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Season 8

21 Nov. 1958
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Newspaper editor Sheldon Black is being shoved aside for the publisher's slimy protégé, Dean Lowell, who passed Black's ideas off as his own. Before exiting, Black orders Lowell to cover the execution of a condemned man that Lowell was friends with in the war. If the reptile Lowell had been willing to soil his "war hero" reputation and testify, he could have saved the man from the electric chair. Instead, he remains quiet and turns in quite a news story
19 Dec. 1958
No Answer
A swindler who's known for separating rich widows from their money is the lead suspect in the murder of this latest "pigeon." His alibi seems pretty air tight: he was with the investigating cop when the murder supposedly took place.
30 Jan. 1959
And Practically Strangers
From childhood Alan Mitchell has always felt his abilities and achievements overshadowed by those of his younger brother Hugh. When Hugh requisitions Alan to work with him on a nuclear bomb project it puts an additional strain on their already tense relationship.
27 Mar. 1959
The Salted Mine
In the Old West, a beautiful mine owner hires a detective to discover if she has been swindled when she bought a mine.
5 Jun. 1959
The Rumor
The guys of the billing department at Brittanica Insurance heard that one of them is about to be let go. After breaking up with his girlfriend-of-the-week, office playboy Eddie shoots off his mouth and says he's gonna quit and leave town. Of course, he reconsiders as soon as he meets another woman.
17 Jul. 1959
Cowboy Five Seven
This dramatization was about a typical day in the lives of the men of SAC, was made by Stewart, a reserve officer in the air force, at Westover (Mass.) Air Base. No professional actors are used; officers and enlisted men and their families portray themselves.

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