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5 Jan. 1961
Tempest at Tioga Pass
When a old miner refuses to allow a road to be built through a high mountain pass he owns, the California Governor asks Bat to intervene. Bat finds the holdout to be an old friend Soda Smith and all is not as the Governor thought.
11 Jan. 1961
The Court Martial of Major Mars
The stagecoach in which Bat Masterson, Major Mars and pretty Lottie Tremaine are traveling is waylaid by a vengeful gang led by an Indian whose family was slain when the Major's men wiped out a village. Bat is forced to defend the Major.
19 Jan. 1961
The Price of Paradise
Pat arrives in Paradise, Colorado to collect a gambling debt from a crooked casino owner who doesn't like to pay his debts. He also doesn't like to pay his taxes - until Bat accepts an appointment as the new county tax assessor.
26 Jan. 1961
End of the Line
Bat's lucrative contract to build a railroad in Colorado is in jeopardy. His crew is menaced by natural disasters and then wagon loads of equipment are lost. Just when things it seems things can't get worse, Bat is arrested for murder.
2 Feb. 1961
The Prescott Campaign
Bat's old friend from Dodge City, Marshal Ben Holt, asks him to help fight a scheme plotted by the power-grabbing land baron General Silas Guild. When he arrives, Bat isn't sure that the Marshal is on the side of law and order.
16 Feb. 1961
Bullwhacker's Bounty
Bat's plan to journey to Cheyenne for a big poker game are disrupted when the cavalry escort for a vital load of gunpowder is wiped out and the only men available to drive the wagons to the supply starved Fort Stewart appear unreliable.
23 Feb. 1961
A Lesson in Violence
In response to an urgent telegram offering a large salary, Bat rides to a remote Texas ranch where he is to drive a herd of 2000 cattle to Abilene. As he arrives he finds that the Grant family believes he's a hired killer and pays for it.
2 Mar. 1961
Run for Your Money
A villainous saloonkeeper plots to take over Bat's bank by preventing the gold bars the bank needs to back its gold certificates from getting through and then provoking a run on the bank by its frightened depositors.
9 Mar. 1961
Terror on the Trinity
Bat wins a mining claim in a lottery, but a huge bearded man attacks Bat when he tries to find it. He throws Bat into the Trinity River and Bat floats downriver finding his companion Bob Bradbury dead on the other side of the river.
16 Mar. 1961
Episode in Eden
When gunslingers employed by Sam Shanks terrorize the small New Mexico town of Eden, Bat is drafted to serve as a special prosecutor when one of Shank's men is to be tried for murder and the expected result is a not guilty verdict.
23 Mar. 1961
The Good and the Bad
A gang of outlaws tries to take a Medal of Honor from a woman whose husband gave his life for it. Bat offers a $100 in exchange for the medal, but the gunman escapes with Bat's money, cane and the medal of honor with Bat in hot pursuit.
30 Mar. 1961
No Amnesty for Death
Bat's riding rescues three men from the gallows - he bears an amnesty for all combatants in the Lincoln County War. The three gunmen soon return to their criminal ways and Bat must help the local marshal hunt down the recently freed men.
6 Apr. 1961
Ledger of Guilt
Bat rescues a woman from three men trying to grab her and her carpet bag. The woman tells Bat she and her father were the prisoners of a gang of outlaws who rode with Jesse James and she has the evidence to prove it.
13 Apr. 1961
Meeting at Mimbers
Several Indian tribes claim that white men are kidnapping their women and children to be sold for slaves or held for ransom. In order to prevent an all-out war with the local tribes, the U.S. Army sends Bat Masterson to investigate.
20 Apr. 1961
Dagger Dance
A wounded and fainting Bat delivers a message to a Major at Fort Logan ordering the Colonel to skip a meeting with the Indians. However, the Major believing the Colonel is impeding his political career doesn't deliver the message.
27 Apr. 1961
The Fourth Man
Bat rides into town to meet a young friend. He arrives too late - the young man was killed when he accused three wealthy ranchers of cheating at cards and the sheriff refuses to arrest the men responsible for the murder.
4 May 1961
Dead Man's Claim
When a new silver strike is made in Monument City, Nevada, Bat returns to the former ghost town to check on his four year old claim and finds two claim jumpers are prepared to shoot first and ask questions later.
11 May 1961
The Marble Slab
Pinkerton hires Bat to get evidence against a gang that is terrorizing a town. Bat goes undercover as a marble salesman to convince the leader that so prominent a citizen should have a statue in his honor erected in the town square.
18 May 1961
Farmer with a Badge
Bat is ambushed in the desert by two men, his horse and water stolen. Left to die he is rescued by a farmer who is now the town marshal. Bat is determined to help the young lawman gain confidence in his ability to keep the peace.
25 May 1961
The Fatal Garment
Bat is hired to serve as a bodyguard at Wyatt Earp's El Paso casino, but the two of them can't prevent a robbery which costs Wyatt Earp $13,000 as he won't bank his money. The robbers use a costly shirt as a gift to distract Bat.
1 Jun. 1961
Jeopardy at Jackson Hole
Bat is called upon by the daughter of an old friend to investigate his murder in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The family runs a freight and stage line there but the drivers are being killed for some reason and the line is nearly bankrupt.

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