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Silly, but cute...
Teenie23 July 2000
OK, it was a dumb movie. It was an obvious takeoff of Martin and Lewis, but it was good, clean, innocent fun aimed at the "mad scientist and the gorilla" genre that was enjoyed by Abbott & Costello, The Three Stooges, The Bowery Boys, The Ritz Brothers, etc. Any nostalgia buff would get a nudge instead of a kick out of this film. Sammy Petrillo is almost a clone of Jerry Lewis - even his facial expressions are like carbon copies of Lewis'. Duke Mitchell, on the other hand, needed serious help. Dean Martin he ain't. He can't even sing. If just for the pleasure of seeing Bela Lugosi at his sinister best, tune in. For what few snickers it offers, it's worth a look.
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Dracula! Jerry Lewis! Monkeys! Who Can Resist?
hokeybutt1 July 2005
BELA LUGOSI MEETS A BROOKLYN GORILLA (3 outta 5 stars) Okay, this is a lousy movie... but it still entertained the heck out of me. It's so unbelievably bad that you cannot take your eyes away for a second lest you miss something. Duke Mitchell and Sammy Petrillo star as... Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. Well, it was probably meant more as a rip-off than an homage... but why quibble? Duke Mitchell is a dreadful singer and he hardly even looks like Dean Martin... they could have dragged anyone in off the street and given him that haircut and they'd have been just as good. Petrillo, on the other hand, is a dead-on ringer for a young, lean Jerry Lewis (whether this is good or bad news depends on your tolerance for Jerry Lewis). Bela Lugosi co-stars as a creepy mad doctor who turns people into gorillas.. or whatever. (Don't expect the story to make any sense.) Really, this movie isn't any worse than a lot of those classic buddy comedy movies of the era. The jokes are corny, the plot is silly and there are totally unnecessary musical and romantic subplots. But. come on, you know you are just DYING to see a movie that mixes together Dracula, Jerry Lewis and monkeys!
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Dated but not all that bad!
goodolmhs6725 January 2005
If you have ever seen early M&L films like My Friend Irma, You can see that Sammy Pettrillo did a great impression of Jerry Lewis. In the early films Lewis was annoying with his high squeaky voice etc. This was captured perfectly by Sammy. OK so the production value was not great, but the movie was made on a shoe string budget in 9 days. The film is silly but enjoyable and if you watch it for what it is----silly 1950s entertainment you will have fun watching. The movie reminds me of the Abbott and Costello haunted house movies. I think that for a B movie it's silly enough to be funny.

Bela Lugosi puts in a fine performance. Duke Mitchell sings a few songs. The rest is just escapist entertainment.
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Bela Meets the Clone
wsureck28 May 2003
Bela and Jerry Lewis clone Sammy make this oddity worth watching at least once. This film was made for you can rapidly forward through some boring romantic scenes. Amazingly this silly film sort of grows on you like a fungus with multiple viewings; somehow it is goofy-innocent in all its dumb or dumber glory. "Gorilla" kind of reminded me of Lugosi's early 1940's hammy Monogram films despite the lack of musical numbers in the earlier films; not that anyone needs Duke Mitchell's singing (which reminded me of Elvis with a chest cold). This is one of the few non-European films of Lugosi's I had never seen, so it was a fresh experience. The DVD I bought had amazing picture clarity and sound quality; just the opposite of what is usually released at $6.99. Still, without Lugosi, the "Gorilla" probably would have decomposed in its film can long ago, and I'll admit the film is primarily of interest to bad film fans.
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Not at all Entertaining, But Interesting to Watch
richard.fuller110 February 2002
Yes, Duke Mitchell and Sammy Petrillo were attempting to ripoff Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. Lewis had to take Petrillo to court to make him stop the impersonation (Interesting to note, Lewis was copying black vaudevillian Jimmy Cross' act himself and becoming famous for it, while Cross' race would hold him back). Mitchell is no Martin, but if I had to choose listening to either one, I would choose Mitchell over Martin's crooning. I thought Mitchell had much more life in his singing.

