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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 13 Review – ‘For The Girl Who Has Everything’

Martin Carr reviews the thirteenth episode of Supergirl…

Feeling like a throwback to Alien and those programmes confident enough to put two people in a room for an hour with no action. Supergirl hit her stride yet again with pitched battles, comedic elements and alien parasites. Coupled with moments of pathos in an episode which represents a new high water mark for the series.

Such are the relationships and familiarity of these characters that anything is acceptable now. People waltz in and out of the Deo as if it were a drive through burger chain. Henshaw has become the curmudgeonly father figure who holds sway over errant daughters. Whilst Winn and Olsen are now a wholesome double act who bounce well off each other. Making more sense as allies than they ever did as rivals for Kara’s affection.

Benoist continues having fun and demonstrating her versatility as Henshaw takes on another persona.
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