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12 Jan. 1961
Bentley and the Woodpecker
A noisy woodpecker is keeping Bentley up at night. He may have to take drastic measures to get rid of it.
19 Jan. 1961
Bentley Goes to Europe
Peter has an opportunity to go with Mr. Gregg and Kelly on a free trip to Italy, but first he has to prove he's a United States citizen in order to obtain a passport. Easier said than done.
26 Jan. 1961
The Greggs in Rome
Acting on behalf of a client, Bentley pressures an Italian director to complete a motion picture.
2 Feb. 1961
The Greggs in London
The Gregg's visit London, and Peter butts heads with a butler.
23 Feb. 1961
Encore in Paris
Bentley, Kelly, and Peter all get bitten by the love bug, while in Paris.
2 Mar. 1961
There's No Place Like Home
The Gregg household has returned from Europe, and they are boring everyone with their photos, home movies, and tales about their trip across The Pond.
9 Mar. 1961
Bentley Swims Upstream
Howard and Kelly try their hand at writing a jingle for the salmon industry.
16 Mar. 1961
A Man Among Men
Kelly has fallen for the star high school basketball center, much to Howard's dismay.
23 Mar. 1961
Peter's China Doll
Peter wins a 7-year-old girl in a poker game and wants to adopt her, even if it means getting married.
30 Mar. 1961
Bentley and the Counterspy
Howard volunteers for the Army, and he asks Kelly if she'll wait for him.
13 Apr. 1961
Bentley and the Great Debate
A stuttering, bumbling student takes on the president of the school's debating team.
20 Apr. 1961
Bentley and the Nature Girl
Bentley has his eye on a bird watcher.
27 Apr. 1961
Bentley's Mad Friends
Bentley, Kelly, and Peter enter into a pact not to get angry.
4 May 1961
Hilda Rides Again
Bentley plays matchmaker when Hilda the maid returns to the Gregg household.
11 May 1961
Kelly's Charge Account
Uncle Bentley allows Kelly to open a personal charge account. It doesn't take long before she becomes a personal loan company to all of her girlfriends.
18 May 1961
Bentley Builds a Pool
Bentley's neighbor, Cal, is sick of being bothered by all of Ginger's friends hanging around their swimming pool, so he slyly convinces Bentley into building a backyard pool of his own.
25 May 1961
Bentley Slays a Dragon
Peter lets power go to his head after he becomes chairman of the building committee for the Purple Dragon Lodge.
1 Jun. 1961
A Favor for Bentley
Kelly asks Uncle Bentley for a favor, which leads to a chain of favors made by several people, each favor being dependent on the other being kept. This house of cards is bound to collapse.
8 Jun. 1961
Kelly Gets a Job
After Uncle Bentley refuses to buy a new formal gown for Kelly to wear to a college fraternity dance, she gets a job as a teen fashion model to earn money for a new dress.
15 Jun. 1961
Kelly's Tangled Web
Bentley finds Kelly lying to one boy to get out of a date, so she can go out with another boy. She's forbidden to go, and a firm rule is established about strict truth telling-until he's found having to juggle similar lies with clients.
22 Jun. 1961
Bentley's Barbecue
Backyard battles begin: Bentley's barbecue pit versus Cal's sprinkler system.
6 Jul. 1961
Drop That Calorie
Kelly, Peter, and Uncle Bentley all go on a diet and exercise program to lose weight. Which one of them will cave in first?
21 Sep. 1961
Kelly's Graduation
Uncle Bentley meddles in Kelly's high school graduation day and future college plans.
17 Oct. 1961
Kelly and the Freethinker
Kelly develops a crush on a young philosopher, who is full of hot air.
24 Oct. 1961
A Party for Peter
Peter has a crush on supermarket clerk Helen but she's devoted to pop singer Frankie Laine. Peter thinks if he can get the crooner to appear at a party it will help him out so he asks for Bentley's aid in making it happen.
31 Oct. 1961
Never Steal an Owl
A college prank gone wrong lands Howard in court, and Bentley Gregg must defend him against theft and arson charges.
7 Nov. 1961
Bentley's Catered Affair
Kelly, Howard, and Peter go into the food catering business. Too bad it's in violation of residential zoning laws.
14 Nov. 1961
The House at Smuggler's Cove
Bentley Gregg investigates a claim that one of his client's houses is haunted, thereby greatly depressing its value.
21 Nov. 1961
Peter's Punctured Wedding
Due to an old Chinese family contract entered into by Peter's parents when he was born, he must marry a certain young woman who is now old enough to wed. This means that he must quit his job as houseboy.
5 Dec. 1961
Bentley and the Timeclock
Cousin Chalie's latest scheme is the BSCH - the Benevolent Society of Chinese Houseboys, which in turn forces Bentely Gregg to put Peter on a time clock.
26 Dec. 1961
The Law and Kelly Gregg
After passing an aptitude test that states she would make a good journalist, Kelly spends a day shadowing Uncle Bentley at his law office to come up with an article for her school paper.

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