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29 Sep. 1962
Death of a Conference
In the final phases of the Algerian war, Strait is caught between the French generals and the Algerian revolutionaries as peace negotiations grow ever more dangerous and complicated.
6 Oct. 1962
Masquerade in Spain
In Spain, Strait is asked to do a photo shoot on a beautiful heiress, but unwittingly takes her to her kidnapping- one that she's in on.
13 Oct. 1962
Blaze of Glory
When Strait meets an ace racing driver whose eyesight is failing, he sees the opportunity to help a young man achieve his aim of driving in top racing rally - but another man is interested in driver for different reasons.
20 Oct. 1962
The Runaways
An easily impressed American heiress runs off with a strange man who rescued her from a gang of thugs in the French Riviera. Strait is asked to take pictures of the couple while they're in hiding before they marry, an exclusive for a Paris paper, but something doesn't add up about the would-be groom.
27 Oct. 1962
The Frontier
In India, an undefended, remote town is at risk of a takeover when red Chinese soldiers start arriving. Strait's story assignment, and only hope for the inhabitants, is a lady bacteriologist sent by the Indian government.
3 Nov. 1962
The Sentimental Agent
In Havana, strait is arrested by the government for taking unauthorized photos. Maggie finds help in the form of Berella, a shady Argentinian import/exporter who has connections with corrupt officials of the new regime.
10 Nov. 1962
Highland Story
Assigned to report on the Scottish highland clan system. Strait finds the residents of a Scottish village less than friendly when he enquiries about 'sacred' highland traditions.
17 Nov. 1962
Nature of Justice
Professor O'Connor claims to have discovered an engraved stone tablet which provides a link to an early civilisation. Assigned to cover the story for a science magazine, Mike finds that all is not as it first appears.
24 Nov. 1962
The Mindreader
Stait is asked to do some publicity for a girl who seems to be a genuine clairvoyant, who reluctantly passes all tests of her abilities- yet she may not be what she seems.
1 Dec. 1962
Portrait of a Girl
Mike's close up of old masters in the art world reveals fakes with a familiar face involved.
8 Dec. 1962
Specialist for the Kill
A casual assignment in Berlin photograph the latest fashions for his magazine turns into a nightmare for Mike Strait when he uncovers a plot to assassinate a visiting industrialist.
15 Dec. 1962
A Family Affair
A bomb goes off in a Paris salon, just as Mike is photographing the models.
22 Feb. 1962
Shadow of the Wall
In West Berlin, Strait stays with a German friend from the war and his young English wife. American occupation forces believe the friend is passing allied secrets to the communists, and endeavor to recruit Strait's help.

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