Other than that, had I been Jerry Lewis and I had seen a guy who looked this much like me, I would have signed him up immediately. Petrillo is so strong at resembling Lewis, they could have been boggling portraying twin brothers in a movie, but as the egotistical rift tore between Martin and Lewis, you could just imagine how Petrillo would have gone at it with Lewis. In some scenes, you can see Petrillo is masking animosity as comedy. From beginning to end the only thing that held my attention was 'That's not Jerry Lewis from the telethons.' If Mitchell had bore a resemblance to Martin, the illusion may have been even more convincing. Muriel Landers was a welcome, a rotund woman who is flirtatious and pursuing while not being threatening, something virtually unseen even today in film and television. Not a film to see for entertainment, but to just study and contemplate what is and isn't popular. Lewis was famous, Petrillo wasn't. See if you can tell the difference.
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But It's Bella Lugosi
Der_Vampyr18 February 2002
OK, so the stars are a poor (very poor) imitation of Martin & Lewis. Yes, the movie is a lot on the low budget and bad side. Yet, it's Bela Lugosi! From great movies like Dracula, Island of Lost Souls and The Black Cat to bombs like Plan 9 from Outer Space, Bride of the Monster and Mother Riley Meets the Vampire, Bela makes it worth your time in one way or another.

I like this film. It's silly and not very good, but it makes me laugh. Therefore, I'm entertained and that's the whole idea.
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Rockin'& Rollin' in the Jungle
sol-kay25 March 2004
****Some Spoilers**** Hilariously funny grade-D movie about two entertainers, Duke Mitchell & Sammy Petrillo, who drop in unannounced in the tropical island of Cola Cola only to end up being used by the evil Dr. Zabor, Bela Lugosi, The mad scientist on the island in his experiments on the mysteries of the evolutionary process in determining the link between man and primate.

The Doc. also has a crush on his assistant Nona, Charlita, who's the collage educated daughter of the island's Chief Rakos, Al Kikume, but isn't making any headway with her. In pops Duke Mitchell and Nona falls heads over heels in love with him leaving the Doctor holding the bag as well as a grudge against Duke. Dr. Zabor in an effort to split Duke's and Nona's relationship has his gorilla-like servant Cula, Mickey Simpson, knock out Duke and bring him to his lab where he injects him with a serum that turns the handsome and velvet voice Duke into a big and ferocious looking gorilla.

Telling the natives on the island that there's a killer gorilla on the loose Dr. Zabor hopes to kill two monkeys with one coconut by having Duke done in and then taking his girl Nona all for himself. Dr. Zabor also has his eye on Duke's friend Sammy for further studies in his experiments in evolution due to Sammy's unique cranium. Sammy's skull is very similar to the Doctors chimp Romona that's in his lab. Dr. Zabor thinks that there's a connection between Sammy and the chimp on the evolutionary ladder between man and ape.

Duke in his new body is later hounded by a girl gorilla on the island who took a strong liking or monkey shine to him, handsome devil, giving Duke's friend Sammy a pain in the neck with all the monkey business that Duke puts him through. Sammy also got his hands full with the very ample Soloma, Muriel Landers, who's got a crush on Sammy like a ton of pineapples mango's and bananas.

The whole movie comes to a head when Sammy in trying to save his friend Duke from Dr. Zabor's plan to do him in takes a hit but instead of checking out of the movie wakes up at the "Jungle Hut" nightclub in Passaic New Jersey with the same cast but playing different characters in the film; it was all a dream.

Not bad at all if you take it for the joke that it is; a Lewis/Martin Saturday Night Live shtick that's over an hour long and it's very good. Bela Lugosi is having the time of his life in the film playing himself, who else, as the mad scientist who's always getting distracted by not being able to take his eyes off the beautiful Nona.

