Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (1958) Poster

Allison Hayes: Nancy Fowler Archer



  • [repeated line] 


  • Harry Archer : You know, you're going to flip your lid just one time too many with me, Nancy.

    Nancy Archer : And you're going to make one too many passes at some other woman! My husband, huh! My gigolo! That's what you are. You're a miserable parasite. You're just after my money! I was rid of you once. Why did I take you back? Why? Why?

    Harry Archer : Why did you, Nancy?

    Nancy Archer : Why? Because I love you, Harry!

  • Nancy Archer : I didn't feel like sitting there and watching you flirt all evening with that redheaded wench you call Honey.

    Harry Archer : For heaven's sake, Nancy. Why, I hardly nodded to the girl.

    Nancy Archer : Now, you listen to me, Harry, I won't stand for any more of your two-timing! You keep away from that girl in that hotel, you hear? Your backdoor romance has split us up once already. The next time there won't be any reconciliation!

  • Harry Archer : No one thinks your - crazy, Nancy.

    Nancy Archer : How nice. Then you believe me? You believe I saw the satellite.

    Harry Archer : Well, it's not the first time someone has seen a satellite.

    Nancy Archer : Right in the road? With a giant in it?

  • Nancy Archer : I know where my husband is! He's with that woman!

  • Nancy Archer : As far as I'm concerned, you can go too. Go back to Tony's and that woman you were mooning about.

    Harry Archer : Oh, knock it off, will you. Now, you pulled a boner tonight and you know it.

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