No Highway in the Sky (1951) Poster

Janette Scott: Elspeth Honey



  • Dennis Scott : I see: the scientists do the thinking for the world, and the rest of us just live in it, is that it?

    Elspeth Honey : Yes.

  • Dennis Scott : What other games do you play?

    Elspeth Honey : Oh well there's pyramidology.

    Dennis Scott : Pyramid-?

    Elspeth Honey : Ology.

    Dennis Scott : Pyramidology.

    Elspeth Honey : That's the science of the Great Pyramid. My father made it up too, the game I mean, here it is, excuse me. It was built in the year 3,234 B.C., it's very scientific, it was built in direct relationship to the stars, so it has an astronomical significance. It's the only known architectural example of squaring the circle. That is the area of the base is directly equal to that of a circle, but the height of the structure of its radius. It has the most wonderful maximal.

  • Elspeth Honey : Miss Teasdale's gone and Miss Corder will be, and the people out in front of it, and everybody wanting to talk to me at school, that sort of thing isn't very permanent is it? It's like Christmas, everybody very nice to everybody else for a little while but then it doesn't last. Why is that, father?

    Theodore Honey : Oh I don't know dear, don't they talk to you all the time at school?

    Elspeth Honey : Oh no, I'm a swot, you know.

    Theodore Honey : Oh I didn't know you were a swot, what is a swot?

    Elspeth Honey : Well a swot is rather the sort of person people don't talk to very much because they're different, like my intelligent quotient being too high.

  • Elspeth Honey : [carrying a present from Monica]  This is like Christmas, only more so.

  • Elspeth Honey : When my father's thinking, I keep very quiet.

    Dennis Scott : What about your mother? Does she help you keep quiet?

    Elspeth Honey : My mother is dead, Mr. Scott, the V-2 in the war.

  • Elspeth Honey : Have you got your sandwich?

    Theodore Honey : Yes, yes I have.

    Elspeth Honey : Tomoto, cheese, and there were some nice fish.

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