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3 Jan. 1957
The Big U
The Whirlybirds are hired to find a missing uranium prospector. The search area is rugged and inhospitable, and the task is even harder when two claim jumpers try to stop them.
10 Jan. 1957
A sickly circus gorilla named Congo escapes. Once on the loose, he terrorizes the local residents. Chuck and P.T. are hired to track the beast down and capture him.
17 Jan. 1957
Boy on the Roof
A younger brother, with revenge in his heart, climbs on a building and keeps police at bay with a rifle. P.T. takes a reporter up to the brother, thinking the reporter has good intentions. Unknown to P.T. the sleazy reporter has ulterior motives.
24 Jan. 1957
Fire Flight
The Whirlybirds rush against time to save three mountain climbers that are trapped by a forest fire.
31 Jan. 1957
Hot Wire
Whirlybirds ground crew are trying to contact P.T. and Chuck to warn them of imminent danger of a thunder storm. As this is going on reporter Bronson arrives to do a news story on the Whirlybirds business. Chuck and P.T. at this moment are delivering a portable iron lung respirator to a secluded mountain home were a young boy named Tommy is in great need of the respirator to survive. Dangerous winds and lightning, fear of loosing the precious life saving cargo due to the holding straps coming loose, plus a leak in the helicopters gas tank only make things worst for ...
7 Feb. 1957
Mountain Flight
The Whirlybirds are hired for a hunting trip up in the mountains. But once they get there they discover that there's a plot to kill one of the hunters.
14 Feb. 1957
Ghost Town Flight
Billy and Danny fall into a mine shaft at a ghost town. Billy's little brother, Ricky, goes for help. He is spotted by Chuck and P. T. in the whirlybird. They take him to a hospital and then return to search for the other boys.
21 Feb. 1957
Three escape convicts, one of whom has flying experience, steal the "Whirleybirds" plane and rough up their secretary. The warden arrives and they co-ordinate a search for the missing plane which has little gas. When the convicts return to fuel the plane, the warden later arrives to wait for new developments and is kidnapped by the convicts who fly off again. The search continues...
7 Mar. 1957
Lynch Mob
Virgil Hook and his "lynch mob" want to take the law into their own hands and evict a suspected killer and his wife from their home. A reporter has important information that may change things . Chuck and P.T. help the reporter and police out.
14 Mar. 1957
Sky Net
A man is obsessed on killing a mountain lion that took his hand during an earlier hunt. He hires the Whirlybirds to take him back up to the mountain were the incident happened so he can hunt the animal down and kill it. Chuck and P.T. feel the hunter is being careless.
6 Jun. 1957
Lady Luck
Chuck and P.T. fly a "businessman" to Las Vegas. He suddenly decides he wants to return home early in the morning. Hot on his trail are some desperate gamblers, led by a woman, who kill the passenger and take P.T. hostage as they search for $150,000 taken from them. Chuck risks his life as he leads the police in an attempt to capture the gamblers and rescue P.T,
13 Jun. 1957
Hide and Seek
Chuck and P.T. help their secretary search for her missing nephew who was last seen playing a game of "Hide and Seek". Unknown to them he was hiding in the trunk of a old rusted car that is now in route to the junkyard to be crushed.
20 Jun. 1957
Hobson's Choice
The Whirlybirds are working for a motion picture company. While on the filming site, P.T. happens to see a man rescue the films star from danger and photographs this event. The man doesn't want the photos with him shown to the public. The photos somehow get in the papers and the man is very upset. He now wants to get revenge on P.T.
18 Jul. 1957
Cycle of Terror
A sniper on a motorcycle brings fear to a town unable to fight back. It's up to P.T. and Chuck to end his crime spree.
1 Aug. 1957
The Rustlers
The local Cattle Association hire the Whirlybirds to investigate how rustlers are stealing their cattle.
15 Aug. 1957
Incident in Del Rio
Chuck and P.T. get involved with UFOs and gunrunners south of the border in Mexico.

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