Decision at Sundown (1957) Poster

Noah Beery Jr.: Sam


  • Sam : [to Bart]  Oh, well, we'll both be as dead as a pulled beef by suppertime anyway, but I sure ain't hankerin' to try to argue my way past old St. Peter on an empty stomach.

  • [Discussing Sundown's town boss Tate Kimbrough] 

    Bart Allison : Is he a big man in Sundown?

    Sam : The biggest! He's got that town in his fist and he's squeezin' it hard. Ain't heard folks complain much. Guess they're all scared.

    Bart Allison : I'm glad to hear he's doing so well. When a man's riding high, the ground comes up and hits him a lot harder when he falls.

  • Sam : You just stood up in church and told Kinbriugh you was goin' to kill him? Bart, you must be plum crazy!

    Bart Allison : I'm doin' this my own way, Sam. For three years I've hunted Kimbrough, but he didn't know it. Before I settle with him, I want him to know he's bein' hunted.

    Sam : [after a bullet shot through the window whistles near Sam's head]  You ain't huntin' him no more. He's huntin' you.

  • Spanish, Sheriff's Deputy : [Groaning as the doctor removes his shirt to tend his gashed arm wound]  Uhhhhh!

    Sam : [Sarcastically]  Ain't it lucky you brought the iodine, Doc?

  • Sam : Bart, I think you done a fool thing. After all that searching around, it seems like you would have been satisfiedl to just kill him on sight.

    Bart Allison : Even a rattler gives a warning.

    Sam : Oh, yeah, well, if they give as much advance warning as you're givin' that Kimbrough, rattlesnakes would be as out-of-date as them dinosaurs.

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