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Earl Douglas: Jules Lazarre



  • [Chapter Four] 

    Jules Lazarre : [crossing the swamp with Tim in a fireman's carry]  Listen, kid, don't do nothing to make me lose my balance. If you do, I let you go, and you drown in the quicksand

    Garry Drake : Better see that doesn't happen, Lazarre. That kid's worth his weight in gold to us, and if anything happens to him, you'll have to answer to Spider.

    Jules Lazarre : [to Tim]  Just the same, you better don't move 'round.

  • [Chapter Five] 

    Jules Lazarre : [laughs]  Kid, you ask me for one awful much.

  • [Chapter Six] 

    Jules Lazarre : The kid, she's all right?

    Patrolman Berry : He's pretty full of sand and water but he'll do fine.

    Jules Lazarre : Then my job she's fini. I give myself up, Sergeant. I am Jules Lazarre. You have want for...

    Patrolman Berry : Jules Lazarre?

    Sgt. Gates : [smacks Kelly's arm]  Never heard of you, Lazarre.

    Jules Lazarre : But I am Jules Lazarre. This man KNOW I am.

    Patrolman Berry : Listen. If the sergeant says we don't know ya, we don't know ya. Come on over and let me patch up that arm.

    Jules Lazarre : You mean, the Patrol, she no want me for prisoner?

    Sgt. Gates : Forget it, Lazarre.

    Jules Lazarre : [looking in or towards the camera]  Sometimes I no understand even things what I know.

  • [Chapter Ten] 

    Jules Lazarre : Is a funny thing. The elephant, she's the biggest thing in the zhungle, so we lose-a its tracks.

  • [Chapter Ten] 

    Jules Lazarre : What I think? I think the elephant have killed you, you come riding on his head.

  • [Chapter Ten] 

    Jules Lazarre : [riding Bolo]  This the first time I ever get seasick on the land.

  • [Chapter Eleven] 

    Jules Lazarre : I have one funny idea. This graveyard, she's place where elephants go for die, yes?

    Sgt. Gates : Yes? What about it?

    Jules Lazarre : Well, this Bolo elephants, she no ready for die, yet. She don't want go there.

    Tim Tyler : I'll bet he's right. Bolo will go in any direction except that one and there must be SOME reason for it. Elephants are pretty smart.

  • [Chapter Eleven] 

    Jules Lazarre : [as Tim lies unconscious]  We got elephant at top of mountain. I carry Tim up dere.

    Lora Lacey : An elephant?

    Jules Lazarre : But sure. Is very good friend from Tim now.

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