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Terence Longdon: Drusus



  • 1st Jailer : [looking in records]  Miriam, wife... Tirzah, daughter.

    Drusus : Yes, they're the ones. Are they alive?

    1st Jailer : [examining the records, he is pessimistic]  East section... lower level. Cell two. The jailer in that wing will know.

    [Drusus is led down various passages into the lower dungeons] 

    Drusus : How long since you've seen them?

    2nd Jailer : Never - and I've been here three years. But they're alive, all right.

    2nd Jailer : [after demonstrating a slot in the bottom of the cell door]  The food disappears.

  • Servant : [Presenting a gift]  For the Tribune. With the compliments of Quintus Arrius. He awaits your pleasure.

    Messala : The consul here?

    Servant : It is Quintus Arrius the Younger, tribune.

    Messala : Thank him. Bring him to me.

    Drusus : I didn't know the consul had a son.

    Messala : I've heard of the young Arrius. He's a champion of the great circus. Why is he here presenting me with gifts?

    Drusus : Perhaps he will race against you in the games.

    Messala : [opens the box and takes out a dagger]  Look.

    Drusus : It's magnificent.

    Messala : And from a man I've never met!

    Judah Ben-Hur : [enters]  You're wrong, Messala.

  • Judah Ben-Hur : What has become of my mother and my sister?

    Messala : It is not my duty to keep track of prisoners.

    Judah Ben-Hur : Find them, Messala. Restore them to me and I will forget what I vowed with every stroke of that oar you chained me to.

    Messala : I am not the governor of Judea. I can do nothing without Gratus' approval.

    Judah Ben-Hur : Then get it! I will come back tomorrow. Don't disappoint me, Messala.

    [he leaves] 

    Messala : What became of them?

    Drusus : It's been almost five years. Do you suppose they're still alive?

    Messala : Go to the citadel, Drusus. Find out.

    Drusus : And if they're dead?

    Messala : They're dead!

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