Separate Tables (1958) Poster

Burt Lancaster: John Malcolm



  • Ann Shankland : I didn't mean any harm.

    John Malcolm : That's when you do the most damage.

    Ann Shankland : We all make mistakes.

    John Malcolm : You specialize in them.

  • Ann Shankland : You're making it a bit too obvious, you know, that you hate the very sight of me.

    John Malcolm : The very sight of you is perhaps the one thing about you I don't hate.

  • Mrs. Railton-Bell : Are you on the side of Mr. Malcolm and his defense of vice or are you on the side of the Christian virtues - like Mr. Fowler and myself?

    John Malcolm : Never in my life have I heard a question so disgracefully begged. You should be in politics, Mrs. Railton-Bell.

  • Lady Matheson : [Reprovingly, talking about Sybil]  I'm surprised at you, Mr. Malcolm. You should not have brought her into it.

    John Malcolm : I suppose not. I thought I might get her once, just this once in her whole life, to publicly disagree with her mother. It'd save her soul if she ever did.

  • John Malcolm : Is this your year for looking up old husbands?

    Ann Shankland : Only the special ones.

  • John Malcolm : My ideas of a wife were influenced by watching my mother ruin her health to bring up eight kids. Not that my demands on you would have been as high as that. But, they would have included the proper running of a home and the bearing of children.

    Ann Shankland : About children, I did make it perfectly clear...

    John Malcolm : I know, I know. The beautiful fashion model. That little hobby of yours. Your figure was too important to risk for posterity.

  • John Malcolm : You know something, Ann? No one I know of lies with such sincerity.

  • John Malcolm : [to Ann]  You know something? No one else I know of lies with such sincerity.

  • John Malcolm : [to Ann]  People who hate the light usually hate the truth.

  • John Malcolm : What has he done that's any worst than the people who cheapen love making? Who use it as a weapon to get what they want.

  • Ann Shankland : Why would I have married you if I didn't love you? After all, there were others - more important men.

    John Malcolm : They couldn't pay you the full price.

    Ann Shankland : What price?

    John Malcolm : Enslavement!

  • Ann Shankland : If all I wanted to do was make my husband a slave, why would I have chosen you and not the others?

    John Malcolm : Cause where would the fun have been? Where would the fun have been enslaving men like that? A tame millionaire? A mincing baronet? To well brought you to say anything when you denied them their conjugal rights! Too well mannered not to take you headaches at bedtime as *just* headaches at bedtime. Where would the fun have been turning your weapons on men like that?

  • John Malcolm : You fondness in me was sometimes shown in surprising ways.

  • John Malcolm : Liars and expensive tramps!

  • John Malcolm : We don't have very much hope together.

    Ann Shankland : Have we all that much apart?

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