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11 May 1963
The Bandit
When Mike tries to get an interview with a tempestuous Italian film star he finds she has been kidnapped by a Sicilian bandit with an odd sense of humour.
18 May 1963
The Enemy
Mike is assigned to discover the hiding place of a fashionable Italian doctor who, having rejected 'civilisation', has gone to work in the African jungle. The man was secretly on a new virus, and Mike must confirm if it exists.
25 May 1963
Double Exposure
Mike plays chauffeur to an eccentric old lady on her holidays in order to investigate whether a military leader behind the Iron Curtain is actually dead and now being impersonated by somebody else.
1 Jun. 1963
Jungle Mission
While gathering material for a report on a rebel leader in the Amazon, Strait encounters an order of nuns who wish to establish a mission in the jungle - but someone is out to stop them. Mike takes an interest in their affairs.
8 Jun. 1963
In the Picture
Although he doesn't realise it, a picture taken by Mike reveals the secret of a plot to assassinate a European president. But the group behind the murder plot are aware of the photograph's existence - and order the photographer's death.
15 Jun. 1963
The Bullfighter
In Spain on a 'simple' assignment, Strait finds an air of mystery surrounding his 'model' - a bullfighter. It appears that someone is prepared to go to any lengths to stop the man becoming a success.
22 Jun. 1963
The Prince
In order to avert a rebellion. Mike helps to establish the true identity of a young boy who had been kidnapped years earlier and who claims he is the rightful heir to the throne. But is the boy really a prince?

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