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7 Jan. 1959
Double Trouble in Trinidad
When Bat learns that a man sporting a derby and a cane and claiming to be "Bat Masterson" has set himself up as sheriff of Trinidad, Colorado, he immediately rides there to investigate to protect his name.
14 Jan. 1959
Election Day
While leading a trail drive, Bat is confronted at a town by a gang who tries to extort money from him before they allow his cattle to pass. Bat refuses to pay and discovers the gang is backed by the mayor he decides to boot from office.
21 Jan. 1959
One Bullet from Broken Bow
Pawnee renegade Stone Calf and his braves have taken two white girls captive in a raid. The Army is leaving to back up Custer so Bat is asked to rescue the sisters. He reluctantly agrees to do it when his female friends pressures him.
28 Jan. 1959
A Personal Matter
Outlaw Bailey Harper steals Bat's horse, gun and money. Bailey laughs when Bat tells him he'll get all of his property back. He tells the gambler that no one will help him. Bat's plan is to court Bailey's girl and force Bailey to find him.
4 Feb. 1959
License to Cheat
Bat sees a poker game break up when a player accuses the dealer of cheating. Bat learns that all the games in town are rigged with the Sheriff collecting a payoff so Bat tries to start an honest game but he is jailed and banned from cards.
11 Feb. 1959
A casino owner hires a marksman with money problems to kill Bat to whom he is deeply in debt. When the man's pregnant wife convinces him to renege on the agreement, the casino owner hires two hard cases to force the confrontation.
18 Feb. 1959
River Boat
A gang of river pirates take over the paddle-wheeler Dakota Queen and relieve the passengers of jewels and furs and Bat of $10,000. Bat uses a barrel of rare cheeses to trap the gang's gluttonous leader to recover the items.
25 Feb. 1959
Battle of the Pass
When an old railroad boss refuses to pay Bat the salary owed him, Bat decides to work for his competitor. Both men are racing to build a railroad through a canyon. Although behind, Bat has an idea on how to win the race for the canyon.
11 Mar. 1959
Marked Deck
Bat is cheated at cards by a town boss with the cooperation of the local sheriff. When he meets a brother and sister who were cheated in a land swindle, they three plot to get their money back and bring the crook to justice.
18 Mar. 1959
Incident in Leadville
Bat rides to Leadville, Colorado to confront an editor that wrote an article describing him as one of the West's most ruthless gunfighters. The editor learns of Bat's true nature when he defends the paper against a crooked civic leader.
25 Mar. 1959
The Tumbleweed Wagon
Bat agrees to escort a murder suspect to trial, but he escapes with the help of his girl friend. Bat decides to take the woman to Fort Smith to stand trial for jail-breaking with the hope that he might capture the suspect along the way.
1 Apr. 1959
Brunette Bombshell
Bat buys a boxing club in Denver. When he arrives he sees that the police have posted "Property Condemned" signs on his building. He soon discovers that the town councilors have plans to raze his gym and erect a casino on the spot.
8 Apr. 1959
Two gunmen steal the horses from the stagecoach in which Bat and Lorna Adams are riding. Bat trades his cane for a horse so Lorna can get to Austin to present evidence that will save a man from the gallows but the thieves have other ideas.
22 Apr. 1959
Man of Action
Bat follows his favorite tailor to a New Mexico town to order custom made suits. Bat's order is put on hold when the crooked casino owner orders the tailor, a town-leader, kidnapped before he can organize a town counsel to fight his gang.
29 Apr. 1959
A Matter of Honor
On his way to build a gambling casino in a boomtown, Bat is confronted by an inept robber - an Austrian nobleman who has been cheated at a crooked saloonkeeper's roulette table who is in love with a dance hall girl.
13 May 1959
Lottery of Death
During a high stakes poker game Bat agrees to accept one-half of a lottery ticket as payment for a gambling IOU. His trouble starts when his ticket is declared the winner but the other owner is found dead without the half of the ticket.
20 May 1959
The Death of Bat Masterson
Bat returns to the small mining town Bonanza, Colorado to withdraw his earnings from a cattle drive. He discovers he is dead and buried and his "widow" has probated his will and withdrawn the entire $20,000 from his account.
27 May 1959
The Secret Is Death
Bat is undercover to break up a gang of highly respected businessmen in Cheyenne. He has to work himself into their group to be the fall guy. His task becomes dangerous when the only man who knows of his assignment dies of a heart attack.
10 Jun. 1959
Promised Land
Bat is kidnapped and asked to become the bank president in a town consisting entirely of former outlaws, because the former crooks don't trust each other. He is to keep the money safe while a blonde beauty handles the books.
