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17 Mar. 1958
Dangerous Hours
Bank robbers use Casey Jones and the Cannonball Express to escape after they rob a bank. Casey is forced to collaborate with the robbers because his family is on the train. Casey tries to stop them from escaping.
24 Mar. 1958
Treasure of Sam Bass
There is a shootout on Casey train and two men are dead. No one can figure out who the men where or why the shootout occurs. That is till Casey's son finds an intriguing clue
31 Mar. 1958
Hard Luck Train
While Casey is away on a fishing trip, his friend Earl Bonner is put in charge of the Cannonball Express, during which time the train is robbed twice. Casey remains loyal to his friend and sets out to try and prove his innocence.
7 Apr. 1958
The Silk Train
The Cannonball is forced onto a siding to allow a special silk train to pass that is attempting to run from the West coast to Chicago non stop. Unknown to Casey there are men on his train with a vested interest in seeing the train fail.
14 Apr. 1958
Lethal Journey
Casey volunteers to transport a cargo of nitroglycerine on board the Cannonball Express to rescue ten men trapped in a mining accident - but aboard the train is a man bent on a different mission in another race against time.
21 Apr. 1958
Honeymoon Express
A big spender, Arlo Bradford charters the Cannoball to pick up his new bride from a nearby town . He soon falls afoul of Casey with his flamboyant ways and easy spending. Casey's suspicions grow as a series of strange events dog the trip to the point Casey is convinced the man is a criminal
28 Apr. 1958
The Fire Eater
A fire eater is fired from the troupe he is working with. He does not take the news well and Casey needs to get involved in calming the situation.
5 May 1958
Mrs. Casey Jones
Alice Jones is concerned at the constant risks Casey takes as an engineer and persuades him to accept promotion to District Manager. When fifty people are stranded by a forest fire, the new engineer refuses to risk taking the Cannonball out to rescue them, leaving Casey faced with a difficult decision.

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