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Game Review: ‘Shadows of the Damned’ – A Raunchy Journey Through the Bowels of Hell

Ever since Eve, women have had the power to make men fight through heaven and hell in order to impress them. They need not use Harry Potter’s Imperius Curse or even a love potion to control the whims of man, just the promise of a night of intimacy. Sex is a strong motivational tool. And, if you are Garcia Hotspur in Shadows of the Damned, it’s a tool that takes you on a raunchy journey through the bowels of hell. It’s not just the blatant puns that make this game’s story scream “M” rated; the visuals are overwhelmingly laden with sexual humor right down to the giant boss fights. In case you missed a quip, you’re trusty Johnson (his gun) will always be around to tell you what you’re missing out on. See what I did there? In Shadows of the Damned, Hotspur is
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