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Fredric March: Count Vronsky



  • Vronsky : Our meetings are so brief, the dance also.

    Anna Karenina : But our reunions are so frequent.

    Vronsky : When I leave you, I'm lost in a world of strangers. When I touch your hand, we're alone.

    Anna Karenina : [Smiling as she switches dance partners]  I return you to the world!

  • Anna Karenina : I didn't know you were going back to St. Petersburg so soon. Why this change of plan?

    Vronsky : Why? To be where you are. You know that. Forgive me, I... I had to say it.

    Anna Karenina : You shouldn't. You shouldn't. You must forget that you said it.

    Vronsky : Nothing of you. I shall never forget anything of you.

  • Vronsky : I love your frown when you concentrate.

    Anna Karenina : [playing croquet]  How do you expect me to make this shot if you talk to me?

  • Anna Karenina : I feel pain. I feel tears.

    Vronsky : Why?

    Anna Karenina : Because I'm so happy. Not to think, only to live, only to feel.

  • Vronsky : You're trembling. Are you cold?

    Anna Karenina : We'll be punished.

    Vronsky : Punished?

    Anna Karenina : For being so happy.

  • Anna Karenina : You should've married Kitty. You would've been much happier with her.

    Vronsky : Anna, you brood to much. You spin fairy tales.

    Anna Karenina : I face the truth.

    Vronsky : What truth?

    Anna Karenina : That one day I shall find myself... *ALONE*.

  • Vronsky : I want my comrades and my career! And love isn't everything.

    Anna Karenina : One only says that when love is over.

  • Vronsky : You must have been naughty.

  • Vronsky : Kitty, won't you dance?

  • Kitty : You're strange.

    Vronsky : You're very charming, Kitty.

  • Vronsky : Won't you relent? Won't you dance the mazurka with me?

  • Vronsky : Do you get a sense we're being watched?

    Anna Karenina : Watched? We're being devoured.

  • Vronsky : As a matter of fact, I've been analyzing this code of ours, lately, and it doesn't stand up. For instance, one must always pay a card sharper; but, need not pay a tailor.

    Yashvin : Quite right.

    Vronsky : One must never tell a lie to a man; but, one may to a woman.

    Yashvin : Naturally.

    Vronsky : One must never cheat anyone; but, one may a husband.

    Yashvin : Inevitably.

    Vronsky : One must never pardon an insult; but, may freely give one.

    Yashvin : Obviously.

    Vronsky : Well, it's trivial! It's nonsensical!

    Yashvin : My dear Vronsky, has your liver been bothering you lately?

  • Vronsky : Shall we go out in a gondola in the Grand Canal, find the serenata?

    Anna Karenina : Yes.

    Vronsky : Shall we explore all the little canals, those murderous little water alleys where the Doges used to throw their enemies?

    Anna Karenina : Yes.

    Vronsky : Shall we go to St. Mark's and feed the pigeons?

    Anna Karenina : Yes.

    Vronsky : Shall we be really energetic?

    Anna Karenina : Yes.

    Vronsky : And go out on the balcony?

    [Anna and Vronsky laugh] 

  • Vronsky : And the breath of Russia is sweet. And sweet over all the land, broods the soul of Russia. Do you remember Pushkin's poem?

    Anna Karenina : You miss Russia. You miss home.

  • Vronsky : You're conjuring up phantoms.

  • Anna Karenina : Today, all day, I felt so alone.

    Vronsky : We must be careful. We mustn't hurt each other. That's why we hurt each other; because, we love.

    Anna Karenina : Yes. Yes, that's why.

  • Anna Karenina : Is the Princess Sorokina staying at your mother's?

    Vronsky : Oh, I don't know. I suppose she is.

    Anna Karenina : Does your mother want you to marry the Princess Sorokina?

    Vronsky : Now, what makes you think that?

    Anna Karenina : It would be natural. The Princess Sorokina is so young and innocent. So like Kitty, isn't she?

  • Vronsky : Please, Anna, be brave. Don't...

    Anna Karenina : But, I am not brave!

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