Rocco and His Brothers (1960) Poster

Max Cartier: Ciro Parondi


  • Ciro Parondi : Brothers or not, we're seeds taken from the same sack meant to bear fruit. A seed gone bad must be weeded out. Just like when we cleaned lentils.

  • Ciro Parondi : Are you okay, Rocco?

    Rocco Parondi : Winning came easy, Ciro, because I wasn't fighting him, I was fighting someone who aroused hatred in me, this hatred that's been lurking inside without my knowing. It's a bad feeling. You can't imagine how bad.

    Ciro Parondi : How's that possible, Rocco? There's nothing bad in you. Come on, Rocco, cheer up! You're a champ. A real champion!

  • Ciro Parondi : Rest now. We'll settle everything tomorrow.

    Rosaria Parondi : Tomorrow? Tomorrow? There is no tomorrow.

  • Rosaria Parondi : Ciro, my dear son, tell me: is it my fault these tragedies are happening? I brought my strong, handsome sons here to better themselves and not toil a thankless land like their father who died a thousand times!

    Ciro Parondi : You did well!

    Rosaria Parondi : Your father couldn't bring himself to leave the land. But during the 25 years we spent together I thought of nothing but leaving, leaving, leaving, leaving. I wanted it for Vincenzo, Simone, Rocco and for you. Nothing seemed beautiful there. That world was so small. Here I feel as if I could touch the sky. People on the street called me "Signora", imagine. Me, "Signora", here in this big city. Thanks to my wonderful boys. But now, everything's gone wrong.

  • Rocco Parondi : If only we had never left home. But it is our destiny, yours and mine and Simone's.

    Ciro Parondi : Imagine all the misery had we remained there.

    Rocco Parondi : But we'd still be close.

  • Luca Parondi : If Rocco goes back to our town, I want to go with him.

    Ciro Parondi : I doubt he'll see our hometown again. You might, some day. But what do you think you'll find there? Things will change there too. Even there, they realize that things must change. Many have little faith in a changed world, but I do.

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