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Season 7

24 Sep. 1962
The Durango Brothers
Cheyenne is deputized to look for six men who went missing in the area. He finds more than he bargained for when he meets the Durango family and their strong desire to marry off the youngest in their family -- Lottie.
1 Oct. 1962
Cheyenne witnesses a man cry for help and die. When Cheyenne tries to report what he saw, he is caught up in the local superstitions. He must battle people's fears as well as what's behind all the folklore - Satonka.
8 Oct. 1962
Sweet Sam
Sam is a friend to everyone in town. When offering to help little Billy who has a crippled leg, he works night and day in Eli's shop to create a miracle for the boy. But is he working feverishly on that or something else.
15 Oct. 1962
Man Alone
Cheyenne finds a wounded boy unconscious on the trail who can't remember who he is. As Cheyenne helps him regain his memory, he might have to watch out as he may have been involved in a killing and holdup as $50,000 is missing.
22 Oct. 1962
The Quick and the Deadly
When Cheyenne stops to pick up prisoners for Huntsville, he is shocked when Deputy Gary Thomas is suddenly charged with a crime and convicted. Thomas claims he is being framed. When he escapes, Cheyenne suspects he may be right.
29 Oct. 1962
Indian Gold
Cheyenne is in the midst of a powder keg when a Sioux brave brings a bag of gold to town near the Black Hills to pay to heal his wife. The locals want to invade the Sioux territory while Cheyenne and the sheriff try to keep the peace.
5 Nov. 1962
Dark Decision
Cheyenne is a drover who comes to town to sell cattle. Outside town his cattle runs down a blind woman who sees much more than she lets on. She tries to make it on her own as a singer but falls for a less than respectful gambler.
12 Nov. 1962
Pocketful of Stars
Cheyenne scouts for a railroad to lay track to the West. Where the track goes may not be up to the company paying for the route as someone else has a preferred one. At the same time Cheyenne wins a Chinese pearl - a woman.
19 Nov. 1962
The Vanishing Breed
Conserving the dwindling buffalo is a hot issue. Cheyenne decides to step into recently vacated shoes and becomes a Senator. When drawing up the bill, he finds he has a lot of lessons in politics to learn; one of them his own impeachment.
26 Nov. 1962
Vengeance Is Mine
After spending five years in prison for a man, Ray Masters is in Gunnison to settle an old score with the man who has other enemies as well. Cheyenne, an old friend, has to stop him as the interim sheriff before he carries out his promise.
3 Dec. 1962
Johnny Brassbuttons
Johnny is an Indian scout who guides a widow in a military escort to the stage in Globe. They are given safe passage through Indian burial grounds by Chief Chato but only Johnny believes it is a trap that may lead to all their deaths.
10 Dec. 1962
Wanted for the Murder of Cheyenne Bodie
After preventing a convict from escaping during transit to his hanging, Cheyenne is lured to the man's hometown where revenge is planned by the man's family. In fact, he is arrested for his own murder so he can hang nice and legal.
17 Dec. 1962
Showdown at Oxbend
Cheyenne rides into town smack dab into an age-old range war - cattle vs. sheep. He attempts to dispel an old myth that the two can't graze together and determine who is behind the events in the valley. His opposition: the whole town.

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