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20 Jan. 1959
The Bride Possessed
Matt Conroy is startled when on their honeymoon his wide-eyed, Louisiana-drawling wife Sally suddenly becomes a determined and demanding woman with no accent who denies even knowing him.
27 Jan. 1959
Night of April 14th
A young Englishwoman is suddenly wracked by dreams of drowning in the ocean. She is stunned when her fiancée tells her that he has prepared a surprise honeymoon trip for them--they're sailing to New York on the passenger liner Titanic.
3 Feb. 1959
Emergency Only
A skeptical man has his fortune told at a cocktail party. As events begin to unfold exactly as the psychic has predicted, his disbelief turns to fear that the psychic's final prediction, that he will be pursued by a knife-wielding woman, will also come to pass.
10 Feb. 1959
The Dark Room
A female photojournalist on assignment in France takes an apartment and begins to work with a somewhat mysterious male model. Thngs come to a head when she has a brush with the supernatural that could well mean her death.
17 Feb. 1959
Twelve Hours to Live
After her husband storms out of the house following an argument, his wife begins having visions of him in terrible danger. She seeks help from his disbelieving business partner and the police before resolving to rescue him herself.
24 Feb. 1959
A recovering alcoholic returns to his family from an extended stay in rehabilitation. His sobriety is put to the test, as are his beliefs in the supernatural, when his son is trapped in a cave-in.
3 Mar. 1959
The Dream
In 1940, a fearful Britain awaits invasion by Nazi forces. A husband and his wife, separated by their wartime assignments, suddenly dream that each is in danger, and both try frantically to see if their dream has come true.
10 Mar. 1959
A young girl has a terrible vision of herself being killed by a chandelier falling on her from the ceiling of her home's ballroom. Growing up, she never sets foot in the room, but when her engagement is to be announced, both her father and fiancé insist that she set aside her foolishness for the party.
17 Mar. 1959
The Dead Part of the House
A young girl moves into a new house with her father and aunt, and before long, she makes friends with the ghosts of three girls who reside in an upstairs nursery -- though the adults assume that her new "friends" are her three new dolls.
24 Mar. 1959
The Vision
On a battlefield during the first World War, a group of French soldiers experience something which causes them to drop their weapons and walk away from the fight. During their subsequent court-martial, each gives his differing account of what he saw, which all seem impossible to believe.
31 Mar. 1959
The Devil's Laughter
John Marriott boasted to his jailers, the executioner and anyone else who would listen that before the first attempted execution he was frightened out of his wits. But when the hood was put over his head, he saw how he would die, and it would not be on the gallows.
7 Apr. 1959
The Return of Mitchell Campion
A man visiting a small Mediterranean island is stunned when all of the island's residents recognize him and insist that he is an island resident who has returned after many years, even though he knows he has never been there before.
14 Apr. 1959
The Navigator
The crew of a nineteenth century sailing ship find that somebody has altered its course before catching a stowaway, a mute, soaking wet Oriental whom they clap in irons. The alteration in course leads them to rescue survivors of a ship sunk by an ice berg, though that ship's navigator is dead and is the spitting image of the Oriental, who has mysteriously disappeared.
21 Apr. 1959
The Secret
A young woman is left alone and unloved by her domineering and arrogant husband. She soon invents an imaginary lover who loves and comforts her--then she begins to suspect that her invisible "lover" may not be all that imaginary.
28 Apr. 1959
The Aerialist
An argument between two trapeze artists results in an accident in which one is paralyzed. The other is torn by guilt and depression, until supernatural forces began to change his world.
5 May 1959
The Burning Girl
Alice Deering is a shy teenage girl who is trying to fit into a new community, make new friends and coexist with her abusive aunt and insensitive father, who insists she's a pyromaniac despite her pleas of innocence. Things are certain to get hot sooner than later.
12 May 1959
The Haunted U-Boat
During World War II a German U-boat is apparently haunted by a loud banging which only occurs when it is submerged. Eventually the noise so frightens the captain and crew that they bring the submarine to the surface and surrender. It would appear to be haunted by the ghost of a worker who died on board during its construction.
19 May 1959
Image of Death
An inspector is suspicious about the death of the wife of a Marquis, who, in fact, did kill her with his lover Charlotte as his accomplice. The Marquis becomes increasingly haunted by a stain on the wall which seems to be the image of his dead wife's face. He is ultimately tried and executed, but for the murder of Charlotte who has been literally scared to death by the stain.
