused of cattle rustling. He learns his neighbor is the widow of a friend who died with him. The sullied family name reduces their finance options putting Shiloh in jeopardy.
21 Sep. 1966
Ride to Delphi
The Virginian counted 50 cows that were delivered to Grainger but the next morning five of them are missing. The Virginian feeling responsible tracks the stolen cattle down but finds himself arrested on murder charges and can't explain it.
28 Sep. 1966
The Captive
A white girl is caught with her adoptive Arapaho parents stealing Shiloh cattle. She stays at Shiloh while the authorities try to find her white parents. She wants to return to the Arapaho but is forced to learn to live in the white world.
5 Oct. 1966
An Echo of Thunder
After helping deliver a herd of horses, Trampas decides to take a few days to visit an old friend nearby but he arrives in time for his friend's funeral. He is bothered by the circumstances of his death, so he decides to investigate.
12 Oct. 1966
Jacob Was a Plain Man
Jake who can't hear or speak runs after he accidentally kills a man in a bar. He lands at Shiloh where his hard work results in a job. Stacey seeing Jake can't express himself decides to teach him to read and write but puts him in danger.
19 Oct. 1966
The Challenge
After a stagecoach holdup and accident, Trampas stumbles into a farm with a concussion and amnesia. The farmer and his two kids tend to Trampas but the white handled gun he is carrying puts him into danger from the law and the outlaws.
26 Oct. 1966
The Outcast
A man wanted for murder and robbery escapes jail and ends up in Medicine Bow where he befriends Stacey in a fight. He goes to work at Shiloh as a ranch hand and Elizabeth takes an interest in him. However, Stacey is less certain about him.
2 Nov. 1966
Trail to Ashley Mountain
Trampas leads a two man posse to capture the brother-in-law of a friend in jail who is innocent when the Sheriff is injured. They encounter others who hinder their progress and an unhappy couple. But the big problem is Trampas' partner.
9 Nov. 1966
Dead-Eye Dick
A woman visits her sister in Medicine Bow bringing her teenage daughter who is enamored with a Dead Eye Dick western novel. She develops a crush on The Virginian after he settles her horse aggravating a teenage boy she meets who likes her.
16 Nov. 1966
High Stakes
When a friend of The Virginian is killed and the posse won't follow the killer out of the county, The Virginian goes alone. He tracks the killer and a woman involved to a remote outlaw controlled town but can he get them back to the law?
23 Nov. 1966
Beloved Outlaw
A wild white stallion draws the attention of Elizabeth who convinces her grandfather to buy it. Against his wishes, she tames and breaks the stallion when Trampas is unable to. Her and the stallion become inseparable but a problem occurs.
30 Nov. 1966
Upon returning from Texas The Virginian finds himself in the middle of express line holdup. On the stagecoach he meets a beautiful woman who ultimately confides in him that she is a courier carrying a package - possibly illegal.
14 Dec. 1966
The Long Way Home
Jim Boyer Sr. returns to his wife and son living in Medicine Bow and takes a job at Shiloh. Boyer is a very capable but ignores detail in his work as he tries to earn the foreman job at another ranch Grainger is hoping to purchase.
28 Dec. 1966
Girl on the Glass Mountain
Howie is leaving his free life on the range to marry the beautiful Donna whose father is a leading businessman. Once married, they move into a new saddle shop Howie starts. He finds the life confining and gambles away the payment on it.
1 Feb. 1966
The Modoc Kid
After holding up the bank, Dell Stetler and his partner hold the Graingers hostage at Shiloh to help their wounded comrade. John is forced to bring the doctor to Shiloh to tend to the man as he and Stacey plot a way to free themselves.

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