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Season 4

15 Sep. 1965
The Brothers
Ryker must track down a close friend and his family after the man killed an Army guard while breaking his brother out of the stockade before being shot for dereliction. After they fight off Indians, the man is forced to face the law.
22 Sep. 1965
Day of the Scorpion
The Virginian accidentally kills the son of an Australian sheep rancher who has little time and love for his family. His daughter is in the middle between The Virginian who she loves and her father who barely notices her.
29 Sep. 1965
A Little Learning
Rafe Simmons wants to learn to read so he can read his mother's diary. He quits Shiloh to move to Medicine Bow to learn from the attractive Martha Perry. However, the big man is caught in a tangle with town bullies and her ex-con husband.
6 Oct. 1965
The Claim
In a mid life crisis Trampas decides to quit Shiloh when his vagabond friend arrives in Medicine Bow. The two head for Deadwood and excitement where a prospector takes them but his claim is on Indian land which is illegal and dangerous.
13 Oct. 1965
The Awakening
Betsy meets the broke minister David Henderson who is roaming the west looking for a calling after a turbulent history. He becomes involved with helping local miners fighting the mine management as well as Betsy who has found her calling.
27 Oct. 1965
Ring of Silence
Ryker is on a stage that is stopped by a group of Mexicans who are after one of the passengers for killing one of their women. The leader knows Ryker who is proposing they let the law settle the issue but the Mexicans want justice - now.
3 Nov. 1965
Judge Garth's niece Jennifer comes to live with him at Shiloh after her parents are killed in an accident. However, she is uncomfortable with her uncle who disapproved of her father. A young man she met seems to help but he has a past.
10 Nov. 1965
Nobility of Kings
Ben Justin takes over a ranch next to Shiloh. He has had a string of bad luck including the death of his first wife. His son wants to help him but Ben keeps him and his wife Mary at arms length out of fear they will see the real Ben.
17 Nov. 1965
Show Me a Hero
While returning to Shiloh Trampas injures his horse saving a man with a runaway team. He is forced to stay a few days in a small town with the man as an old friend arrives to force the town to sign over its gambling rights to him.
24 Nov. 1965
Beyond the Border
On a trip to Mexico with Trampas to pick up six palominos The Virginian becomes sick. He forced to stay at a lonely saloon and inn tended by the girl friend of a local outlaw. As he recovers she decides she would prefer life with him.
1 Dec. 1965
The Dream of Stavros Karas
Widower Stavros Karas has agreed with a friend in Greece to marry his daughter. He told his friend he had a nice place but in reality he has little and needs water from his neighbor whose son falls for his young and beautiful bride.
8 Dec. 1965
The Laramie Road
Two tramps kill the wife of Ev Clinchy provoking the ire of Ev and his friend Hezekiah who want to lynch them. The sheriff keeps them at bay but when he is killed it is up to Ryker to protect the men against his close friends for trial.
15 Dec. 1965
The Horse Fighter
A renown bronc buster is hired to break a group of rough mustangs at Shiloh. He picks Randy who is green to help him and Randy comes to idolize him as they break a black stallion. However, unknown to Randy there is a dark side to man.
22 Dec. 1965
Letter of the Law
A dying man clears a man sent to prison but the Governor and the railroad still believe he is guilty. He is paroled but still hounded by a railroad agent. When he is suspected of a second robbery, Ryker is not sure all is as it
29 Dec. 1965
Blaze of Glory
A respected but retired Medicine Bow lawman is trying to make a living for him and his daughter on a farm but the bank is about to foreclose. A man involved in robbing a gold shipment offers him gold for hiding him out.
5 Jan. 1966
Nobody Said Hello
A notorious Civil War criminal defended by Garth arrives in Medicine Bow to join his family. He expects payment from Garth who he believes profited from his case but Garth wants nothing to do with the man but Jennifer befriends the family.
12 Jan. 1966
Men with Guns
Trampas and Randy are sent to pickup horses from a rich man illegally evicting people from their property who don't believe in fighting back. Trampas stays as he takes an interest in the leader's daughter who doesn't agree with her father.
19 Jan. 1966
Long Ride to Wind River
The Virginian's friend Benjy is convicted of a murder he swears he didn't commit. A mountain man may be able to clear him but a search doesn't find him. The Virginian decides to follow some clues putting himself and the witness in danger.
26 Jan. 1966
Chaff in the Wind
A man and his two adult kids broke and hungry end up at Shiloh when their wagon breaks down. They are grifters but the old man decides to stay at Shiloh. The kids soon like it but don't feel they fit in not knowing their dad is scheming.
2 Feb. 1966
The Inchworm's Got No Wings at All
Jennifer learns by accident a hand has a learning challenged sister who is near adulthood but hidden from society. She convinces the parents to let her help the girl but the girl's involvement with a bank robber complicates the problem.
9 Feb. 1966
Morgan Starr
Morgan Starr takes over for Judge Garth running Shiloh. His hardnosed demeanor doesn't sit well with anyone on or off the ranch. His introduction is made harder by a locust plague when Starr decides to stay and fight them rather than move the cattle.
16 Feb. 1966
Harvest of Strangers
As Ryker leaves town for a few days, a group of men known as Metis arrive in Medicine Bow. They are a rough group but want no trouble. However, the people are afraid of trouble which comes as Starr tries to stop it - from themselves.
23 Feb. 1966
Ride a Cock-Horse to Laramie Cross
Trampas becomes knight errant when he takes on two children trying to reach their mother in Laramie. They are being chased by a group of outlaws who want to return them to Mexico. A woman he adds on the way makes it feel like a family.
2 Mar. 1966
One Spring Like Long Ago
Morgan Starr and Randy Benton travel to sell a herd of cattle to an Indian agent to feed the Dakota, but find themselves on a journey of loss and finding, resulting in a change for many lives but especially for Randy.
9 Mar. 1966
The Return of Golden Tom
After 35 years in prison Tom Brant returns to Medicine Bow. A newspaper reporter's story about him stirs the interest of people who had various connections to him. People swarm to him for different reasons including the money he hid.
23 Mar. 1966
The Wolves Up Front, the Jackals Behind
Randy goes to Montana to pick up a mare and see his childhood friend Georgie Sam with whom he plans to start a horse ranch. Randy is introduced to a rancher's daughter who he falls in love with but her family is suddenly in a crisis.
30 Mar. 1966
That Saunders Woman
The Virginian attempt to recover money Shiloh spent on diseased cattle becomes embroiled in a blackmail attempt and finally murder. A pretty woman is involved who was just released from prison for murder and is the talk of Medicine Bow.
6 Apr. 1966
No Drums, No Trumpets
Starr with Trampas agrees to go to Mexico to check the security of a town where A US Senator and a Mexican Governor plan to sign a treat. All looks okay so Trampas leaves but Starr soon finds he is in the middle of an assassination plot.
13 Apr. 1966
A Bald-Faced Boy
Randy's family visits from the hills of Bald Knob to protect him from a Claiborne who has been released from prison. Randy's testimony helped send him to prison. His daughter a childhood friend of Randy complicates his desire for revenge.
20 Apr. 1966
The Mark of a Man
The Virginian takes responsibility for a young man he injured when the man vandalized Medicine Bow. The man is intelligent but from a poor background. His girlfriend's wealthy father wants him gone to protect his daughter who is in love.

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