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I liked this show!
dhines57031 April 2002
I liked this show as a kid !! I thought that Craig Stevens as Michael Strait was one of the coolest guys on T.V. I must admit that I was still crazy about " Peter Gunn " and was upset that it was cancelled. "Man of The World" was a bit more sophisticated than " Peter Gunn " and the locations added a bit of international intrigue. The premise of Stevens playing a photo-journalist globe-trotting all over the world was somewhat of a novelty in 1962. The closest show in comparison at that time was " The Saint ". " Man of The World " did not have a huge audience and was canceled after one season. Mr. Stevens' next series was " Mr. Broadway " and that didn't even last one season! Too bad in both cases. Craig Stevens had an air of sophistication that showed on screen and his work in all of his t.v. series will forever be appreciated by me.
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Mr Sophistication
mlangley222 October 2017
Craig Stevens was never used to his maximum potential in TV and in the movies. He was without doubt the "Gary Grant of TV" .Good looking and sophisticated with easy charm. He was in the Gene Barry mould.

If some bright spark producer could have come up with a decent series for him it could have run for years. Instead of this, he was once "Peter Gunn" has finished its run, just a jobbing actor appearing as a guest star in many forgettable TV series although his British series "Man of the World" was cut short by an actors strike here in the UK where it was made. "Man of the World" had the potential to be that long running series but for one reason or another it was cancelled. I think it was ahead of its time and if it had been made say 10 years later it may well have been a success. If you get a chance to see "Man of the World" then take it I do not think you will be disappointed.
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