17 Jun. 1959
The Conspiracy: Part 1
Bat is asked by a woman to prevent a false story from being printed in a Cheyenne newspaper supposedly written by John Surratt, one of John Wilkes Booth's confederates for the Lincoln assassination. She says her uncle is dead.
24 Jun. 1959
The Conspiracy: Part 2
Bat discovers that a bartender serves as John Surratt in order to sell a scandalous story to the local newspaper. After Bat learns the truth, the bartender is found dead and the gambler is blamed for the murder.
1 Jul. 1959
The Black Pearls
Bat is hired to join a man in jail to gain his confidence and help him escape. The hope is the man will lead Bat to a string of black pearls he stole a train's express box. Bat's job is complicated when the man's sister shows up.
15 Jul. 1959
The Desert Ship
Two Dutch treasure hunters search for a legendary Spanish galleon that sank in the Colorado River. Bat attempts to rescue the unwary pair from a desert sandstorm and two crooks who are out to steal the jewels if the ship is found.
22 Jul. 1959
The Romany Knives
After Bat rescues an old gypsy from a brutal rancher, the old man offers him many valuable gifts, including a beautiful girl. When Bat learns she is not a gypsy but found near a wagon train massacred by Indians, he decides to take her.
29 Jul. 1959
Buffalo Kill
Bat agrees to substitute for a bully as the leader of a party of buffalo hunters into Indian territory, but the man he supplanted stirs up trouble by killing a Sioux Indian brave and framing Bat for the murder.
1 Oct. 1959
To the Manner Born
An old friend asks Bat to San Francisco to look into the background of her daughter's fiancée which is a cousin. Bat learns she is a frequent visitor at a casino where she seems to win but her fiancée seems to lose - even his life.
15 Oct. 1959
Wanted: Dead
Bat seeks to collect a loan given to a reformed gunman who is now a rancher. In order to get his money he must save the man from a trigger-happy sheriff who believes the man is guilty of murder due to a witness's story.
22 Oct. 1959
No Funeral for Thorn
Bat races to the bedside of a dying friend, only to discover the man is quite well and needs Bat's help in his quest to relocate the Stone County seat from Bundy to Sapphira. However, the other gunmen brought in have a bigger idea.
29 Oct. 1959
Shakedown at St. Joe
While visiting St. Joseph, Missouri to see his former girlfriend, an up-and-coming soprano, Bat comes to the aid of a businessman who refuses to pay protection money but finds himself accused of being an enforcer for the racket.
5 Nov. 1959
Lady Luck
Bat's stake is stolen to force him to work for a crooked casino owner. When he refuses, events lead Bat to come to the aid of two beautiful women who are being blackmailed by the owner of Sacramento's largest casino, "The Lady Luck".
12 Nov. 1959
Who'll Bury My Violence?
When Bat buys a derby hat in a small Missouri town he is aghast at the price. Learning that a freight line owner forces shopkeepers to use only his line to ship their supplies from the river, Bat decides to break his monopoly.
19 Nov. 1959
Dead Men Don't Pay Debts
When Bat learns that the two thousand dollars the Bassett brothers owe him is in jeopardy because of the shooting feud between the Bassetts and the Clements, Bat decides to intervene to protect his investment.
26 Nov. 1959
Death and Taxes
When an honest man is elected to be the town sheriff campaigning for fair taxes, the wealthy railroad owner ships his cash out of town to avoid paying his fair share. Bat provides the new sheriff with help to collect the taxes.
3 Dec. 1959
Bat Plays a Dead Man's Hand
An unsophisticated miner runs afoul of a town boss and is framed for murder. When the town's lawyers refuse to represent him properly because they fear for their lives, Bat decides to represent the defendant in court himself.
10 Dec. 1959
Garrison Finish
When General Moran bets a spur of his railroad against a Texas horse ranch that a Kentucky thoroughbred can beat a Texas quarter-horse in a 440 yard sprint, he hires Bat to train his horse to win the wager.
17 Dec. 1959
The Canvas and the Cane
Bat is convinced that a painting purchased by a beautiful friend is a forgery since the original burned. He tries to prove the painting is fake but finds himself on the wrong side of a bet and framed for the murder of a renown art critic.
31 Dec. 1959
The Inner Circle
When threaten by anti-suffrage leaders, Bat decides to help a group of women campaigning for women's suffrage in Wyoming fight a cabal of wealthy ranchers who wish to prevent women from getting the vote fearing homesteaders.

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