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Norman Willis: Spider Webb



  • [Chapter Four] 

    Spider Webb : Where's your father now, boy?

    Tim Tyler : You outta know. You've got his Jungle Cruiser.

    Spider Webb : Jungle Cruiser? Oh, you mean that armored tank. Why, we didn't even know it belonged to your father. We found it abandoned in the jungle.

    Garry Drake : Yeah, that's right. We found it.

    Tim Tyler : You expect me to believe that? You STOLE it from him, that's what you did.

    Spider Webb : Too bad you feel that way about it, sonny. You've got us all wrong. We want to help you FIND your father.

    Tim Tyler : So you can make him tell you where the elephants' burial ground is, eh? Well, I don't need your help! I can find him myself.

    Spider Webb : I'm sorry but you're not leaving here for a while yet.

    Tim Tyler : No?

    Spider Webb : And I wouldn't advise you to try it, because nobody can get out of this swamp alive unless they know their way through the quicksand.

  • [Chapter Four] 

    Spider Webb : How would you find a man in the jungle?

    Mogu : I would have drums talk for me, bwana.

    Spider Webb : Could you find a white man that way?

    Mogu : Nothing move in jungle that some eye does not see.

  • [Chapter Five] 

    Garry Drake : Just what're you gonna do with the kid anyway, Spider?

    Spider Webb : I'm gonna keep him here until I get my hands on the ivories, then I'll turn him loose.

    Garry Drake : Turn him loose?

    Spider Webb : Yes, turn him loose - and forget to tell him how to get through the quicksand.

  • [Chapter Six] 

    [Prof. Tyler sees Spider's party return to camp without Tim and fears the worst] 

    Spider Webb : Get this, Tyler. If you don't tell me where the elephants' burial ground is, there WILL be a death in the Tyler family.

    Professor Tyler : There's only one thing can make me tell you that, Spider, and that is your guarantee of my boy's safety.

  • [Chapter Twelve] 

    Lora Lacey : Oh, Spider, please. It can't do you any harm now. You stole those diamonds in Kimberley and framed it on Donald. Won't you tell the truth, please?

    Spider Webb : [smiles]  After what... you and your friends, the Ivory Patrol, have done to me, I should... do you a favor?

    [Spider laughs, coughs, and dies] 

  • [Chapter Twelve] 

    Brent : Say, what do you propose the boys at the hideout will say when we tell them we left the others behind?

    Spider Webb : It was every man for themselves. You leave it to me. I'll take care of them.

  • [Chapter Nine] 

    Patrol Guard Rocky [Ch. 9] : We gotta work fast. We can't wait till tonight. We gotta spring ya now.

    Spider Webb : Now? In broad daylight? Why?

    Patrol Guard Rocky [Ch. 9] : I tell ya we gotta. The Tyler kid butted in

    Spider Webb : The Tyler kid. The Tyler kid got me in this jam. Once outta here I'll get rid of him if it's the last thing I ever do.

  • [Chapter Ten] 

    Spider Webb : Speed it up, Brent. We ought to be there by this time.

    Brent : Well, if you want to risk a busted axel speeding over this rough county, it's all right with me.

  • [Chapter Ten] 

    Spider Webb : [as to the elephant's graveyard]  We're going up there to look for it as soon as we get rid of you.

    Lora Lacey : Oh, you're going to LOOK for it. You don't KNOW where it is. Well, I do.

    Brent : Say, that's right, Spider. She WAS up in those caves with old Tyler.

    Spider Webb : NOW tell your gorilla to shoot.

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