Duke Mitchell is very good in his imitation of both Dean Martin and Maagilla Gorilla and also gets to belt out a few songs. Charlita is both smart and pretty as Nona the jungle Princess who fell for Duke and still loved him even after he became a big hairy ape.

But the biggest surprise in the movie is Sammy Petrillo who was so good in his imitation of Jerry Lewis that Lewis sued him for breach of copyright. Sammy was more funny acting like Jerry Lewis then Jerry Lewis ever was acting like himself.
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Not nearly as bad as legend has it.
Steve-1714 August 2000
Okay, once you get past the fact that Mitchell and Petrillo are Dean and Jerry knockoffs, you could do worse than this film. Charlita as Princess Nona is great eye candy, Lugosi does his best with the material he's given, and the production values, music especially (except for the vocals) are better than you'd think for the $50k cost of production. The final glimpses of the characters are a hoot. Written by Tim Ryan, a minor actor in late Charlie Chan films, and husband of Grannie on the Beverly Hillbillies. All in all, WAY better than many late Lugosi cheapies.
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Jungle hi-jinx , a mad scientist, and a gorilla
bux1 November 1998
No doubt, this was an obvious attempt to rip-off Martin & Lewis at the height of their popularity. That said, this is a funny movie. Perhaps if M&L had stayed together, stuck to basic comedy, like this, their pictures wouldn't seem so dated today. Alright, so 'the Duke' is no 'Dino'...but Petrillo gives rise to the thought that perhaps we really didn't need Lewis. Ray 'Crash' Corrigan is in the gorilla suit.
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Totally Laughable!
wishkah710 January 2001
A B-Movie that has a semi all-star cast. The main characters are played by Duke Mitchell and Sammy Petrillo who bear striking resemblence to Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. But act very idiotic, that they make the real M&L look original! In this so-funny-it's-stupid type of B-Movie they play these entertainers who came across a tropical island called, get this, "Cola-Cola". It's residents are natives who do nothing but say, "mucky-mucky" or something very similar in their so-called 'native language". And Bela Lugosi playing his seemingly best B-Movie role, a mad scientist.

The funniest part was when Bela injects Duke with a serum that turns people into gorillas. It's so cheap-looking that you could tell it was a man in a gorilla costume! I cracked up at how ridiculous that looked. As having lived in Brooklyn for most of my life before moving to Atlanta, and I would like to say that I've heard way better Brooklyn accents than Duke Mitchell's in this movie! You might agree if you've watched this increasingly lame excuse for a comedy!

If you watch this movie, you might wonder what the directors and producers were smoking when they thought up of this stupid excuse for a comedy movie. I'll admit it's fun to watch for B-Movie fans like me. If you want to watch a comedy that involves mad scientists and gorillas, then watch The Three Stooges or Abbott and Costello which ever serves your interest.
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I guess the word is unique....
horrorfilmx10 August 2006
Like most everyone else here I picked this up in the dollar bin. The quality of the DVD wasn't bad at all and if, as I've heard, this picture was produced for only $50,000 then they did a hell of a job. It's slickly shot and at least as well produced as your average Universal B feature. None of which is to deny the fact that the movie stinks. I've heard that when BROOKLYN GORILLA came out the producers took some heat from Martin and Lewis' lawyers and it's easy to see why. The only other time I've seen a comedy team's act so blatantly stolen was yonks ago when an obscure group called the Pickle Brothers tried to pass themselves off as the Marx Brothers, and who the hell even remembers the Pickle brothers? At any rate Sammy Petrillo's Lewis impression is positively eerie, and to be fair he's only slightly more annoying than the original. Duke Mitchell is another matter entirely. He's so constricted he seems in the last stages of terminal stage fright, afraid to move and frequently slurring his lines. He sings the old standard "Deed I Do" in what is supposed to be a sexy croak which actually makes him sound like a sort of hipster Walter Brennan.

