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Season 6

13 Sep. 1967
The Reckoning
The Virginian, John and Elizabeth goes to Texas where The Virginian is seen by members of a gang whose leader thinks The Virginian is responsible for the death of his brother seven years earlier. Elizabeth is kidnapped to trap him.
20 Sep. 1967
The Deadly Past
After receiving the third letter with his name on a list of people being killed, Trampas decides to learn who is after him. He meets a gunfighter who is on the list. Together they are trying to solve the mystery which involves his ex=wife.
27 Sep. 1967
The Lady from Wichita
The owner of a ranch next to Shiloh dies leaving his entire estate to a woman who runs a saloon in Wichita. Her and her partner go to Medicine Bow expecting to sell the ranch but she decides to stay on the ranch despite their background.
4 Oct. 1967
Star Crossed
An old friend of Ryker's settles on a ranch with a new wife and stepson under a new name due to being wanted. Ryker helps him but loses his job when the man confesses to killing a Shiloh hand who was blackmailing him due to his past.
11 Oct. 1967
Johnny Moon
The Virginian rescues a man who has been shot. As he recovers at Shiloh he and the Grainger kids realize the man is a bit different as well as being from England. A private detective looking for him provides a clue to his background.
18 Oct. 1967
The Masquerade
Bank teller George Foster has told his ex-lawman dad he is a sheriff to make him proud. When his father is to stop by for a two hour visit, Ryker and The Virginian decide to make him Sheriff but they didn't expect the visit to be extended.
25 Oct. 1967
Ah Sing vs. Wyoming
The Grainger Chinese cook Ah Sing wants to open a restaurant in Medicine Bow in preparation for the arrival of a new wife. However, the Justice of Peace refuses to issue him a license because he is Chinese leading a high level fight.
1 Nov. 1967
Bitter Autumn
Clay and Holly Grainger take over for John as a herd from Texas is brought in by Kyle Jackson and his brothers. However, things turn tragic when Trampas discovers the herd is sick and a brother accidentally kills the wife of an ex-lawman.
8 Nov. 1967
A Bad Place to Die
Trampas is sentenced to hang for a murder he didn't commit. The Virginian and Stacey try to find new evidence while Clay Grainger and the attorney try for a new trial. Meanwhile, a desperate Trampas escapes prison with his cell mate.
22 Nov. 1967
Paid in Full
Frank returns from prison to find his father crippled after saving Trampas and working at a low level job for Clay Grainger. Frank accepts a job but his attitude toward Trampas and Grainger push him toward getting revenge via rustling.
29 Nov. 1967
To Bear Witness
Drunk, disliked Walter Verig is found murdered by Trampas who sees Doc Baldwin ride away from the body in his buggy. Trampas is first suspected due to a bloody hand but suspicion soon falls on Baldwin. Trampas tries to prove his innocence.
6 Dec. 1967
The Barren Ground
The Virginian returns a man he killed to his crippled father. After helping bury the body, the man has a heart attack. He asks The Virginian to try to bring his daughter back from the Shoshone to inherit his farm - with The Virginian.
13 Dec. 1967
Execution at Triste
Trampas and two hands deliver cattle to a remote Army outpost. Trampas runs into an old friend who is a gunfighter in a nearby town where Trampas must pick up the payment. However, his friend has his eye on killing Trampas for no reason.
20 Dec. 1967
A Small Taste of Justice
Returning to Shiloh, The Virginian has his horse and gun stolen by a man and his hands who have the local town cowered. He meets an old friend in the town who helps convince him to help arrest them after her daughter is injured by them.
27 Dec. 1967
The Fortress
The Virginian takes a herd to a town on the border with Canada but the bank is robbed making his bank draft worthless. He tracks the robbers into Canada to recover the $100,000 but they work for the buyer of the beef at his empire.
3 Jan. 1968
The Death Wagon
First Trampas and then Holly and Elizabeth encounter a military prison wagon crossing Shiloh land carrying a prisoner who appears to have scarlet fever. When he escapes, they are worried who may be infected with the disease.
10 Jan. 1968
Clay tries to prevent a range war between the ranchers and homesteaders who are blocking their path to market. A hothead rancher hires a gunfighter on the sly who happens to be an old friend of Trampas who falls for a homesteader.
17 Jan. 1967
With Help from Ulysses
Trampas is sent on a trip followed by a couple days to visit a female friend. On the way he is asked by a dying prospector to find his niece who can only be found by birthmark on her leg. The result is trouble with his female friend.
24 Jan. 1968
The Gentle Tamers
Clay decides to take on three convicts on parole to test whether they can be rehabilitated at the urging of a prison warden. The three get off to a rocky start as they are obvious misfits with no experience and one has a bad attitude.
7 Feb. 1968
The Good-Hearted Badman
Elizabeth finds a man shot in the shoulder. Her and Clay return him to Shiloh but the hands are gone. The two plus Holly help the man recover but a bounty hunter arrives looking for his quarry as Elizabeth only sees the good in him.
14 Feb. 1968
The Hell Wind
Trampas, Stacey and Elizabeth are caught in a sandstorm while returning to Shiloh with a bull. They take refuge in an abandoned homestead where several guests arrive after them with one thing in common - connections to a robbed bank.
21 Feb. 1968
The Crooked Path
Kiley Cheever tired of his dad's treatment heads to Medicine Bow to find his childhood friend Trampas and a job. Kiley's tendency to make up stories and prove his manhood gets him into trouble with everyone but a female visitor to Shiloh.
28 Feb. 1968
Stacey breaks his arm and injures a nerve in his shoulder during an accident with a girl friend. When his recovery is questionable, she abandons him due to family induced emotional constraints, putting Stacey into a deeper depression.
6 Mar. 1968
The Handy Man
A legal fight over a strip of land between Shiloh and the Bowden ranch turns nasty. The fight over cools when the Bowdens mistakenly believe Shiloh has hired a gunfighter but turns serious when they learn he is just a simply handy man.
13 Mar. 1968
The Decision
Sheriff Dan Porter leaves his job in Mason City to follow his wife Emily to Medicine Bow as she can't handle the pressure of his job. He signs on at Shiloh to learn ranching so he can start a ranch and new life with his wife.
20 Mar. 1968
While hunting a cougar, Trampas catches a sick and starving boy stealing his grub. The boy won't say anything other than his name is Seth. He helps Trampas and returns to Shiloh where he stays until they track down his shady uncle.

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