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Season 5

21 Sep. 1961
Kelly's Graduation
Uncle Bentley meddles in Kelly's high school graduation day and future college plans.
17 Oct. 1961
Kelly and the Freethinker
Kelly develops a crush on a young philosopher, who is full of hot air.
24 Oct. 1961
A Party for Peter
Peter has a crush on supermarket clerk Helen but she's devoted to pop singer Frankie Laine. Peter thinks if he can get the crooner to appear at a party it will help him out so he asks for Bentley's aid in making it happen.
31 Oct. 1961
Never Steal an Owl
A college prank gone wrong lands Howard in court, and Bentley Gregg must defend him against theft and arson charges.
7 Nov. 1961
Bentley's Catered Affair
Kelly, Howard, and Peter go into the food catering business. Too bad it's in violation of residential zoning laws.
14 Nov. 1961
The House at Smuggler's Cove
Bentley Gregg investigates a claim that one of his client's houses is haunted, thereby greatly depressing its value.
21 Nov. 1961
Peter's Punctured Wedding
Due to an old Chinese family contract entered into by Peter's parents when he was born, he must marry a certain young woman who is now old enough to wed. This means that he must quit his job as houseboy.
5 Dec. 1961
Bentley and the Timeclock
Cousin Chalie's latest scheme is the BSCH - the Benevolent Society of Chinese Houseboys, which in turn forces Bentely Gregg to put Peter on a time clock.
26 Dec. 1961
The Law and Kelly Gregg
After passing an aptitude test that states she would make a good journalist, Kelly spends a day shadowing Uncle Bentley at his law office to come up with an article for her school paper.
9 Jan. 1962
Kelly the Yes Man
To win popularity and votes when she's placed on the ballot for class vice-president, Kelly volunteers Peter's cooking and a visit from one of Bentley's movie star clients at a school party.
16 Jan. 1962
Gold in Them Hills
Peter purchases five acres of land in an abandoned gold prospecting town.
23 Jan. 1962
How Howard Won His C
Howard wants to impress Kelly by earning a school sports letter for his sweater, so he tries out for the fencing team.
30 Jan. 1962
Pinch That Penny
Bentley Gregg subcontracts the butler services of Rochester, while Jack Benny is away on vacation. He hopes that he can teach Peter to be more economical.
20 Feb. 1962
Summer Romance
Bentley and Peter panic when they hear from Kelly in Yellowstone who informs them she's getting married. They immediately head to the park to put a stop to her wedding to ranger Gary.
6 Mar. 1962
Will Success Spoil Jasper?
Jasper's couch-jumping lands him in the doghouse, until he becomes top dog by getting a job doing it in show business.
13 Mar. 1962
Strictly Business
Bentley Gregg scrambles to cover his butt after he receives notice of a scheduled interview with the Internal Revenue Service.
20 Mar. 1962
On the Old Camp Ground
To convince Kelly, Ginger and Mrs. Mitchell that camping out would be fun, Bentley, Cal and Peter challenge them to spend a few nights in sleeping bags in the Gregg backyard. They agree to this, but scheme to get out of it.
27 Mar. 1962
A Visit to the Bergens
Peter quits and goes to work for ventriloquist Edgar Bergen.
3 Apr. 1962
The Richest Cat
Bentley and his neighbor, Cal, feud over the rights to a cat that is heir to a million-dollar fortune.
10 Apr. 1962
The Twain Shall Meet
Kelly arranges a clandestine meeting of a Chinese teenage girl with a Chinese teenage boy, whom her father forbids her to see.
17 Apr. 1962
Bentley Goes to Bat
Bentley Gregg is assigned the task of taking the tomboy out of a Los Angeles Dodgers third-base coach's doting daughter.
24 Apr. 1962
Kelly's Engagement
Kelly receives a proposal of marriage from a young new attorney, whom her Uncle Bentley suspects is merely trying to further his legal career by joining his law office.
1 May 1962
Kelly, the Home Executive
Not only is Kelly going to meet her fiancé's parents, she's cooking dinner for them, and she's a bundle of nerves.
15 May 1962
What Men Don't Know
Kelly is feeling that she is intellectually inadequate for her lawyer-fiancé, so Uncle Bentley coaches her in the finer points of deceiving a man.
29 May 1962
Bentley Takes It Easy
With Kelly's encouragement, Uncle Bentley decides to take a week off from his law practice and spend it relaxing at home. Unfortunately for Kelly, Peter, and Julio the gardener, he becomes an unbearable fussbudget around the house.
5 Jun. 1962
Boys Will Be
Bentley is talked into organizing activities for a group of boys who are in and out of trouble with the law. All seems to go well until a judge's prized golf trophy is stolen.
19 Jun. 1962
Peter, the Medicine Man
Peter wants to be just like his favorite TV character: Dr. Bart Bellamy, M.D.
26 Jun. 1962
Curfew Shall Not Ring Tonight
Kelly and Ginger move away from home and into a college boarding house, which is ruled by a strict housemother.

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