On the plus side: one or two funny gags (inluding a grotesque impression by Petrillo of a totem pole) and a very attractive leading lady. And as I said, the producers sure knew how to stretch a buck.
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Charlita - Oh, you beautiful doll !
malcolm-webb10 July 2011
It is hard not to like this amusing little comedy chiller. Lugosi is in great form, given his age and health problems. There are some humorous exchanges of dialogue, in particular when Bela is explaining the finer points of his evolution experimentation to the Martin and Lewis wannabees Duke Mitchell and Sammy Petrillo. The boys clown around a bit with very weak material, their jokes really only likely to amuse any kids in the audience. Ramona is one very talented chimpanzee and turns in a good performance larking about with Petrillo. I saw this film on the lower half of a double feature in a London suburban flea-pit around 1959. Released over here by New Realm Pictures Ltd. and re-titled " Monster meets the Gorilla ". The film benefits from the casting of the very pretty actress Charlita, and this was probably her finest hour, being that she is on screen in most of the scenes, where she is given plenty of dialogue and an opportunity to display her natural charms. Her other film credits were mostly fleeting cameos, or dance interludes. She often played waitresses, and she appeared in a few TV series entries.
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Good Martin & Lewis Imitators!
ec123-122 January 2007
As the only film Mitchell & Petrillo did together, this was an obvious attempt to duplicate the feel and tempo of a 1952 Paramount Martin & Lewis movie in virtually every detail. One wonders if there wasn't legal action against the producers of this picture for the obvious cloning of Martin & Lewis!

Sammy Petrillo has the Jerry Lewis of 1952 nailed down perfectly and even above that--as a caricature! Duke Mitchell wasn't as good a Dean Martin, though, but a passable leading man and singer. Lugosi fans will like the big role he has in this picture. Too bad they weren't given other picture offers. The female and supporting players are all quite good. For a cheapie that was shot on a budget of $50,000, it has good production values--even the gorilla transformation scenes! Since this film is in the public domain, it turns up often in dollar DVD displays at many discount stores.
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Borderline Cult
ProfundoVic17 August 2006
I've always loved this above average lost in jungle comedy team movie. This movie showcases Mitchell and Petrillo and for the life of me i don't know why they were not more popular.Being clones of Martin and Lewis,they come off as quite professional in this B- Movie.Songs are good and i like this movie better than any "road" movies but then thats a matter of taste or lack of it.Bela Lugosi and the Ape actors just add to the fun.1 scene that cracks me up is the witch doctor eating a banana through his giant mask.Then again Sammy doing stand up to the natives who seem Hawaiian gets me going too.The question is did Mitchell and Petrillo make more movies?
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Watchable for sense of fun and slice of 50's stars and shows
oscar-3514 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This was memorable for seeing Bela Lugosi in his latter life and Ray 'Crash' Corrigan as the Dr's assistant. The plot is delightful and ends with a nice twist dream sequence. I didn't know about the Martin & lewis knock-off group that appeared in this film but I know that's a Hollywood possibility. Go to this site and read more from the people who made this film. It's quite interesting! I have to write more about this film in order for it top be posted, so I am trying to fill up so this will go through.
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...............And The Gorilla Won in Two Straight Falls.
bkoganbing27 October 2007
I remember seeing this film as a kid and wondering who these two guys were who were doing this bad imitation of Martin and Lewis. Duke Mitchell and Sammy Petrillo mercifully left the cinema after this horribly bad film which only left poor Bela Lugosi work for someone like Ed Wood.

The sad thing I believe was that Bela probably took the part because he was going to be billed in the title of the film, the way his rival Boris Karloff was billed in Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer, Boris Karloff. Even though that wasn't one of A&C's best it still was miles above this grade Z shlock.

Bela tries to make it work, hams it up in his best sinister manner. But even he noted that the classic horror film was killed by Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. It would not be revived until Hammer Films over in the UK started putting out those Peter Cushing/Christopher Lee bloodfests.

Of course no songs were written of the caliber of what Dean Martin was singing at Paramount and Duke Mitchell is a bad high school version of Dean Martin. I can't remember any of them, probably that's a blessing.

