Animal Farm (1954) Poster


Maurice Denham: All Animals


  • [The laws of Animal Farm are being read] 

    Snowball : No animal shall drink alcohol. No animal shall sleep in a bed. Four legs good, two legs bad.

    [The chickens are very annoyed at this rule] 

    Squealer : Wings count as legs.

    [The chickens realize that Squealer is right] 

    Group of sheep : Four legs good, two legs bad. Four legs good, two legs bad.

    Snowball : [continuing the reading of the laws]  No animal shall kill another animal. All animals are equal.

  • Napoleon : Loyal followers, on farms owned and operated by pigs, there is order and discipline. Own lower animals do more work and eat less than other on farms.

    [gives medals] 

    Napoleon : With this, we encourage you to make your lower animals work even harder and eat even less! To a greater Animal Farm! For peace and plenty under pig rule!

    [Benjamin, outside imagines Napoleon's face assimilating that of Jones; he suddenly sees through the resemblance] 

    Napoleon : To the day when pigs own and operate farms EVERYWHERE!


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