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10 Jan. 1959
Gold Is Where You Find It
News of a gold strike in Cochise County has the residents very excited, but Captain Joe Silva of the Apache Tribal Police is skeptical, the more so when a member of his tribe who tipped him is found murdered. Morgan learns from an old sourdough that the gold being displayed is the wrong color for an Arizona strike; he also checked the old mine recently to determine if there was any hope of finding profitable ore and struck it off as a waste of time and money. When the Sheriff learns of gold bars being stolen in Mexico, he suspects that the miners may be using the mine...
24 Jan. 1959
The Diner
Two prisoners who escaped from a Utah penitentiary arrive in Tucson looking for an ex-convict who owes them $600. They stumbled upon a parolee working in the diner who divulges the information just as Marshal Morgan and a deputy walk into the restaurant, when both lawmen are wounded in the ensuing shootout. Morgan trails the men to the home of the ex-con where the escapees have taken the man's wife as a hostage.
24 Jan. 1959
A soldier sentenced to hard labor escapes from his detail and, taking two hostages, flees the army base for the border with Marshal Morgan and his men in pursuit.
14 Mar. 1959
A Matter of Friendship
Two gunmen, escapees from Leavenworth Prison, hideout in a small Arizona town near the Arizona border after hiding their getaway car. As Marshal Morgan and his men close in, one of the criminals threatens his sister with scandal if she doesn't provide transportation to the Mexican border for he and his partner.
21 Feb. 1959
An author researching a book about western lawmen convinces Marshal Morgan to relate tales about his grandfather's career as a frontier peace officer.
4 Apr. 1959
Armored Car
An armored car containing over $300,000 is stolen in a robbery executed with military precision. Morgan is stymied when the truck disappears before hitting any of his roadblocks. His only clue is the burn a secretary receives when she accidentally grabs a car's hot tailpipe while hiding from bullets whizzing overhead
18 Apr. 1959
The Third Miracle
Marshal Morgan orders the arrest of Ed Martin based a tip that part of the loot from a bank robbery would be found in his desk. When a member of Martin's church pleads with Morgan to reopen the case, the lawman starts digging deeper into the alibis of the other possible perpetrators and uncovers interesting new evidence.
Good Indian
Apache and Pima Indian families accuse each other of rustling cattle from their respective ranches. The situation is exacerbated when a boy and girl from different tribes fall in love with each other. Marshal Morgan must find the culprits before an all-out range war breaks out with the two lovers caught in the crossfire.
30 May 1959
Maryjo Is Missing
Two men are talked into kidnapping Mary Jo by her husband, but think she's really a television/movie star and hold her for $50,000.
10 Oct. 1959
Ghost Town
Morgan and Ferguson track a pair of murderous escaped convicts to a desert ghost town where they're holding the wife of a cellmate as a hostage.
17 Oct. 1959
Anything for a Friend
Convinced of his friend's innocence, a friend disguised as a minister switches places with a suspect accused of mail robbery and murder and allows him to escape. While Marshal Morgan's men search for the escapee, another man who was implicated in the crime is found recently shot to death along with mail sack containing part of the loot.
31 Oct. 1959
Trigger Happy
A gun stolen from a green police officer is used in a murder.
26 Dec. 1959
Upon learning his fiancée has a fatal illness, a convict escapes from Leavenworth Penitentiary and engages in a one-man crime wave in an effort to marry her before she dies.

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