For Bela Lugosi completists only.
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utgard1413 July 2017
Wretched "comedy" starring blatant Martin & Lewis rip-offs Duke Mitchell and Sammy Petrillo. I don't even like the real Martin & Lewis, so you can imagine how much a couple of imitators must grate on my nerves. The only reason I even subjected myself to this is that it's one of the few Bela Lugosi movies I've never seen. Now I wish I could unsee it. Sammy Petrillo is the worst! Loud, talentless, incessantly trying for any laughs, desperately grabbing for them like a drowning man looking for a lifeline. He never lets up. I was sick of him by the end of his first scene. I'm shocked the cast and crew didn't assault him. As for Bela, he looks gaunt and sickly. His presence here is just depressing. Best part about the movie is eye candy Charlita. I don't ever want to see this again. I'm not surprised this is the only film Duke & Sammy made. I'm also not surprised Jerry Lewis did his best to keep Petrillo from working. Normally, I would think that's not a good look for Jerry but in this case I think he did humanity a favor.
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fun bad
iammead-117 October 2005
Yes this movie is far short of a classic film, but that doesn't matter ITS A HOOT! There should be a new Genre of film named fun bad and this one is the poster child.

Bela was in the declining years of his career, everyone knows the story of his last days, and his performance is typical of that time period. I thought the Matin and Lewis knockoff was terrific. No one would dare do that kind of thing now. The plot is generic, but for pure fun I thought it was great. Bela Lugosi is a name that will go down in movie trivia history. How many "great" films did he make? No one has made as many bad films yet their name is immortal.
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Pure, absolute pain.
madscientist278713 November 2005
Martin Landau was correct in his assessment that this film makes Bela Lugosi's Ed Wood-directed films look like "Gone With the Wind" in comparison. Bela gets a top billing here, but in truth he merely plays second fiddle to a Martin and Lewis ripoff duo who are quite literally the two most annoying characters in all the movies ever made.

I'm not familiar with any of the Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis comedies, but after seeing this film I'm not in a hurry to acquire any of them. Duke Mitchell, the Dino-ripoff, has all the charm of a urinal in a men's public bathroom, and his singing voice is akin to that of Elvis Presley with a chest cold crooning into a cardboard toiler paper tube. His friend Sammy Petrillo makes for such bad, loud, ugly, unfunny, and downright wretched comic relief that he makes Jar Jar Binks look like Hannibal Lecter. With his hideous facial features and shrill, high-pitched caterwaul, I can't imagine why anyone would put him in a motion picture, as opposed to putting him in the woods, in an unmarked grave at midnight.

There isn't very much to say about Lugosi; he plays his mad scientist character with what appears to be a constant look of shame for being involved in such a dumb film. There are unconvincing-looking jungle natives, stock footage animals, a fat girl who keeps chasing Petrillo, et al. If you value your sanity and well-being, skip this one.
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Now I Know Why the French Love Jerry Lewis
dbborroughs1 June 2004
Duke Mitchell and Sammy Petrillo were a low rent Martin and Lewis. Mitchell had a some talent while, judging from this film, Petrillo had less then none. Petrillo is so bad, so annoying, so painful to watch, he takes Jerry Lewis' schtick to lows one would think were not possible. I had never watched this movie from start to finish until recently laid low by an illness, and all I can say is it made me sicker. Don't get me wrong I love bad movies but this is something else, or Sammy is, since if one could remove him from the film then you'd have something someone might want to watch. He doesn't speak he growls or whines in a way that I can only compare to a petulant child does moments before he's sent to his room until he's 40.(His parents should be held accountable for crimes against humanity for not eating their young)

How many people saw this and asked for their money back?

After seeing this I must take back anything I've ever said bad about Jerry Lewis, since as annoying as he can be, at least he is funny.

The plot has something to do with Mitchell and Petrillo ending up on a jungle island where they meet Lugosi (Half an hour in and after bad Petrillo mugging and a well sung but badly written song) who wants to do experiments on the pair.

