(1959– )

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Season 1

Blood Donor
A young girl falls down a disused mine shaft, needing blood the only one who has her rare blood group is a convict who refuses to give it.
Flying over the desert, the doctor spots a man lying unconscious, so he's brought back to the hospital where they realise the stranger is suffering from the plague. He soon dies, and a fragment of English oak is their clue to where he contracted it.
A Stranger in Distress
A man rescued from a forest fire is discovered having a pocket full of newspaper cuttings about forest fires.
The Prisoner
A farmer's daughter returns home after being missing a month.She is distressed and has a tale of abduction, but she is also wearing a new dress.
The Choice
Lucy Dodds faces a difficult birth,but because of her religion she insists the baby's life is saved before hers if anything goes wrong.

 Season 1 

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