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Ethel Waters: Petunia Jackson



  • Petunia Jackson : [after she runs Jim Henry and his crony off]  Oh, Lord! Please forgive me for backsliding, but sometimes when you fight the Devil you've got to jab him with his own pitchfork!

  • Petunia Jackson : Little Joe, you got a funny feeling?

    Joseph 'Little Joe' Jackson : I've got a feeling, but it ain't funny!

  • Jim Henry : [Petunia orders a drink at Jim Henry's]  What'll it be, Miss Jackson?

    Petunia Jackson : You may get me a double King Kong!

  • Petunia Jackson : I've gone into the hotel business.

    Rev. Green : That's fine.

    Petunia Jackson : He means he's got a job down at that new hotel downtown.

    Joseph 'Little Joe' Jackson : Yes, sir. I'm operative in charge of elevator number two.

  • Petunia Jackson : That hotel's all air-conditioned.

    Joseph 'Little Joe' Jackson : You know, honey, when I get rich in the elevator game, maybe I'll air-condition our residence.

    Petunia Jackson : This one's already air-conditioned with half the roof gone.

  • Petunia Jackson : Little Joe ain't wicked. He's just weak. And if he dies now, the devil's going to get him sure.

  • Petunia Jackson : [singing]  Sometime the cabin gloomy and the table bare, Soon he kiss me and it's Christmas ev'rywhere, Troubles fly away and life is easy go, Does he love me good, that's all I has to know, Seem like happiness is just a thing called Joe, Daaaah dah-dah-dah-dah dah-dah Joe...

  • Petunia Jackson : Something tells me I ain't lucky. Let me see you roll them, Jim Henry.

    Jim Henry : Anything to pleasure a lady.

  • Joseph 'Little Joe' Jackson : When I gets recovered, I ain't gonna let you break your back working for me.

    Petunia Jackson : Oh, I don't mind, sugar, long as it's you I'm working for.

  • Joseph 'Little Joe' Jackson : Well, I'm gonna be good to you from now on. I'm gonna buy you electric washing machine. You ain't gonna do nobody's scrubbing but your own.

    Petunia Jackson : Sure enough? Little Joe, you just about to kill me with kindness.

  • Petunia Jackson : [singing]  There's a little cabin in the sky, Mister For me and for you, I feel that it's true somehow...

  • Petunia Jackson : [singing]  We will be, oh, so gay, All we'll do is sing and pray, As the angels go sailing by...

  • Petunia Jackson : Look at you. Standing all covered with God's good dirt and all the devilishness sweatin' out you. My, but you a handsome sight.

  • Petunia Jackson : [singing]  On the ball again, I'm ridin' for a fall again, I'm gonna give my all again, Takin' a chance on love...

  • Petunia Jackson : You double-crossing snake! Sneakin' that good-for-nothin' woman in my house the minute my back is turned.

  • Petunia Jackson : I know all about that sweepstake money and I'm solid collecting my half, cash on the line.

    Joseph 'Little Joe' Jackson : Well, I don't know if I got that much left, Petunia. No?

    Petunia Jackson : Then you're just in the correct suit to be laid out in.

  • Petunia Jackson : Good evening, riffraff! Hello, Jim Henry. Thought I'd just drop round and give your joint the once-over.

    Joseph 'Little Joe' Jackson : Why, Petunia, is this really you?

    Petunia Jackson : But not the same me you used to break her back busting suds over a tub for you!

    Joseph 'Little Joe' Jackson : Why, you - you're beautiful, Petunia!

    Petunia Jackson : Oh, save that sugarcoated talk for your girlfriend.

  • Georgia Brown : Now, you just be a little more careful what you say to your wife in front of me.

    Joseph 'Little Joe' Jackson : Georgia, you keep out of this.

    Georgia Brown : I'm speakin' my mind.

    Petunia Jackson : And I ain't heard a sound.

  • Petunia Jackson : Brown! Ain't it about time for you to get into that cooch dance?

  • Petunia Jackson : I suddenly feel a musical urge.

    Domino Johnson : Mrs. Jackson, to your musical urge.

    Petunia Jackson : [singing]  Oh, there's honey in the honeycomb, There's nectar in the peach, There's candy in a coconut shell, And mussels on ev'ry beach, Ooh, there's money in the savings bank, And I personally guarantee, If there's honey in the honeycomb, Then, baby look out, ooh, there's love in me...

  • Petunia Jackson : Lord, do something about this. Hear my prayer. Send down your wrath and destroy this wicked place!

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