Truth be told as long as Petrillo is silenced this is a good grade z movie, but he's as bad I have to put this with the lowest of the low.

One out of ten, because I can't go lower.
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What were they thinking?!
MartinHafer26 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Despite decent production values, this is a truly dreadful film. You know it's bad when probably the best thing about the movie is its direction--considering it was done by William "One Shot" Beaudine--a director famous for never doing retakes even when a cameraman or microphone is clearly visible in the scene!! The film stinks for two major reasons--the story idea is so ludicrously stupid and the stars of the film are among the least talented and annoying in film history. As for the story, it's best summed up by just reading the title! However, I'll explain a little more of the basic plot: Two total morons parachute onto a Pacific island inhabited by a very, very strange tribe. While the tribe is very primitive, there is a mad scientist (Lugosi) working on the island with the chief's daughter as his assistant. Now the tribe still has a witch doctor AND they live in primitive huts, but somehow the girl has managed to go off to college in the US and is a lab tech!! The less annoying of the morons falls for the girl and vice-versa, but Lugosi plays an old pervert who secretly wants the girl--so he naturally turns the moron into a gorilla! Believe it or not, I am NOT making this up in the least! Now while this is all super silly and bizarre, the film is even worse than you'd expect because the actors playing the morons are, in fact, real morons--in the form of the "comedy" team of Mitchell and Petrillo. They are obviously ripping off the act of Martin and Lewis and don't even try to be original. Mitchell is a shorter knockoff of Martin and his job is to sing (rather poorly) and get the girl. Petrillo is the complete cretin whose job is to make us think that turning him into a gorilla would be a major improvement!! Sadly, though, it is Mitchell that becomes the gorilla.

Although Petrillo is made up to look almost exactly like Jerry Lewis circa 1950, his shtick is essentially to take the worst aspects of Lewis' act and beat them like a dead horse. Sure Jerry is known for his mugging and over-acting, but Petrillo does this constantly--like someone's untalented family member who insists on doing obnoxious imitations every time company arrives! Goober from The Andy Griffith show did an imitation of Cary Grant where he just yells "Judy, Judy, Judy" again and again (even though Grant never actually uttered the lines)--this is about the same quality as Petrillo's performance. In addition to his awfully nasal voice and dominance of every scene he is in (sounds like Lewis, huh?), he injects a lot of Jewish humor that Lewis rarely did on film. So, if you watch it, have your Yiddish dictionary nearby you mensch!

So why did I give this film a 2 and not less? Well, for curiosity sake and adequate production values, I was feeling charitable. This film is only for fans of bad films or for someone who insists on seeing all of Lugosi's films (including the many bad ones from late in his career). Otherwise, for your sake and those in your home, DON'T watch this film!!!! Show your family you love them and burn this DVD!!!
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aka. Bela Lugosi meets the most annoying person on the planet
kbone32-15 December 2006
I gave this film a 3 only because of Bela Lugosi. If not a .07 would be about correct since there is awful and then, well there is this movie. Take a Dean Martin remove acting and singing talent then drop his IQ by about 50 points and you have Duke Mitchell. Then take a Jerry Lewis remove anything funny about him and then raise the annoying factor up about 1000% and you have Sam Petrillo. The story line is thin. These 2 maroons fall off an airplane heading to do a show for the troops in Guam. At least their luck held out, for us, well they just happen to have parachutes that work. Great. The two end up meeting the local natives and one happens to be a babe who falls for Mitchell. This makes (the only bright spot) Bela Lugosi angry since he is in love with her and so he turns Mitchell into a gorilla. (which is a vast improvement over his acting as Duke Mitchell) The problem is the real fireworks don't really start until about the last 10 to 15 minutes of the film. So you really have to endure the annoying Petrillo, and Duke singing which could bring tears to the deaf. Another bright spot happens at the end. (before the "THE END" hits the screen) and that is when Lugosi shoots Petrillo but the scene ends to quick. I was hoping Petrillo would have agonized more before dying at least 10 minutes worth of pain and suffering would have been nice. This could have allowed me time to refresh my drink, have a shot of jaegermeister, and do the lucky me dance while thinking there maybe is justice in this world. Unless you are a die hard Lugosi fan stay clear of this one.
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So Bad it's Bad
icaredor2 December 2010
No movie seems too awful for someone to claim SoBIG status for it. I suppose we must each draw our own lines in our own way. I think I must draw one here. Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla has all the ingredients for a fun D-grade movie – bad script, bad sets, bad acting, a gorilla, etc. However, it is so devoid of any spark of creativity that it offended even my meager aesthetic sense. In the pantheon of soft drinks, if such an erection were ever raised, this film would be decaffeinated, vanilla, diet Crown Cola: a cheap, shameless, tasteless rip-off. It plagiarizes the "Abbott and Costello Meet..." movies and those by that other comedy duo (Lewis and Clark, was it?), and just about anything else it can exploit.

