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Season 3

20 Apr. 1959
Christmas in June
A little girl asks to go to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus. It is only June but she says that it may take Santa time to do what she asks, to bring her father home. Chuck and PT meet her mother, who explains why the man has been away.
18 May 1959
His Brother's Keeper
A million dollars in diamonds is stolen by two masked robbers at Longwood Field near Whirlybirds headquarters. One of the two police guards is fatally shot and dies. Before he dies he manages to tell his brother he knows who one of the masked robbers is. The brother goes on a mission to find and kill the murderer. Chuck and P.T. believe he should let the police handle this but the brother is determined to get the killer.
8 Jun. 1959
The Big Lie
Billy is a lonely orphan, desperate to make friends he tells the other boys that he's a friend of the Whirlybirds, who he knows about from newspaper articles detailing their exploits. Luckily, Sarah asks Chuck and P.T for help.
27 Jul. 1959
The Deadly Game
A client of the Whirlybirds is involved in a "Treasure Hunt". Chuck and P.T. think near fatal accidents during the game are not just coincidence.
24 Aug. 1959
Wanted: Alive
When a plane flown by a veteran pilot disappears on a routine flight, the Whirlybirds are called in to assist in the search over the objections of the plane's co-owner. After discovering the crash site, Chuck and P.T. are disturbed to learn that the plane's controls were tampered with after the crash in an effort to fool the Civil Air Patrol investigators and are baffled when the police report that the pilot was dead before the plane even took off. Lt. Hurst asks the helicopter pilots to assist him to trap the man who actually flew the wrecked aircraft.
31 Aug. 1959
The Deacon
Chuck and P.T. are hired by Deacon Barrington to fly him over to nearby town of Hartford. When over the town, the Deacon throws out from the copter, paper flyer's to advertise his upcoming talk at the Hartford auditorium. Deacon Barrington's talk is about the evils of gambling. And when some of the flyer's end up in the hands of Fleming and Anders, the people running the gambling casino, they are not too happy at all. Trouble starts for the Deacon when the two men finally meet with the Deacon. They threaten him if he doesn't leave town. Chuck and P.T. decide to stick ...
18 Jan. 1960
Four Little Indians
Kagan, an escaped convict, plans to kill the people who sent him up. A deputy is killed in what appears to be a case of reckless driving. A plane carrying the sheriff is sabotaged and nearly crashes. Next on the list are Chuck and P.T.

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