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Ava Gardner on TCM: The Naked Maja, On The Beach, The Hucksters

Ava Gardner, The Naked Maja Ava Gardner returns to Turner Classic Movies this evening. TCM's Star of the Month will remain on TV all the way to late afternoon Friday. The movies themselves may not be exactly great, but Gardner's presence should be more than enough to make them worth at least a look. Henry Koster's The Naked Maja (1958) has Anthony Franciosa as Spanish painter Francisco Goya. Perhaps Francisco Rabal was unavailable? (Luis Buñuel's deliciously sacrilegious Nazarin came out in 1959, so Rabal may have been busy working on that, who knows?) You may think that in order to make the two Americans — Gardner is the other one — less absurd as Spaniards, the production opted to cast equally incongruous Italians in supporting roles, among them Amedeo Nazzari, Lea Padovani, Massimo Serato, and the usually excellent Gino Cervi. But no. The Naked Maja was actually shot in Italy. Hence, the
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