Dr. Kildare Goes Home (1940) Poster

Lionel Barrymore: Dr. Leonard Gillespie



  • Dr. Leonard Gillespie : [addressing graduating interns]  Gentlemen, I salute you. You're about to go out and engage yourself in the noble profession of practicing medicine. Well my heart bleeds for you. But since we're all aware of what you'll have to face, perhaps you'll accept a few hints from a man old enough to know better. Never expect to get a good night's sleep. Many illnesses start at noon, but nobody ever seems to call the doctor before midnight. No matter how ill the patient is, you'll have more trouble with the relatives. Always remember that many times your only job will be to keep the patient happy because nature's going to cure him and you'll get all the credit.

    Dr. Walter Carew : Thank you, Leonard.

    Dr. Leonard Gillespie : Well don't thank me yet - I'm not through. Gentlemen, nobody has the right to live without paying for his existence with some service to mankind. Your service is man's most precious boon. The alleviation of pain and the postponement of death. Be proud of it. I'm sending you out in the world with a message of hate. Hate for disease and ignorance. Cherish that hatred and you'll never quit, no matter how tough the going gets. I see courage in your faces, and I know you got it in your hearts. At any time if I could help you... why... Well, goodbye and good luck.

  • Dr. Leonard Gillespie : You look like you've lost fifteen pounds. Very becoming!

    Molly Byrd : I've gained eight. And what do you want done that's against the rules?

  • Dr. Leonard Gillespie : That's a good idea, and maybe very practical... in 1960.

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