I only watched Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla because it had that Dracula guy in it. I forget his name. But the waning Count is only dribbled out for his notoriety and is completely wasted here (although having the seventy-year old Bela pawing Nona, the island maiden, does produce the only moment in the movie that is creepy...but not in the spooky way).

Even given all of this, I may have let BLmaBG slide with three stars -- well, it does have Bela Lugosi AND a gorilla, two actually, and a chimp -- until the ending pushed it under the bottom: They couldn't be bothered to come up with one!

I hope none of this is off putting. I'm sure many people will find this movie SoBig, maybe flat out 'ig,' and de gustibus non est disputandum.
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Flak_Magnet10 September 2009
This movie is like Chemotherapy; it sucks the life right out of your bone marrow. It wrecks you on a cellular level and there is nothing funny about it. Imagine watching Jerry Lewis run around a jungle set with a guy in a gorilla suit, screaming and making cross-eyed faces. Now, replace Jerry Lewis with a Jerry Lewis impersonator; who is, if you can believe it, more annoying than Lewis. Bela has about 15-min of screen time, and he is entirely wooden. The Dean Martin impersontar looks and sounds nothing like Dean Martin. The most captivating performance is from a chimpanze. Honest. You don't have to do this, people. Some doors are best left unopened. ---|--- Reviews by Flak Magnet
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Worth Paying Money Not To See
gftbiloxi15 May 2005
Now and then a badly made film is so incredibly inept that it becomes hilariously funny and attains cult movie status. But for the most part, badly made films are just bad plain and simple, and BELA LUGOSI MEETS A BROOKLYN GORILLA is a case in point.

The story line is similar to the Crosby-Hope films of the 1940s. Two entertainers accidentally walk out of an airplane in flight and find themselves on a strange tropical island. How strange is it? Well, it's so strange that Bela Lugosi lives there, and he's trying to find a way to turn men into monkeys. One of the native girls is the banana of Lugosi's eye, and when she takes a fancy to one of the stranded song-and-dance men you can pretty much bet the guy is about to become a laboratory experiment.

The problem with the movie isn't so much the story as it is the actual script, which is dreadful, and the cast, which is worse. The lines are dumb rather than funny and the cast--most notably Sammy Petrillo in his tooth-gritting Jerry Lewis imitation--is abrasive rather than funny. Petrillo's partner in this crime is actor Duke Mitchell, who is equally tiresome as a low-rent imitation of Dean Martin. As for Bela Lugosi, he may get title billing, but there's not much to the role, and that may actually be for the best.

There are several DVD releases of this film, some with bonuses, some without, some good quality prints, some lousy. But to my mind it doesn't matter: no matter how you look at this thing, it's worth paying money so you DON'T have to watch it. A cult favorite? I don't know who gives it that accolade, but believe me when I say they can have it.

Gary F. Taylor, aka GFT, Amazon Reviewer
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