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Lively B movie.
Mozjoukine16 July 2006
This now forgotten production line support had many of the qualities that once made the standard Hollwood entertainment compelling. I remember this from my early viewing, among a parade of often more ambitious product.

It has the strip cartoon - serial imagery and subject matter that TV would imitate but never manage to mass produce in this manner. Kent Taylor in his bomber jacket is very "Terry and the Pirates" and the plot with secret identities, hidden rooms, exotic locations and the threat of hideous tortures administered by fiendish orientals offered all the matinée delights a youthful viewer would look for.

Seen again now it is simple minded but it's self confidence bolstered by major studio production values - even if they are jammed into a small budget - does engage. And it's acquired added nostalgia value.
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Pleasant If Old-Fashioned B
boblipton29 September 2019
Robert Barrat's doctor tells him that he needs to retire and let his partners run his shipping business. Barrat replies that he has no partners, he built it up from a rowboat. Some time later, six people show up in Shanghai. They each carry a gold coin identifying themselves as cousins of Barrat. They will split his fortune, estimated at $20,000,000. However, Victor Sen Yung (in a white beard) takes them all prisoner Barrat and he started out together, and he's entitled to half. One of them will go fetch the treasure, he will take his half and the rest will leave with a nice sum of money. If the one set for the treasure does not return with it, or anyone tries to escape..... well, that would be most regrettable, wouldn't it?

It's a nice idea for a movie, even given the rather platitudinous way Yung plays it, and the actors in this B movie are minor, but skilled, including likes of Kent Taylor, Dona Drake, and Tala Birell, As for the director, no one ever accused James Tinling of genius, but he gets this old-fashioned, one-set piece on film without it being too painful. there's some nice, if standard characters on view, and a nice ending, so I was pleased.
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