26 May 1959
The Captain's Guests
A sadistic sea captain from the 19th century haunts a New England home and poisons the lives of a married couple after taking possession of the husband's mind.
2 Jun. 1959
Paul Martin is acquitted by a jury of the murder of his wife, although most people believe he did in fact kill her. To escape questioning reporters, he takes a house in the country. Soon, however, he begins to have premonitions of his own murder, and is shocked one day when his dead wife's brother shows up at his front door.
9 Jun. 1959
Front Runner
Two rival jockeys compete for the top spot at a racetrack, but one of them has an unexpected brush with the supernatural that may give him the edge.
16 Jun. 1959
The Riddle
On a trip through India, a married couple encounters a beggar who seems to be different from all the others they've seen--the husband is convinced that this particular beggar is trying to kill them.
15 Sep. 1959
A man with a rare blood type is unwilling to donate his blood in order to save a girl's life, knowing that if he does he will be tormented by supernatural visions of her future.
22 Sep. 1959
Ordeal on Locust Street
A seemingly normal family is hiding a terrible secret: their son has the features of a deformed, fish-like monster. A somewhat mysterious hypnotist with strange powers claims that he can help them, and in their desperation they enlist his aid.
6 Oct. 1959
Aboard a United States ship in Japanese waters during World War II, Captain Fielding is critically injured. A hospital corpsman must perform surgery with only the radio voice of a doctor on another ship to guide him.
13 Oct. 1959
A poor, pretty, village woman living in Scotland in the 17th Century is sentenced to be burned at the stake, for the natural death of her lover, the son of an Earl. She shouts out a curse that the oldest son of every generation to come of the Earl will die before the father.
20 Oct. 1959
Night of the Kill
After being missing from home young Davey Morris tells his parents he was with a friendly Bigfoot type creature. Nobody believes him until they see giant footprints and evidence that the animal has been eating their food. Even though it is invisible they decide to kill it by setting fire to its woodland home.
27 Oct. 1959
The Inheritance
In a seedy bar washed up drunk Michael Barry tells the presenter how an elderly countess to whom he was a gigolo died wearing a beautiful necklace, as did her dowdy companion who inherited the jewelry. Barry was not superstitious until he gave the necklace to another woman, who went the same way, leaving him unhinged.
3 Nov. 1959
The Open Window
On a hot summer night artist Anthony March sees a distraught woman in the apartment opposite gas herself after taking a distressing phone call but when he goes over to the room there is nobody there. However when he sees the same woman some days later, this time with a witness, it transpires that what he saw was a vision of the future and tragedy is averted.
10 Nov. 1959
Message from Clara
A student taking night classes falls in love with his beautiful teacher. However, he begins to suspect that his dead ex-girlfriend may be using the teacher to try to communicate with him.
17 Nov. 1959
Forked Lightning
Two men who don't know each other find that their lives are intertwined by a strange psychic connection that may end up in the deaths of both.
24 Nov. 1959
The setting is Germany in 1939 and a group of young glider enthusiasts are startled to learn of the Third Reich's invasion of Poland. Knowing their lives must now go in separate directions, they plan a reunion picnic for the first Sunday following the war's conclusion. Who will still be alive and/or able to attend?
1 Dec. 1959
Dead Ringer
A woman called Esther has unsettling visions of buildings set alight by an arsonist and claims that her sister, whom she has not seen for many years, is responsible. She states that she is able to will her sister to come to town and a woman resembling Esther is seen at the station but disappears. Afterwards it is disclosed that the sister died many years ago in a fire.
8 Dec. 1959
The Stone Cutter
Elderly Simon Lockhart is convinced that he will die in just a few days, because a mysterious stone cutter has already chiseled that date onto his tombstone.
15 Dec. 1959
Father Image
Following the death of his father young lawyer Dan Gardner discovers that he bought an old vaudeville theatre which has been shut down for many years. Unable to work out his father's interest in the building he travels back in time to discover a romantic secret from the old man's past.
22 Dec. 1959
Make Me Not a Witch
A farm girl's parents are terrified when their daughter reveals that she can read minds. But a priest knows that her gifts can save two young lives.
29 Dec. 1959
The Hand
In a jealous rage, a piano player at a run-down dive murders a beautiful young woman. Although he at first seems to have covered his tracks well enough, he soon discovers that, no matter how hard he tries, he cannot get the woman's blood off his hands.

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