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Season 6

15 Sep. 1959
Millionaire Mark Fleming
When Mark Fleming uses his check to travel to Vienna to search for his sister who might have survived a WWII death camp that his parents did not, he falls in love with a woman who might turn out to be the sister.
22 Sep. 1959
Millionaire Harry Brown
A bickering couple with a child can't afford a divorce, until Michael Anthony delivers a millionaire dollar check to the husband.
29 Sep. 1959
Millionaire Lorraine Daggett
A woman is only shortly married to a man who fakes his death to avoid the wrath of his gangster pal and then is suspected of complicity in a scheme because she suddenly has a lot of money although she did not know the husband's past.
6 Oct. 1959
Millionaire Phillip Burnell
Phillip Burnell maintains a summer house seemingly as a shrine to his deceased wife to the chagrin of his insecure new wife Cathy and when Phillip receives the check , Cathy's insecurity intensifies.
20 Oct. 1959
Millionaire Doctor Joseph Frye
A doctor and his nurse wife are kidnapped by a murderous bank robber to heal the robber's wounded partner on pain of death and the doctor uses his just received check to barter for his wife's life when the partner dies.
27 Oct. 1959
Millionaire Jim Hayes
Jim Hayes' wife is fed up with her husband bringing home unannounced guests leaving her with a mess every morning and treating her as an employee so she withdraws as wife and formally takes to an extreme extent a job as housekeeper.
3 Nov. 1959
Millionaire Maureen Reynolds
Maureen Reynolds upon receiving letters from her engineer husband of short duration marked deceased goes to South America and discovers the husband is a much despised man who stole company supplies in the midst of a revolution.
10 Nov. 1959
Millionaire Jeff Mercer
A responsible young boy with a desire to help his financially challenged family is the recipient of the million dollar check but cannot persuade his parents that their fortune is real.
18 Nov. 1959
Millionaire Tom Hampton
Millionaire Tom Hampton is afraid to tell his wife about the million dollar check because she's known to constantly spill secrets.
24 Nov. 1959
Millionaire Sergeant Matthew Brogan
Matthew Brogan secretly makes it financially possible for Jim Phillips, the man who saved his life in Korea, to marry his long term sweetheart but is surprised that he must first disrupt Phillips romance with a nightclub singer.
1 Dec. 1959
Millionaire Mitchell Gunther
Mitchell Gunther uses his million in a plan to make it appear that his partner Ray Wilson murdered him because he wants revenge for a ruinous fatal construction accident that he thinks Wilson caused by used of inferior materials.
8 Dec. 1959
Millionaire Andrew C. Cooley
Andrew Cooley who has unsuccessfully worked a gold mine for years spends money freely when he receives his check and is pressured by devious business men to sell his worthless mine because the men believe his spending means its valuable.
22 Dec. 1959
Millionaire Jackson Greene
Bohemian Jackson Greene wants his money to build a beatnik artists' colony on land a citizens committee wants to add a wing to a children's hospital so the committee sends to negotiate a woman to which Greene is cautiously attracted.
29 Dec. 1959
Millionaire Timothy Mackail
A cab driver feeling generous after receiving his money offers a ride gratis to a pretty woman but the woman does not return from the house where the driver discovers a murdered man causing police scrutiny for him.
5 Jan. 1960
Millionaire Elizabeth Tander
New York file clerk Elizabeth Tander after receiving her check vacations in Los Angeles where she meets a hotel clerk and aspiring actor David Stevens who she is warned is after her money but Stevens thinks she is struggling city girl.
12 Jan. 1960
Millionaire Sylvia Merrick
Adopted daughter Sylvia Merrick, hated by the biological son of a father whose fortune the brother has squandered, is the victim just before her check arrives of a failed murder attempt planned by the brother to appear a suicide.
19 Jan. 1960
Millionaire Whitney Ames
Whitney Ames' daughter Linda returns from college to find her father has a big new house and a new bride which leads her to anxiously think that the woman has married her father for the benefits of the fortune her father must now have.
26 Jan. 1960
Millionaire Janie Harris
When Janie Harris reconnects in France with the Lothario who once breached his promise of marriage to her, she devises a plan for revenge that goes awry.
2 Feb. 1960
Millionaire Margaret Stoneham
Public defender Margaret Stoneham makes use of her sudden fortune to prove the innocence of a client sentenced to death.
9 Feb. 1960
Millionaire Jerry Mitchell
Korean veteran Mitchell learns that family business has collapsed so promises to pay all the debts even though not legally bound but when he receives his million he struggles with his promise since it will take almost the entire check.
16 Feb. 1960
Millionaire Sandy Newell
After receiving his check, Sandy Newell who has gone to Alaska to make a fortune to marry the woman he loves returns home to discover why the woman has sent him a rejection letter and finds that she is blind.
1 Mar. 1960
Millionaire Larry Maxwell
Because Larry Maxwell receives an unacceptable contract, the million is used to buy the pitcher's baseball team under his wife's maiden name so no one knows Larry's ownership status but Connie Maxwell acts like the usual management.
8 Mar. 1960
Millionaire Karen Summers
A small town librarian with aspirations to be a writer is mistaken as the secretive writer of racy romance novels by town folk and the fact she cannot dissuade their talk becomes more complicated when a reporter comes to do her story.
22 Mar. 1960
Millionaire Julie Sherman
Gallery secretary Julie Sherman falls for aspiring artist Adam Spencer who cancels his proposal when Julie's boss determines Spencer is not ready for a gallery so when Julie receives the million she buys a gallery and Spencer's paintings.
5 Apr. 1960
Millionaire Susan Johnson
Teenager Susan Johnson's use of her money to promote her boyfriend's recording career has unforeseen consequences.
12 Apr. 1960
Millionaire Nancy Cortez
Newlywed Nancy Cortez believes her million dollars is a means to remove her famous matador husband from the dangers of the bullring but faces obstacles of cultural honor and masculine pride.
19 Apr. 1960
Millionaire Katherine Boland
A woman uses her check in an attempt to capture her youth and lost social standing by planning a cotillion for her ward niece although the niece has already chosen her future husband.
26 Apr. 1960
Millionaire Mara Robinson
A Gypsy woman uses her million dollars to pursue a man who has shown an attraction to her at party where he assumed she was guest while unaware of her background.
3 May 1960
Millionaire Dixon Cooper
Dixon Cooper tries to court a widow who wants more financial security for her two children than she thinks he can provide as a milkman.
10 May 1960
Millionaire Vance Ludlow
A locksmith gets his million dollar check and takes an armful of gifts to the apartment of a pretty client, but he finds someone else there.
24 May 1960
Millionaire Peter Longman
Locksmith Peter Longman falls for a woman for whom he unlocks a door from which she is locked out but when he goes to later see the woman he discovers the body of another woman to whom the police say the apartment actually belongs.
31 May 1960
Millionaire Maggie Dalton
Maggie searches New York and Paris for a Frenchman she met at the top of the Empire State Building to thank him for the words he said that brought her out of despair which helped her be in a place where she could receive the million.

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