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Annie Girardot: Nadia



  • Nadia : The whole world's a one-way street.

  • Nadia : What can I do?

    Rocco Parondi : Have faith and have no fear. Great faith.

    Nadia : Faith in what?

    Rocco Parondi : I don't know - in everything.

    Nadia : In you?

    Rocco Parondi : Yes. In me too.

  • Nadia : You helped me to understand the life I led was horrible. I learned to love you. And now, because of the brutality of a louse, who humiliated me in front of you to bring us to his level, all of the sudden nothing is the same. What was beautiful and right has become wrong.

  • Nadia : The same stupid story, you know, a girl's honor, etc. That's all they care about. What's a poor girl to do, just vanish?

    Vincenzo Parondi : No.

    Nadia : Just imagine if all the girls like me vanished? Can you imagine?

    Vincenzo Parondi : Yeah, there'd only be us men left.

  • Nadia : Burly boys like you can get anything you like if you try hard enough.

  • Nadia : If I'm not mistaken, you box like I put out. No? For money.

    Simone Parondi : No, I box with passion.

    Nadia : With feeling? Yeah, well, I work with passion too!

  • Nadia : Recognize this?

    [Rocco opens up the handkerchief and see's his boss' brooch] 

    Nadia : Simone says he bought it, I say he stole it. And I don't care who from. I've got enough of my own troubles, I can't take risks. Understand?

    Rocco Parondi : No.

    Nadia : You don't understand? Great.

    Rocco Parondi : Why steal?

    Nadia : To be able to sleep with me. Guess I'm worth it. You don't believe it?

  • Nadia : Time flies when every day's the same. Wouldn't seem so, but it's true.

  • Nadia : Then it's all useless. I don't believe in anything. If you keep on like this, I'll jump. I'll kill myself!

  • Nadia : I don't want to die!

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