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The Kidnapper
An escaped prisoner kidnaps a wealthy businessman's daughter and holds her for ransom.
Morgan and Ferguson search for a missing deputy who had been sent to arrest a fugitive believed to be living in a tiny mountain community, but find the local constable uncooperative and the townspeople hostile.
Destination Nowhere
When a truck carrying top secret missile parts disappears en route to a military base, Marshal Morgan and Deputy Ferguson join the search. During their investigation, they encounter an eccentric Englishman, an old country store operator who doubles as town constable and justice of the peace, a pair of wary café operators and an all-night gas station operator with something to hide.
Shoot to Kill
A criminal escapes a deputy's custody and takes a family hostage.
Highway Robbery
A county sheriff requests the assistance of Morgan and his deputies when, after picking up the payrolls to pay their men, a series of ranchers are pulled over by a motorcycle cop, beaten and robbed. The modus operandi are the same as that used by a former Las Vegas policeman in Las Vegas who was acquitted for lack of proof.
Marshal Morgan and his men try to capture a wild man who has been terrorizing ranches on the Pima Indian reservation.
My Sons
A boy steals a car and is subsequently killed in an accident.

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